What Is The Name Of Steve Harvey Dating Website?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Steve Harvey has launched a dating website called Delightful.com with the aim of helping singles find meaningful relationships by providing them with expert advice and a platform to connect with other singles.
  • Delightful.com offers various membership categories ranging from free to premium, with upgraded benefits such as increased messaging capabilities and personalized coaching from Steve Harvey himself.
  • Steve Harvey’s expertise on dating, as showcased in his relationship advice books, ties in with the website’s aim of helping singles find meaningful relationships and can provide users with valuable insights and advice.


Steve Harvey’s background makes him well-qualified to launch a dating website that’s worthy of our attention. This section will delve into his career trajectory and experience in the dating world, discussing how he leveraged his unique insights to create a website that stands out in a crowded market.

Steve Harvey’s background and expertise on dating

Steve Harvey is a famous TV personality, comedian, and author. He has over 35 years in the entertainment industry that has led him to view dating and relationships from a unique perspective. Thus, he created Delightful.com, a website to help singles find lasting relationships.

The idea behind this website was to give people a chance to connect and build relationships, based on Steve’s own experiences as a husband and dad. Delightful.com has two membership costs and categories. Users can decide between the free basic membership or pay for an upgrade with extra features, like viewing who has seen their profile.

Demographics show that their target audience is mostly female aged 25-44 with a college education or higher. Using the website is easy – users just have to make a profile by answering some questions. Then, they can search for matches with filters, such as age and location. To communicate, they can use the messaging tools on the site.

Steve also wrote several relationship advice books like “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and “Straight Talk, No Chaser“. These books offer advice to both sexes looking for love. In 2014, Match.com helped Steve Harvey launch Delightful.com. With his insight and expertise, his website has the potential to make a major impact in the online dating world.

Steve Harvey’s new dating website, Delightful.com

Did you know that Steve Harvey has his own dating website called Delightful.com? In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the inspiration behind the website’s creation. Get ready to learn about the motivation that drove Harvey to start a dating platform, and what sets Delightful.com apart from other dating sites.

The inspiration behind creating Delightful.com

Steve Harvey was inspired to create Delightful.com because of his passion for relationships and finding love. He noticed that many of his listeners as a successful comedian, author, and radio show host, were struggling with finding meaningful relationships in the digital age. In response, he wanted to offer a platform that would make it easier and more confident for singles to find love.

He wanted to help people navigate through the new landscape technology had created for dating. His goal was to promote long-term connections and build lasting relationships by combining the best of online dating with his knowledge about love and relationships.

Delightful.com is meant to solve the issues users face on other dating platforms. It filters out irrelevant matches and offers tailored relationship advice to its members, creating a streamlined user experience.

Steve Harvey’s website is specifically targeting mature singles who value quality over quantity when it comes to dating. Developing meaningful connections require more than swiping profiles, so Delightful.com caters to users looking for serious, long-term relationships instead of casual hookups.

In conclusion, Steve Harvey created Delightful.com to make finding love easier and more confident for singles. The website streamlines the dating experience and provides tailored relationship advice to its members, focusing on mature singles seeking long-term connections. Thanks to Steve Harvey’s innovative platform, finding love just got delightful!

The Aim of Delightful.com

Delightful.com is a dating website that aims to help singles find meaningful relationships. In this section, we’ll explore the aim of Delightful.com, and how it sets itself apart from other dating websites.

Helping singles find meaningful relationships

Searching for a dating website for meaningful relationships? Delightful.com is the perfect choice! Created by Steve Harvey, this site offers a platform for singles to connect with other like-minded individuals. With a focus on long-lasting relationships, it also has unique compatibility testing. Through an extensive survey, users can identify values and character traits. Matching up with people who share similar interests. Plus, Delightful.com provides communication tools like messaging, virtual gifts, and video chats.

At the core of Delightful.com is Steve Harvey’s relationship advice books. Users can learn about healthy relationships and take charge of their love lives. Ultimately, they’ll be able to find happiness and build lasting connections.

So don’t wait any longer. For a dating website that puts the emphasis on meaningful relationships, Delightful.com is the ideal starting point. With its unique approach to compatibility testing and comprehensive communication tools, you’ll be well on your way to finding lasting love.

Features of the website

Are you curious about the features of the popular Steve Harvey dating website? Let’s take a closer look at what this site has to offer. From membership costs and categories to upgraded membership benefits, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this platform.

According to our reference data, the website has a large subscriber base and offers a variety of matchmaking features. So, if you’re considering joining the site, read on to discover what sets it apart from other dating websites.

Membership cost and categories

Delightful.com has value! You should consider the cost of membership and the categories available to subscribe to.

Delightful.com provides four membership categories. Free is free, Silver offers advanced searching, seeing who viewed your profile, and communicating with potential matches. Gold has video chat, priority support, and more detailed compatibility tests. Premium has everything before plus Steve Harvey’s matchmaking services.

Upgrading membership has benefits, like coaching and advice from Steve Harvey. Take advantage of Delightful.com’s pricing plans and matchmaking techniques today. Check out the info in the table!

The table below lists the pricing plans for Delightful.com membership categories:

Membership CategoryMonthly Subscription Cost
FreeNo charge

Upgraded membership benefits

Delightful.com values user satisfaction. So, they offer upgraded membership benefits to boost the experience. Access unlimited messaging and see who’s viewed and liked your profile. Plus, browse profiles anonymously for greater privacy. Receive priority customer support too!

These benefits are designed for better relationships on the website. Upgrade your account now and meet compatible matches more efficiently. Don’t forget that Steve Harvey’s relationship advice is not just limited to the dating website. His books provide guidance for meaningful offline relationships too. Upgrade your Delightful.com account for valuable tools.

Steve Harvey’s Relationship Advice Books

Steve Harvey’s relationship advice books have proven to be a useful guide for singles looking for love. In this section, we take a closer look at how his books tie into the dating website and how they can help individuals find meaningful relationships.

How his books tie into the website

Steve Harvey’s relationship advice books have a strong link to the Delightful.com dating website. These books offer tips and insights on how to form successful relationships, which is a great resource for those on the website searching for guidance.

Harvey is a famous author of multiple best-selling books on dating and relationships, such as “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and “Straight Talk, No Chaser.” His vast experience has made him a trusted source of love and romance.

By adding Harvey’s relationship advice to the website, users can access extra tools to aid their search. This combination of his writings and other features on Delightful.com can raise the user’s chance of finding a compatible partner. The website offers various communication techniques and ways to spot red flags early on in a relationship, all advice one can gain from Harvey.

In conclusion, incorporating Steve Harvey’s relationship advice books into Delightful.com creates more utility and value for those seeking advice on effective online matchmaking strategies. With Harvey’s expertise and insights, singles can better understand the nuances of dating, and it raises their chances of forming deeper connections with potential romantic partners.

Understanding the Website’s Target Audience

Have you ever wondered who uses Steve Harvey’s dating website? Let’s take a closer look at the target audience of the site. By examining the demographics of the website’s users, we can gain a better understanding of who is utilizing this service. So, who exactly is turning to Steve Harvey for help with their love life?

Demographics of the website’s users

Delightful.com is a fantastic dating website where user data can be analyzed based on different demographic factors – age, gender, location, and relationship status. See the table below for the percentage of users based on these factors:

Demographic FactorPercentage of Users
AgeMost users are 25-44 years old. But there are also 18-24 and over 45 year olds.
GenderAbout equal amounts of male and female users.
LocationSingles from all around the U.S. are welcome.
Relationship StatusUsers range from never married to divorced or widowed looking for love.

It’s important to know that user demographics may change. No matter who you are, Delightful.com is a great place for finding love. If you’re looking for someone special, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Delightful.com.
  2. Start your journey to love.

How to Use Delightful.com

If you’re looking for love, Steve Harvey has got you covered with his online dating platform, Delightful.com. In this section, we’ll explore how to use the site to increase your chances of finding the perfect match. We’ll cover how to create a profile that stands out, as well as tips for browsing and searching for potential matches. Plus, we’ll discuss the best ways to communicate with your matches to get to know them better.

Creating a profile

Ready to create a Delightful.com dating profile? It’s easy! Start by entering your basic information such as your name, age, gender, location, and email address. Pick a username and password and add more details like occupation, education level, ethnicity, or religion.

Be honest when making your profile. This helps the algorithm find accurate matches. Complete your registration and add more details such as the type of relationship you’re looking for (casual or long-term) and your partner’s interests.

Join Delightful.com today and take advantage of the matching algorithm. Finding love is easier with Delightful.com’s intuitive browsing and search features.

Browsing and searching for matches

Looking for a great online dating experience? Delightful.com is perfect for you! It has easy-to-use browsing and searching tools to help you find the perfect match. You can filter your searches based on age, location, religion, education, and more! Plus, there’s an advanced search option so you can add keywords or interests.

The daily matches feature is also a great way to save time. It generates potential matches based on your user preferences and interests. All in all, Delightful.com has everything you need to explore your dating options and find love. So sign up and get ready to find your perfect match!

Communicating with matches

Delightful.com has a messaging feature to help users communicate with matches. This allows private conversations between two users who have liked or messaged each other. Users can send unlimited messages and see if their match has read them. Always be respectful and appropriate.

Delightful.com provides a platform for communication between potential partners. The messaging feature ensures privacy and prevents distractions. Users can express themselves more comprehensively and learn about their match’s personality.

The website also offers video chat. This provides an understanding of nonverbal cues, facial expressions and demeanour. This helps users form deeper connections before meeting in person.

Steve Harvey’s Expertise on Dating

Steve Harvey’s insights on love and dating have been lauded for years, leading many individuals to seek out his dating website in the quest for finding their perfect match. In this part, we’ll explore the ways in which Steve Harvey’s counsel can assist users of the website in finding true love.

How Steve Harvey’s advice can help users of the website

Are you looking for help in the dating game? Steve Harvey’s advice can be incredibly useful, especially with Delightful.com! He’s an expert in the field and has written loads of valuable books about relationships. Delightful.com is a platform that finds compatible matches. It hopes to help singles find their companion.

Harvey urges users to take time to know their matches before meeting them. This way, they can discover shared values and similarities. It sets a strong base for commitment. If they follow his advice, they may build better and more meaningful relationships.

Harvey wants users to be honest on his website. With total transparency, users can avoid hiding information or representing themselves wrong. Delightful.com’s goal is simple – build trust and foster genuine, lasting connections through honest communication.

Overall, with Steve Harvey’s wisdom and Delightful.com’s matchmaking technology, the website is a great place for anyone looking for a serious relationship. So, if you’re searching for that special someone, give Delightful.com a try. Steve Harvey’s sound advice will guide you on your journey to finding your soulmate.


Delightful.com, Steve Harvey’s dating website, has the potential to make online dating accessible and successful for those looking for love. In this conclusion section, we will discuss the impact and future prospects of Delightful.com in the online dating world, backed by facts and figures from our reference data.

The potential of Delightful.com in the online dating world

Are you searching for a fresh dating website that could revolutionize your online dating experience? Look no further than Delightful.com, the newest venture of Steve Harvey. With Harvey’s extensive experience in dating, this platform is primed to help males and females aged 25-54 from different racial backgrounds find meaningful relationships.

Delightful.com has several features, like creating a profile, searching for matches based on your preferences, and communicating with them in various ways. Moreover, users can benefit from Harvey’s relationship advice books which give helpful insights on how to maintain healthy relationships, enhance communication skills, and deal with intricate issues that can come up while dating.

A particular aspect of Delightful.com is its focus on protecting users’ security and authenticity. Members’ identities are confirmed to confirm that everyone on the site is whom they say they are, making it a safer and more secure option for those looking for suitable partners.

In conclusion, Delightful.com could be a revolutionary force in the online dating world. So, give it a go and see what it has to offer you!

Five Facts About Steve Harvey’s Dating Website:

  • ✅ Steve Harvey has launched a new dating website called Delightful.com. (Source: myhoustonmajic.com)
  • ✅ The website is a partnership with IAC, the same company that owns Match.com, OKCupid, and Tinder. (Source: myhoustonmajic.com)
  • ✅ Delightful.com aims to help people looking for serious relationships find each other. (Source: kysdc.com)
  • ✅ The site offers both heterosexual and same-sex relationship options. (Source: kysdc.com)
  • ✅ The cost of membership is $30 per month, with a discount available for a six-month membership. (Source: kysdc.com)

FAQs about What Is The Name Of Steve Harvey Dating Website?

What is the name of Steve Harvey’s dating website?

Steve Harvey’s dating website is called Delightful.com.

What is the cost of membership for Delightful.com?

The cost of membership for Delightful.com is $30 per month, with a discount available for a six-month membership. There is also a lower tier option for $17.99 per month for six months or $29.99 for month-to-month payments.

What does Delightful.com offer?

Delightful.com aims to help people looking for serious relationships find each other. It offers both heterosexual and same-sex relationship options. The upgraded membership allows for message exchange, profile visits, and astrological sign matching.

What is Steve Harvey’s expertise on dating?

Steve Harvey has previously released two relationship advice books before launching the Delightful.com website. He has also taught women across America how to “think like a man” and become more dateable.

What is the importance of words and appearance on first impressions?

Words have a huge impact on first impressions. Appearance is not everything, but during a face-to-face meeting, it is not possible to hide behind a screen. However, people value humor more than a polished appearance on first dates. They want someone with whom they can have interesting conversations, so it is important to be yourself and as natural as possible.

Is Delightful.com open to anyone looking for love on the internet?

Yes, Delightful.com is open to anyone looking for love on the internet, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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