What Episode Do Sawako And Kazehaya Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • The first kiss between Sawako and Kazehaya happens in episode 8 during their date in the botanical garden. This marks the official start of their romantic relationship.
  • As their relationship progresses, Sawako’s parents find out about it, but Kazehaya assures them of his seriousness towards their daughter.
  • The slow-burn romance between Sawako and Kazehaya is a major aspect of the series, and their contrasting personalities and couple differences make their relationship unique and impactful.


If you’re a fan of Kimi ni Todoke, you must be wondering when do Sawako and Kazehaya start dating. Before diving into that, let’s first take a brief look at what the anime is all about.

Brief overview of Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is a romantic anime series that will warm your heart. It’s about Sawako Kuronuma, a shy, introverted girl in high school. Making friends is tough for her. But then she meets the most popular boy in school, Shota Kazehaya. We follow their relationship as it grows.

The show shows the ups and downs of their romance. From their first date at the botanical garden to Christmas, we see how love and relationships work. Kimi ni Todoke has a slow-burn romance too, so we get to see how they fall in love over time.

Sawako and Kazehaya face obstacles, but they’re strong as a couple. Soulmate, a spinoff manga, explores Ryu Sanada’s unrequited love for Chizu.

Kimi ni Todoke is a must-see for people who love romantic anime. It covers Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship development and the challenges they face.

Episode 8: First Kiss

In episode 8 of the anime series, we finally get to witness the much-awaited first kiss between Sawako and Kazehaya.

This section will cover the events that lead up to this long-awaited moment, including:

  • their date in the botanical garden
  • the romantic tension between the two characters.

Sawako and Kazehaya’s date in the botanical garden

In Kimi ni Todoke Episode 8, Sawako and Kazehaya go on a date. At the botanical garden, they take in the beauty of the plants and flowers. As they chat, their connection grows. They talk about feelings, relationships and emotions.

Sawako is nervous, but Kazehaya’s calm demeanor reassures her. Far from school life, they relax and share heart-to-heart conversations. Viewers witness them falling for each other.

One special moment is when Sawako asks if Kazehaya likes cute things – referring to a bunny nearby. They both blush and hold hands for a while.

The episode captures the intimacy between the two. It’s innocent and romantic. Excitement builds for what will happen next. Finally, they share a kiss. The slow-burn romance ignites with passion.

First kiss between Sawako and Kazehaya

Episode 8 of Kimi ni Todoke is special – Sawako and Kazehaya share their first kiss! The botanical garden, full of idyllic atmosphere, is the perfect spot for their romantic encounter. They hesitate, but eventually take the plunge. It’s a magical moment!

The anime develops their relationship gradually, highlighting their growing connection. It shows that this is more than just a hookup. Plus, their kiss symbolizes commitment in spite of class differences.

Sawako didn’t know her feelings for Kazehaya at first, but his patience and kindness keep coming. Eventually she reciprocates them.

This kiss is an essential milestone in Sawako and Kazehaya’s slow-burn romance. It has touched fans worldwide. But their struggle isn’t over – Sawako’s parents find out, putting Kazehaya in danger.

Sawako’s Parents Find Out

Sawako’s relationship with Kazehaya has been on a rollercoaster ride, and things are about to get even more complicated! In this section, we’ll explore how Sawako’s parents find out about their relationship – a situation that could threaten everything the couple has worked towards.

Get ready for some juicy drama as we uncover the consequences of this revelation.

Sawako’s parents find out about their relationship

Sawako and Kazehaya had been waiting to share their love. They kept it secret from everyone in school, even their parents. But then, one day, Sawako’s parents found out. They were scared, anxious.

The news came while the two were at the botanical garden. Despite this, Kazehaya did everything he could to prove his love for Sawako to her parents.

After Sawako confessed her feelings, everything changed. It was like a heavy weight was lifted off their shoulders, allowing them to be together without worrying about being caught.

The moment marked a new stage in the romantic comedy of Kimi ni Todoke. It showed how couples can overcome typical problems such as meeting each other’s parents and communication issues. In spite of these challenges, Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship kept blossoming.

Kazehaya’s Seriousness

Kazehaya’s Seriousness is a pivotal section in the article as it sheds light on his true intentions about Sawako. In this section, we will explore how Kazehaya finally expresses his feelings to Sawako’s father, thus demonstrating the depth of his affection and commitment towards her.

Kazehaya tells Sawako’s father that he is serious about her

Kazehaya visited Sawako’s house, and he was determined to have a chat with her dad. He wanted to share his feelings for her. Despite the tough situation, language and cultural differences, he kept trying to express his love. He eventually conveyed it to her father. Even though her dad was hesitant at first, Kazehaya’s move showed how important Sawako was to him.

His respect and understanding for Sawako’s family made their bond even stronger. Kazehaya’s determination to get permission from her dad was a beautiful thing. Kazehaya’s approach is an admirable example for anyone who loves another person.

Meeting the Parents

Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship takes up a new level when Kazehaya meets Sawako’s parents, and Yano and Yoshida are left in awe.

The section sheds light on the events that occur as Kazehaya gets introduced to Sawako’s parents, and the impact it causes on their relationship.

Kazehaya meets Sawako’s parents and Yano and Yoshida are in awe

Sawako and Kazehaya reach a big milestone – meeting each other’s parents. Yano and Yoshida witness Kazehaya’s effect on Sawako’s character. He impresses them by showing how serious he is about her.

The meeting leaves a huge impression. They see Kazehaya’s easy connection with Sawako’s family. His honesty and sincerity make her father happy, and they all realise the couple is compatible.

However, there are some struggles. Sawako finds it hard to understand why her dad is so protective. With Kazehaya and Yano’s help, she learns how to be more open and communicate better.

Interrupted Kiss and Frustration

After a series of heart-fluttering events, Sawako and Kazehaya’s romantic journey faces a bump in the road with an interrupted kiss and Kazehaya’s ensuing frustration. In this section, we’ll dive into the emotional turmoil of these two subplots, with insights into how they affect the dynamics of their budding relationship.

Interrupted kiss and Kazehaya’s frustration

Kazehaya felt frustrated when their intimate kiss was interrupted. He became impatient and agitated, believing that they could have had a deeper bond had they not been disturbed. This frustration added more depth to their relationship.

Sawako often gets distracted or interrupted by others. In episode 7, she was stopped from telling Kazehaya her love by his ex-girlfriend Ayane Yano.

Kazehaya’s feelings towards Sawako were growing, and the interrupted kiss made him consider what could have been if they had more time. This scene set up further growth between them, showing how small things can affect their relationship. Despite these obstacles, they eventually learn to overcome them and keep building their bond.

Christmas Preparations and Ryu’s Crush

The holiday season has come to town, and love is in the air for some! The upcoming section unravels the secrets of Christmas preparations and Ryu’s crush. Read on to find out some exciting details that will get your heart racing!

Christmas preparations and Ryu’s crush

Kimi ni Todoke brings the Christmas season alive with a unique sense of excitement! Ryu’s crush on Chizuru takes center stage, adding a twist to the love story. Kazehaya has feelings for Sawako, making things difficult. Ryu struggles with his unrequited love and learns to manage his emotions.

The characters engage in festive traditions like gift-giving. The visuals become vivid and the idea of bringing families together is prominent. Ryu’s crush and Christmas preparations are relatable and dear to many viewers. Mistletoe works its magic as Sawako and Kazehaya plan their Christmas date.

Kimi ni Todoke teaches us patience as we wait for love. It’s a timeless romantic tale that will stay with us forever!

Christmas Date

Amidst the romantic plot of “What Episode Do Sawako And Kazehaya Start Dating?“, the “Christmas Date” section takes us through the sub-sections of Sawako’s exploration of her feelings as she asks Kazehaya out on a date during the festive season, with all the joyful moments and surprises that come with it.

Sawako asks Kazehaya out on a Christmas date

In Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship grows slowly. But, a key moment happens when Sawako asks Kazehaya out on a date for Christmas. This starts a new stage in their relationship.

Sawako is scared but she makes an effort to show Kazehaya her feelings. They have lovely times together that make their bond even stronger. The animation in the scene also portrays their developing romance perfectly.

It’s worth noting that this romantic progress only comes after a long time of being uncertain and uneasy for both characters. For a while, their emotions have been mixed but they take a step towards each other on their Christmas date.

Slow-Burn Romance

The romance between Sawako and Kazehaya in “Kimi ni Todoke” is a much-cherished slow-burn that has left many fans swooning. In this section, we’ll explore the gradual evolution of their relationship and delve into the emotional impact of their journey from tentative friendship to unbridled love.

The slow-burn romance between Sawako and Kazehaya

Kimi ni Todoke’s Sawako and Kazehaya have a slow-burn romance. Step-by-step, they fall for each other through the series. Their first kiss in Episode 8 is a big moment in their pursuit of love. Even with Sawako’s parents not approving, they remain devoted to each other.

The two characters share experiences and find common ground. They recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As they get closer, they become more supportive of each other’s dreams.

Soulmate, the spinoff manga, provides readers an in-depth look at their romance. We learn about their thoughts and feelings as they face obstacles together.

In conclusion, the slow-burn romance of Sawako and Kazehaya is a tender part of Kimi ni Todoke. It stresses the value of patience, communication, understanding, and trust in building a strong relationship.

Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate

In Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate, we get to dive deeper into the romance between Sawako and Kazehaya. This ongoing manga takes us on a journey of love and self-discovery, as the two navigate their relationship and the challenges that come with it.

Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate ongoing manga

Soulmate is a spin-off of Kimi ni Todoke. It follows the friendship between Ayane Yano and Chizuru Yoshida, Sawako’s besties in the original anime. As they move on with life, Soulmate reveals the bond of two girls going through life together, while they find their soulmates. You don’t need to watch the anime first; Soulmate has its own plotline.

Soulmate brings out different aspects of Yano and Yoshida’s friendship. Every chapter reveals new things about their lives and mindsets. Karuho Shiina created Soulmate in January 2017, after finishing Kimi ni Todoke. Thirteen volumes have been released since then, and it’s popular among readers and critics.

Though Sawako and Kazehaya are a great couple, their differences bring new struggles. Kazehaya’s influence on Sawako is clear. If you’re a Soulmate fan, check out this ongoing manga to see the evolution of Yano and Yoshida’s friendship.

Couple Differences and Impact

Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship in “Kiminonawa” has been the talk of the town for a while now, and it’s fascinating to see how this couple differs from others. In this section, we’ll uncover the differences Sawako and Kazehaya have as a couple and the impact Kazehaya has on Sawako’s life. Get ready to dive deep into the intricacies of this dynamic duo.

Sawako and Kazehaya’s difference as a couple and Kazehaya’s impact on Sawako’s life

Sawako and Kazehaya in Kimi ni Todoke have a relationship that’s amazing. Sawako is shy and Kazehaya is popular. Despite being different, Kazehaya helps Sawako with social situations. He is kind and caring, making Sawako feel important.

Kazehaya has changed Sawako’s life. She’s more confident and knows what it means to be loved. He helps her understand social cues, which she couldn’t before.

The slow-burn romance between them makes the show even better. It takes several episodes for them to get together, creating tension.

Fans will love the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya. Even though it’s hard, they grow together. This proves that real love needs patience and understanding. Don’t miss this beautiful story of two people helping each other.


As we come to the conclusion of this article, it’s time to reflect on the relationship progression of Sawako and Kazehaya. Using the insights from section 12.1, we will explore the events that led to their romantic relationship. Stay tuned as we uncover the twists and turns that define one of the most beloved anime couples of all time.

Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship progression.

Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship development is a big part of ‘Kimi ni Todoke.’ As Kazehaya meets Sawako’s parents, their love grows. But they face a bump in the road when Kazehaya gets mad during a kiss as they prepare for Christmas. Despite this, their romance eventually leads to Sawako asking Kazehaya on a date for Christmas.

The story isn’t just in the anime. There’s also an ongoing manga, ‘Kimi ni Todoke Soulmate,’ which goes into their relationship after they start dating.

It shows how special love can be. Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship proves that two different people can come together.

Five Facts About What Episode Do Sawako And Kazehaya Start Dating:

  • ✅ Sawako and Kazehaya start dating in Season 2 of the anime. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ Kimi ni Todoke is a slow-burn romance anime that focuses on personal discovery as well as the romance between the protagonists. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ Kazehaya’s decision to sit next to Sawako in class changes her life. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ Sawako gains confidence and friendships, and her classmates begin to see her in a new light as well. (Source: Epicstream)
  • ✅ A spin-off manga titled Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate is currently ongoing and will conclude in May 2022. (Source: Epicstream)

FAQs about What Episode Do Sawako And Kazehaya Start Dating?

What is the episode title where Sawako and Kazehaya start dating in Kimi ni Todoke?

The episode where Sawako and Kazehaya start dating in Kimi ni Todoke is in Season 2, Episode 3 titled “The Two of Them, As Best Friends…

When do Sawako and Kazehaya start dating in Kimi ni Todoke?

Sawako and Kazehaya officially start dating in Season 2, Episode 3 after a slow-burning romance.

Does Kazehaya say he is serious about Sawako when he met her parents in Kimi ni Todoke?

Yes, Kazehaya tells Sawako’s parents that he is serious about her when they met in Season 1, Episode 8 of Kimi ni Todoke.

What happens when Sawako and Kazehaya try to kiss in Kimi ni Todoke?

When Sawako and Kazehaya try to kiss, Yano accidentally walks in on them in Season 1, Episode 8 of Kimi ni Todoke. Kazehaya cannot stop thinking about the almost kiss and is annoyed that he could not control himself.

What is the spin-off manga titled in Kimi ni Todoke?

The spin-off manga in Kimi ni Todoke is titled Kimi ni Todoke Spinoff: Soulmate and is currently ongoing. It is set to conclude in May 2022.

How does Sawako’s life change in Kimi ni Todoke?

Sawako’s life changes in Kimi ni Todoke after Kazehaya’s decision to sit next to her in class and eventually becoming her boyfriend. She gains confidence and friendships, and her classmates begin to see her in a new light as well.

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