What Episode Does Liv And Holden Start Dating?

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Key takeaway:

  • Liv and Holden’s relationship in the TV series Liv and Maddie has been a topic of anticipation from fans who want closure on the show’s open-ended ending.
  • Liv’s growth as a character was marked by her pursuit of her dreams in NYC and demonstrated how she evolved throughout the series.
  • Holden’s character development was evident, as well as his plans after the show ended, which helped to flesh out his character and give him depth on screen.

Introduction to Liv and Maddie’s open-ended ending

Liv and Maddie, the Disney Channel’s popular show, ended with an open-ended conclusion. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a satisfying closure to the series. In this section, we’ll explore the anticipation of the fans for closure when Holden and Liv start dating, revealing why closure is essential for viewers and the possible fan theories circulating around the ending.

Fans’ anticipation for closure

Liv and Maddie’s open-ended ending left many fans wanting closure. They were left wondering what would happen to their beloved characters. Disappointed by the unclear conclusion, yet they still followed Liv’s journey. Her dreams in NYC were thrilling and difficult, helping her grow in confidence. Viewers were intrigued to see what happened next.

Holden’s character development was also of interest to fans. They wanted to know what happened after Liv left. Jordan Fisher believed there was more than friendship between Liv and Holden, making fans eager for answers.

The open-ending made sense for this show. Viewers can create their own conclusions. Does Liv stay in New York City? Does she end up with Holden or someone else? These questions are up to each person.

Reactions to the open-ending were mixed. Some were disappointed, while others enjoyed the ambiguity. Despite their desire for closure, fans still appreciated what made Liv and Maddie great; its characters and open-ending. Hollywood life hailed the show for changing the TV landscape.

Liv’s pursuit of her dreams in NYC

Liv’s journey in New York City has been an adventure packed with emotional growth and excitement. In this section, we’ll dive into Liv’s pursuit of her dreams in the Big Apple and her character development throughout the series.

Liv’s growth as a character

Liv’s journey in ‘Liv and Maddie’ was a testament to her character growth. She faced challenges, pushing her out of her comfort zone. Pursuing dreams in New York City, spending time away from family, and navigating relationships were all obstacles Liv faced. These experiences helped her learn about herself. She developed a mature attitude towards conflicts.

Her decision-making and prioritizing family was indicative of her growth. Her experiences in New York City helped build self-confidence. Throughout the show, she learned lessons such as forgiveness, humility, and a strong work ethic.

Relationships with other characters had a significant impact on Liv’s growth. Holden pushed her to take emotional and professional risks. Their relationship had a positive effect on their development.

The show blended teenage drama with wholesome values. The series’ ending was open-ended, allowing viewers to continue speculating about what could have happened next. Liv’s growth left an impression on fans, giving them something real to relate to.

Holden’s future plans remain open-ended, much like the finale of ‘Liv and Maddie.’

Holden’s plans after the show ended

Holden has been an integral part of “Liv and Maddie” since the first season. In this section, we will explore Holden’s character development and discuss his plans after the show’s end.

Holden’s character development

Holden’s character development throughout Liv and Maddie was huge. Jordan Fisher, who played Holden, introduced him in the first season with a crush on Liv. As the series went on, Holden matured and became more complex.

His relationships with Liv and Maddie were key to his character development. Holden started off with a strong friendship with Maddie, which eventually became romantic. But it was Holden’s bond with Liv that showed his growth. He became more understanding of Liv’s dreams, and wanting to leave Wisconsin.

Holden explored hobbies beyond sports. He found a love for music and began playing the piano. This showed his dynamic personality – he wasn’t just an athlete.

In the end, Holden’s character evolution made the show more interesting. Viewers could relate to him and he became an essential part of the main cast.

Jordan Fisher’s belief about Liv and Holden’s relationship

Jordan Fisher, who played the character of Holden in “Liv and Maddie,” has some interesting opinions about Liv and Holden’s on-screen romance. We’ll be exploring Fisher’s perspective on their relationship, delving into his thoughts about the connection between Liv and Holden.

Fisher’s opinion on Liv and Holden’s connection

Jordan Fisher, of Liv and Maddie fame, recently spoke out about Liv and Holden’s bond. Fans had speculated they had something more than friendship, but Jordan shared his belief the two had a genuine emotional connection. He elaborated on how their relationship grew over time and how viewers could see it meant more than just a friend-type bond.

Fisher’s opinion gave viewers an interesting perspective. Other cast members, since the show aired on Disney Channel, have also shared their thoughts on the series’ conclusion. Some had ideas for future seasons, while others preferred to keep it up to interpretation.

The open ending allows fans to keep wishing for Liv and Holden’s romantic relationship. It’s a cruel yet effective way to tug at viewers’ heartstrings.

Leaving the ending up to interpretation

Leaving the ending up to interpretation, let’s delve into the significance of an open-ended ending in “What Episode Does Liv And Holden Start Dating?“. Discover why this creative decision can offer a unique impact on the viewer’s overall experience, and the possible effect it can have on future storytelling.

The significance of an open-ended ending

An open-ended finale in a TV series has major importance to audiences. It leaves them wondering what could happen next.

Liv and Maddie‘s final episode ended with an open-ended climax. This lets fans think up different angles to the plot’s end. They can keep debating, discussing and chatting on social media long after the episodes air. The open ending helps viewers use their imagination and keeps the characters alive even after the show ends. Liv grows by chasing her dreams and gaining experiences in NYC. This gives the fans something to relate to. People watch Holden’s progress and witness his development as he starts new adventures.

The lack of clarity gives individuals more chances to guess, suggest outcomes that aren’t likely or impossible, while staying within their existing ideas. Jordan Fisher said having Liv date Holden would be “unhealthy”, so not defining such relationships sparks speculation among the fans and keeps them involved after the show is gone from TV.

Liv and Maddie is special because its stories focus on the family members rather than love plots that other shows use. By joining this type of writing with an open ending, the show makes fans stick around via social media and avoid viewer engagement problems.

To sum it up, the never-ending theories and debates about what happened after an open-ended ending keep the fans engaged!

Fans’ reactions to the open ending

Liv and Holden’s potential romance in “Liv and Maddie” has left fans with a lot of questions and theories. In this section, we’ll delve into the reactions of fans to the open ending in the show. We’ll look at different fan theories about Liv and Holden’s relationship and what this could mean for the future of the show. The fans have spoken, and their opinions and speculations are sure to pique your interest.

Fan theories about Liv and Holden

Liv and Holden’s relationship has captivated fans of the show “Liv and Maddie.” Jordan Fisher, who starred in the series, shared his thoughts on them. But, fan theories have emerged.

Some believe they are fated to be together. Others think it was unrealistic for them to rekindle their romance after being apart for so long.

Viewers have analyzed every Liv and Holden interaction, searching for clues of a possible reunion. The theories won’t become part of the show’s canon, but offer a unique perspective. The open-ended finale leaves much to interpretation. Fans will likely keep speculating on what happened between Liv and Holden.

Remember, fan theories are just the opinions of viewers. They can provide interesting commentary, but should be taken with a grain of salt. They don’t reflect concrete evidence or character development in the story.


Liv and Holden’s relationship is a major part of “Liv and Maddie”. From Season 3, Episode 14, Holden asks Liv out on a date. This marks the start of their relationship. Throughout the seasons, they go through many struggles. But their love remains strong.

The relationship between Liv and Holden is part of her character development. She faces different issues with friends, family and her career.

For fans of the show, their relationship brings more to their characters. It’s an exciting romantic storyline. The series ends with their love story coming full circle.

“Liv and Maddie” has lots of humor, emotion and drama. It’s great for anyone who enjoys stories about young love, friendships and family.

Five Facts About Liv and Holden from Liv and Maddie:

  • ✅ Liv and Holden start dating in the 3rd season of Liv and Maddie. (Source: YouTube)
  • ✅ Liv and Holden’s relationship is often complicated by various obstacles, such as long-distance and jealousy. (Source: Seventeen Magazine)
  • ✅ Liv and Holden share a love of music and have performed together multiple times on the show. (Source: YouTube)
  • ✅ Jordan Fisher, who played Holden, believes that Liv and Holden are happily together in NYC after the series finale. (Source: Seventeen Magazine)
  • ✅ The Liv and Maddie finale left the question of whether Liv and Holden would reunite as a couple in NYC. (Source: Seventeen Magazine)

FAQs about What Episode Does Liv And Holden Start Dating?

What happened in the series finale of Liv and Maddie?

In the series finale, Liv and Maddie pursued their dreams in different parts of the country. Maddie went to New Orleans to build small houses for people in need while Liv went to NYC to star in a Broadway play. The episode left the question of whether Liv and Holden would reunite as a couple in NYC.

Did Liv and Holden get together in the last episode of Liv and Maddie?

It wasn’t explicitly shown on the show if Liv and Holden got together in the last episode. However, Jordan Fisher, who played Holden, believes that Liv and Holden are happily together in NYC after the series ended.

When did Liv and Maddie end?

Liv and Maddie ended last month, which means it ended around the time of the source article’s publication date of April 2017.

Where did Maddie go in the series finale of Liv and Maddie?

In the series finale of Liv and Maddie, Maddie went to New Orleans to build small houses for people in need.

What did Holden do when Maddie moved to New Orleans in Liv and Maddie?

When Maddie moved to New Orleans in Liv and Maddie, Holden told Maddie to call him if she ends up in NYC because he’s going to NYU. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up on whether Maddie ended up calling him or not.

Why was it good to leave Liv and Holden’s story up to the imagination?

Leaving things up to the imagination can be the best way to end stories that you don’t necessarily want to end. It allows the viewers to interpret and imagine what happens next in a way that is more satisfying to them.

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