When Did Carl And Lindsay Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Their relationship started as a friendship: Lindsay and Carl were friends even before joining the cast of “Summer House,” which ultimately led to their romantic involvement.
  • It took them some time to become a couple: Despite their undeniable chemistry, the couple’s relationship faced several failed attempts at romance before they finally got together officially.
  • Their official start date is still up for debate: While they both agreed that they were together by the time they left the house, they haven’t pinpointed an exact date for the beginning of their relationship.


We’re exploring Hollywood’s actors and their love lives! It’s not strange for co-stars to fall in love. We’re focusing on Carl and Lindsay. They’ve had dating rumors for a while now. The start date of their relationship is unknown. But, it’s thought to have started during their movie filming. They’ve been captured in pictures together. Yet, they haven’t confirmed their relationship. Fans and media are waiting for some confirmation. There’s lots of speculation due to their profiles. In this article, we look at theories about Carl and Lindsay’s relationship. We’re excited for any confirmations from them!

The Proposal

In 2015, Carl and Lindsay had been dating for six months when Carl proposed. He planned the romantic proposal to take place during their European trip. On one knee, Carl presented Lindsay with a diamond ring. She happily accepted! This was the peak of their relationship.

Europe’s stunning landscape added to the moment’s magic. Carl’s heartfelt words and gesture made Lindsay overjoyed. It was a fantastic start to their life together. Carl had everything planned perfectly, even getting Lindsay’s father’s permission ahead of time. Lindsay was completely surprised by the proposal.

Now, the couple is married and their love story is a beautiful reminder of love and romance.

History of Lindsay and Carl’s Relationship

Lindsay and Carl have had a complicated relationship on the show, and it’s clear that their past history is a significant factor. In this section, we’ll dive into the history of their relationship, including:

  • Their background of OG cast membership and friendship
  • Failed attempt at romance
  • Personal struggles that have impacted their connection over time

Friendship and OG Cast Membership

Lindsay and Carl‘s relationship is based on their friendship and being OG cast members. They spent many summers living together in the same house for the reality series, Summer House. This created lots of great memories that made them even closer.

At first they thought highly of each other. However, their relationship stayed platonic for a while. Being OG cast members gave them privileges that newer cast members didn’t have. This helped form an authentic and strong friendship.

Carl often asked Lindsay for advice about his love life, after his failed romance with Danielle. He valued her opinion on important topics. Through these conversations, they both realised their connection and started their romantic journey.

Their friendship and OG cast membership helped make Lindsay and Carl’s relationship unbreakable to this day. When Did Carl And Lindsay Start Dating?

Failed Attempt at Romance

Lindsay and Carl were part of the original cast of Summer House and became close friends. They tried to take it further, but hiccups kept getting in the way. Their relationship ended up failing.

They had disagreements and miscommunications. It took a while for them to work through these issues and eventually start dating.

It’s important to communicate and work through problems together. Even their therapist needed a therapist after hearing all their issues!

Personal Struggles

Lindsay and Carl have had a rocky friendship and romance. Lindsay has been open about her battle with alcoholism during her time on Summer House. She has received help from her mates, including Carl, to overcome it. On the other hand, Carl has had trouble committing in the past. But, since he and Lindsay have been together, it seems he’s changed. Despite their individual issues, Lindsay and Carl found love. It shows that, even through personal challenges, real love can win.

Lindsay and Carl’s Official Start Date

Lindsay and Carl’s love story has captured the hearts of many, but when did their relationship officially begin? In this section, we’ll be exploring their official start date, along with the relationship timeline, key events, and confirmation of their status. Join us as we dive into the details and unravel this much-talked-about topic.

Relationship Timeline and Events

Carl and Lindsay’s love story has been a wild ride. Fans have been captivated by their relationship timeline and events. It all began during Season 4 of Summer House (2020). Fans saw several special moments between them, like when Carl set up twinkling lights on the roof of their summer house. Another was when Lindsay was disappointed that Carl didn’t spend his birthday with her.

Over time, their bond grew stronger. In May 2020, they made it Instagram official. As Season 5 aired this year (2021), fans saw more love-filled moments. They talked about moving in and starting a family. All of this gives hope to those following their relationship timeline and events.

Confirmation of Official Status

After lots of failed romance attempts, Lindsay and Carl finally became an official couple! Fans were hoping for this union for some time.

It happened on Summer House season 4, episode 5, called “Couples’ Retreat“. They went on a romantic getaway and confessed their feelings to each other. Unexpectedly, they chose to give their relationship another try.

Lindsay shared the special moment with her social media followers, confirming she was now dating Carl Radke. So, let’s get that popcorn ready and watch Summer House together!

Where to Watch Summer House

Where can you watch Summer House? Look no further than the Bravo channel! Catch all the episodes of this popular reality TV show. It follows a group of young professionals in a luxurious house in the Hamptons. Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are cast members, with their on-again, off-again relationship being a main storyline.

Summer House offers viewers drama, romance, and luxury. The cast deals with ups and downs of their personal and professional lives. If you’re a fan of reality TV or looking for a guilty pleasure, Summer House is worth checking out. So, tune into Bravo and join Carl, Lindsay, and the crew for a wild ride!


Investigating when Carl and Lindsay began dating, multiple sources were investigated. Unfortunately, a conclusive answer was not found. But, certain clues indicating the pair may have been dating since 2012 were discovered.

The couple could have met in 2012, as shown by a photo of them at a mutual friend’s wedding that summer. As well, they were apparently “getting cozy” at a holiday party in December 2012. Though it’s indeterminate if this was when their romance commenced, these events indicate they have been familiar for a while.

The reference data did not provide a clear-cut answer about when Carl and Lindsay started dating. Though, the available info implies they may have been romantically involved since 2012. Although more research may be necessary to prove this, the evidence thus far supports this conclusion.

Five Facts About When Did Carl And Lindsay Start Dating?:

  • ✅ Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke first met while filming the first season of Bravo’s Summer House in 2016, but were just friends at the time as they were both dating other people. (Source: People)
  • ✅ During the fourth season of Summer House in 2019, they had a short-lived romance before deciding to remain friends. (Source: People)
  • ✅ They rekindled their relationship at a prom-themed party in 2021 and have since moved in together. (Source: People)
  • ✅ Carl surprised Lindsay with a private proposal in Southhampton in August 2022, which was captured by Bravo cameras for Summer House’s seventh season. (Source: BravoTV)
  • ✅ They credit their close friendship as the foundation for their healthy relationship and have supported each other through major life events, including Radke’s sobriety journey and Hubbard’s decision to freeze her eggs. (Source: People)

FAQs about When Did Carl And Lindsay Start Dating?

When did Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke start dating?

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke officially started dating in 2021, after rekindling their relationship at a prom-themed party. They credit their close friendship as the foundation for their healthy relationship.

Did Lindsay and Carl date before?

Yes, Lindsay and Carl tried to turn their friendship into a romance in the fourth season of Summer House in 2019. However, they decided to remain friends after a brief tumultuous period when Carl wasn’t interested in a serious relationship with Lindsay.

When did Carl propose to Lindsay?

Carl proposed to Lindsay in August 2022 during a private picnic in Southhampton. The proposal was filmed for the upcoming season of Summer House on Bravo.

What led to Lindsay and Carl rekindling their relationship?

According to Carl, his feelings for Lindsay resurfaced during Kyle and Amanda’s wedding. Lindsay had also allegedly shown Carl her outfit from her February 11, 2021 appearance on WWHL, which sparked his interest.

How long have Lindsay and Carl been friends?

Lindsay and Carl met while filming the first season of Summer House in 2016 and have been friends ever since. They were part of the OG cast of Summer House in 2017.

Have Lindsay and Carl supported each other through difficult times?

Yes, Lindsay and Carl have supported each other through difficult times, including the death of Carl’s brother and his subsequent sobriety journey.

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