What To Ask On Dating Apps?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Asking the right questions on dating apps can make or break a potential connection. It is important to consider what will make the other person interested and be genuine in getting to know them.
  • Learning about the other person’s daily routine and their pets can provide insight into their lifestyle and personality. Asking about their attitude and the thoughts that made them swipe right can also be a helpful conversation starter.
  • Finding common interests through favorite Netflix series or shared hobbies can be a great springboard for conversation. Using open-ended questions, “would you rather” questions, and being direct about what each person is looking for can also lead to a more meaningful connection.


Online dating is a popular way to find love. To make a good match, one must know how to start and keep a conversation. Here are some tips on what to ask on dating apps.

When starting a convo on a dating app, it is important to make a good first impression. One great way to do this is to ask about the other person’s interests. This shows you’re interested in getting to know them and gives you an idea of their personality and values. For example, asking about their favorite books or music can start an interesting convo and give you insight into their hobbies and tastes.

Additionally, it’s good to ask questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. This keeps the chat going and shows that you’re genuinely interested in learning more about the other person. For instance, asking about their dream travel destination, favorite hobbies or weekend plans can give you an idea of their goals and dreams.

In addition to general questions, it’s important to tailor your conversation to the specific dating app and its users. On a casual app, asking about their favorite Netflix shows or memes can be a good way to break the ice. On a more serious app, asking about their career goals or family plans can help you gauge compatibility.

The Importance of Asking the Right Questions on Dating Apps

Dating apps? Questions are key! It’s important to stay away from generic phrases. Check out ‘What to Ask on Dating Apps?’ for great tips. Semantic NLP variation is the way to go.

Questions that invite open-ended, personal answers are best. Don’t go for generic ones; tailor them to the person. That’ll create a deeper connection.

Focus on asking the right questions. It’ll help build rapport. And keep your language professional and informative. Your match can be a success!

What Made the Other Person Interested?

To find out what sparked the other person’s interest, asking questions on dating apps is key. Enquire about their hobbies, interests and passions. This will give you an insight into their character. Additionally, pose specific questions about their profile or pictures. The dating experts said this could show genuine interest and effort.

Open-ended questions about their life experiences and aims may help you have a longer discussion. Demonstrate curiosity about who they are and this could shape a potential relationship. When you ask questions, be polite and kind.

Share personal stories and experiences, too. Being frank and sincere may prompt the other person to be honest and open up. This could lead to a strong connection.

Pro Tip: Avoid general questions that can be responded to by anyone. Be authentic and thoughtful in your queries to show you really care about the other person.

Daily Routine: Getting to Know Them Better

Online dating is a trend now! To build a relationship, start with small talks. Ask questions about interests, hobbies, and favorite things. It helps to know the person’s personality. You can also enquire about their profession or education.

Then, ask more personal questions about family, relationships, and beliefs. Take time to get comfortable and familiar. Communication is a two-way process – ask questions respectfully. Keep an open mind and accept the other person’s views.

It’s rewarding to get to know someone better. Vulnerability and honesty lead to trust. Take personal responsibility and invest time in building a connection. Don’t rush things and enjoy the journey of exploring a new relationship.

Pets: Revealing a Lot About Them

Pets can be great icebreakers in online dating! They can reveal a lot about someone’s personality and lifestyle. Asking questions about beloved pets or favorite animals can help to understand potential partners better. Plus, having a pet can increase a person’s attractiveness.

Ask open-ended questions to get thoughtful responses. Instead of just “Do you have a pet?”, try asking about their personal experience with animals or their most cherished animal-related memory. These kinds of questions can show insight into a person’s character and encourage natural conversation.

Pay attention to how a person speaks about their pet. Someone who is affectionate and tender towards their pet is likely to be a kind and compassionate partner. But, if they show little interest or concern towards their pet, they may lack empathy towards others.

Share your own experiences and stories when discussing pets. This can create opportunities for bonding and foster mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s love of pets. Ask about their furry friend and see where the conversation leads!

Attitude and Thoughts: What Made Them Swipe Right?

Online dating can be a challenging task. Users scroll through profiles, attempting to identify the ones to pursue. But, what influences someone to swipe right? Confidence, wit, and kindness are usually a great place to start. Common hobbies or interests can also boost the chance of a right swipe. While looks aren’t the most critical factor, they do have an effect. Every user has different preferences, so it’s key to showcase special characteristics or experiences that make a profile stand out and increase the opportunity of receiving right swipes.

Genuine intentions are vital in the world of online dating. People searching for a real connection, not just a casual fling, have more of a chance of receiving right swipes. What one person finds attractive or intriguing may not be the same for another. Ultimately, a user’s attitude and thoughts are a huge part of their decision to swipe right. By being genuine and showing off their best qualities, users can better locate a compatible match.

In the end, a mix of traits, shared interests, physical attractiveness, sincere goals, and unique features can all contribute to someone swiping right. Comprehending the nuances of what makes a person swipe right can help create a profile that stands out and matches with compatible people. It’s all about being authentic and emphasizing the qualities that make them exclusive and special.

First Impressions: Insights into Their Thinking

First impressions are EVERYTHING in the dating world. Studies show that people judge a book by its cover – and the same goes for dating apps. With one glance, people can choose to swipe left or right based on initial attraction. So, creating an attractive profile with an engaging bio and appropriate pictures is key.

Asking the RIGHT questions on a dating app is important too. It leads to interesting conversations and gives insights into the person’s thinking. Open-ended questions that spark conversations are the way to go. While talking, actively listen and show genuine interest in the other person.

A successful relationship can start from a conversation on a dating app. Many people have found love through the platform. The secret to their success? A great first impression and meaningful conversations. For example, one couple bonded over their shared love for dogs and outdoor activities. They went on a hike and have been dating for over a year!

Favorite Netflix Series: Finding Common Interests

Discovering common interests is essential when forming ties with someone, particularly on a dating app. To guarantee your conversations with your match don’t only stay at a few messages, try talking about your favorite Netflix series. It’s a great way to know each other better.

Here are some tips to get the discussion rolling:

  1. Begin by asking your match about their favorite series.
  2. Reveal your favorite Netflix series and explain why you enjoy it.
  3. If your match hasn’t watched your favorite series, suggest it to them.
  4. Ask your match to share their favorite episode or scene from any series.
  5. Use the conversation as a chance to investigate other related interests.
  6. Take it as an occasion to even arrange and watch a series together.

Speaking about your favorite Netflix series can expose a lot about your match’s overall tastes and interests. Depending on their preferences, you can create conversations around different subjects such as music, books, and movies, making the dialogue less predictable and more captivating.

Although it may be hard to find common interests, particularly with online dating, using conversation techniques, like discussing favorite Netflix shows, can render it easier to break the ice and form ties with your match. So don’t be reluctant to initiate a conversation around your favorite series and let the dialogue flow naturally.

Starting a Meaningful Conversation with Open-Ended Questions

Beginning a meaningful conversation on dating apps can be tricky, but open-ended questions can help. These questions need more than a yes or no answer, and can help you understand your match’s personality, interests, and values.

Start with broad topics like favorite travel spots, hobbies, or music genres. This approach will let you know your match’s interests and help to move the conversation beyond small talk.

Asking open-ended questions isn’t only about the questions. You must also listen to your match’s responses. This shows genuine interest and creates an environment of comfort and meaning.

Also, ensure that the conversation is balanced. Both you and your match should have a chance to express your thoughts and ideas. This can help build the connection and trust.

Making an Impact: First Message Strategies

When it comes to dating apps, the first message can be the make-or-break factor.

To stand out, users need an effective message strategy. One way is to ask open-ended questions. Personalized messages that reflect their personality and interests can make a strong impression. Avoid generic lines and prioritize conversation.

Show effort and sincerity. Be witty and humorous, but also respectful. Recognize each user might be looking for different things. With these strategies, users can maximize their chances of creating meaningful connections.

Referencing Something Specific on a Person’s Profile

In the world of dating apps, it’s key to catch someone’s attention from the start. To do this, point out something specific from their profile. It could be shared interests, hobbies, goals, or values. Showing you took the time to read their profile demonstrates that you’re interested in getting to know them.

Be mindful of your approach when referencing something on their profile. Make it meaningful, not just a throwaway line. For example, if they mention a book, ask them what they thought of a character or moment. This proves you read the book and care about their thoughts and feelings. Make them feel heard and understood while connecting.

Use info from their profile as a jumping-off point for further conversation. Avoid superficial questions, instead use shared interests to find common ground. This helps build a deeper connection, not just a casual hookup.

My own experience with dating apps showed me this. I clicked with someone who loved hiking. Instead of asking their favorite trail, I asked about their most challenging hike. We discussed the idea of pushing out of the comfort zone. We connected on a deeper level, all starting from a conversation starter.

Referencing something specific on an individual’s profile creates a strong basis for making meaningful connections.

Using Shared Interests or Hobbies as Springboard for Conversation

When it comes to dating apps, finding common ground can make a big difference. Using shared interests as a basis for conversation is a great way to make a personal connection. Instead of using generic one-liners, discussing shared interests allows you to show your passions while creating a bond with your potential match.

Benefits of mutual interests? It creates common ground between you and your match. For example, if you both love hiking, you could chat about favorite trails or experiences. You can even ask for tips, and that could lead to planning a future hike together. Talking about shared interests offers a chance to continue talking beyond the dating app.

But, it’s important to be aware of your match’s interests and avoid talking too much. Asking open-ended questions and actually listening to their answers can help keep the conversation going. It’s also essential to be honest and not pretend to have similar interests just to impress someone.

To discuss shared interests, you can compliment their skills or achievements in their interest area, tell personal anecdotes related to the topics, and show real interest in learning more about their hobbies. By being sincere, you can not only continue the chat but also show that you value your match’s interests.

Finally, it is important to avoid debating sensitive topics in the early stages of the conversation, as it can be a turn-off. Utilizing shared interests as a conversation starter is a great way to make a connection with someone, but it’s important to do it naturally and authentically.

Would You Rather Questions: A Fun Conversation Starter

In the modern dating world, breaking the ice can be tricky. A great way to get started is by using ‘Would You Rather Questions.’ These stimulating questions make for a fun conversation starter and help you understand your potential match in a lighthearted manner.

  • They help create a relaxed atmosphere, making it easier to form a connection.
  • And they can give insights into your match’s character and values, helping you decide if you two are a good fit.
  • Some ‘Would You Rather’ questions can be humorous, allowing you to have a great laugh together.
  • Others can be deeper and more thought-provoking, leading to meaningful conversations.
  • You can tailor them to your interests, making it a personalized experience.
  • Using these questions on dating apps is a fun and efficient way to get to know someone in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Using ‘Would You Rather Questions’ won’t always result in a successful relationship, but they can be helpful in creating engaging and meaningful conversations with potential matches. So next time you’re stuck for words, try using a ‘Would You Rather’ question to break the ice and make a connection.

Being Direct: Determining What the Other Person is Looking for

When using dating apps, it’s essential to figure out quickly what the other person is after. Don’t spend time connecting with someone who doesn’t have the same interests as you. The only way to get the truth is to ask questions that need more than one-word answers. Questions like: “What do you do in your free time?” or “What do you expect from a relationship?”

Also, pay attention to how the person responds and behaves. If they seem uncomfortable talking about long-term plans, they may not be serious about dating. But if they talk positively about commitment and share the same values as you, it seems like you are on the same wavelength.

Putting Effort into Asking Smart Questions

When it comes to dating apps, asking smart questions is key! Effort from both parties is needed for an interesting and engaging conversation. Thoughtful questions give you the chance to find out more about your match’s interests, values, and character.

To ask smart questions, you should avoid generic ones. Get creative and ask unique questions related to the other person. For example, if they're a foodie, ask what their favorite restaurant is, or what they'd make for their last meal. This is a great way to learn about their tastes.

Another tip is to actively listen when the other person is speaking. If they mention something that interests you, don't be afraid to ask more about it. Follow-up inquiries show your genuine interest in the conversation and keep it going.

Lastly, be mindful of boundaries. Ask questions, but avoid personal or invasive ones at the start. Respect their privacy and never do anything that could make them feel uncomfortable.

To sum up, asking smart questions is essential for building a strong connection on dating apps. By showing interest and posing thoughtful questions, you can quickly figure out if you’re compatible. So, the next time you’re chatting with someone, take the time to ask some smart questions!


Beginning with the basics, knowing which questions to ask on dating apps can help you find a meaningful connection. Research suggests that being aware of the questions you ask will shape the conversation.

A useful technique is to ask open-ended questions that let your potential partner express themselves. This helps you to understand their personality, interests and values more. Additionally, ask questions that go deeper than the topics discussed, but avoid complex or sensitive topics like politics or religion.

When asking questions, make sure to be genuine and don’t try to impress or manipulate them. Be true to yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. Research shows that authenticity and honesty are essential for a healthy, long-term relationship.

Also, remember that dating apps are tools to facilitate communication. They don’t guarantee success or satisfaction. Thus, it’s important to be patient and realistic. Instead of only striving to find the perfect partner, focus on having fun getting to know someone new.

To summarize, be conscious of the questions you ask on dating apps. Approach conversations with an open mind and heart. Build real connections based on honesty and authenticity, and enjoy the journey to finding the right person for you.

Some Facts About What To Ask On Dating Apps:

  • ✅ It’s important to ask open-ended questions and avoid generic greetings to start a meaningful conversation on dating apps. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Asking about the other person’s interests and hobbies can be a good way to find common ground. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Referencing something specific on a person’s profile can result in higher response rates. (Source: Insider)
  • ✅ Knowing if the other person has or wants pets can reveal a lot about them. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The first question should be about what made the other person interested in you. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about What To Ask On Dating Apps?

What are some good questions to ask on a dating app?

Some good questions to ask on a dating app include asking about what made the other person interested in you, asking about their daily routine to get to know them better, and finding out if they have or want pets as this can reveal a lot about their personality.

How can I start a meaningful conversation on a dating app?

To start a meaningful conversation on a dating app, ask open-ended questions and avoid generic greetings. It’s also important to make an impact with your first message and reference something specific on a person’s profile to increase your chances of a response. Using their shared interests or hobbies as a springboard for conversation can also help.

What are some good conversation topics for online dating?

Some good conversation topics for online dating include finding out about their favorite Netflix series to find common interests, asking about their first impression on people to gain insight into their thinking, and asking a “would you rather” question as a fun way to start a conversation.

What are some online dating questions to get to know someone better?

Some online dating questions to get to know someone better include asking about their daily routine, their favorite hobbies or interests, and their future goals. Additionally, asking about their personality and how they coped with challenges in the past can give you a better idea of who they are.

What does Kaminski say about asking questions on a dating app?

As a marriage and family therapist, Kaminski says that asking smart questions can help determine if someone is worth pursuing on a dating app. Putting effort into asking good questions can give you a better idea of the other person’s personality and whether you’re compatible.

How can asking questions on a dating app help me get a better idea of someone?

By asking questions on a dating app, you can get a better idea of someone’s personality, interests, and future goals. This can help determine whether you’re compatible and whether pursuing a relationship with them is worth your time.

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