What Episode Do Jamie And Eddie Start Dating?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jamie and Eddie meet for the first time in “Collateral Damage” and start working together as partners in season four.
  • Their undercover operation as a couple in “Lost and Found” created a spark between them, leading to an awkward first kiss on “Secret Arrangements.”
  • Jamie and Eddie finally confess their feelings for each other on “Personal Business” and become engaged in the season eight finale, leading to their marriage and continued partnership in the NYPD.


Jamie and Eddie, two treasured characters on the acclaimed TV show Blue Bloods, had the beginning of their romance in season 4, episode 3 titled “To Protect and Serve.” On a double date, they both conveyed a mutual admiration for each other. This was an amazing introduction to their relationship. However, it wasn’t until season 8, episode 22 titled “My Aim Is True” when they finally made the jump and officially started dating. Fans were eagerly waiting, and they celebrated with Jamie and Eddie as they started their romantic voyage.

Eddie and Jamie’s First Meeting

Eddie and Jamie’s bond began in the NYPD academy. They encountered each other during a scenario and their instructors were amazed with their cooperation and communication. This gave them the chance to collaborate on multiple tasks and form a secure foundation for their future collaboration.

Sergeant Baker gave them their first case – to find an illegal gun ring. As the duo faced various issues – such as Jamie becoming a sergeant and Eddie dealing with her father’s passing – their relationship just became stronger.

If you’re aiming to have a successful partnership like them, remember that conversation is vital. In difficult moments, depending on your partner and having faith in them is critical to efficiently and effectively solve a case.

Undercover as a Couple on “Lost and Found”

Jamie and Eddie are two police officers who star in the TV show “Blue Bloods.” They work in the same precinct and are close friends. The episode “Loose Lips” from season 3 shows them going undercover as a couple to investigate a diamond heist. It’s a challenge for their personal and professional relationships.

They successfully solve the case. And, feelings start to develop. Their relationship progresses in later episodes. It’s a major plotline. They have to keep their relationship a secret and deal with conflicts of interest.

Overall, “Loose Lips” is the start of Jamie and Eddie’s romantic journey. It’s a complex job as they balance their job and personal lives. Although not undercover on “lost and found,” this episode showed their challenges.

Awkward First Kiss on “Secret Arrangements”

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship on “Blue Bloods” took time to bloom. But, their first kiss in “Secret Arrangements” was a memorable moment. Before that, they were just partners and friends. However, as the show progressed, their attraction was hard to ignore.

Their investigation of a secret couple led to an undeniable chemistry between the two, resulting in their first kiss. It may have been awkward, but it was a defining moment in their relationship. Fans were ecstatic to see the couple they had grown to love finally take their relationship to the next level.

From that point on, Jamie and Eddie’s romance continued to blossom. It has become one of the most beloved couples on the show. Audiences are enthralled by their love story, which is a testament to the great writing and storytelling of “Blue Bloods.”

The scene in “Secret Arrangements” revealed the natural development of their relationship and was an essential milestone for their characters.

Confessions of Love on “Personal Business”

In Blue Bloods‘ 8th season, Jamie and Eddie finally admit their feelings for each other in the episode “Personal Business”. This is the start of their romantic relationship which had been growing for a while.

Jamie and Eddie investigate a case together. They have many moments alone. During this time, they understand their emotions and decide to take a leap.

Their relationship grows as they tackle personal and work difficulties. If you are a fan of Blue Bloods and would like to witness Jamie and Eddie’s relationship grow, don’t miss “Personal Business” where they declare their love for each other.

Jamie and Eddie’s Engagement on Season 8 Finale

At last, it happened! On the season 8 finale of the show, Jamie and Eddie took a huge step. In the episode named “My Aim is True,” Jamie proposed to Eddie. This was unexpected for many fans who had been patiently waiting for them to progress. Eddie had earlier expressed her love for Jamie when they were on a case together. Now, Jamie had realized his own feelings for her.

The proposal was an emotional and heartwarming moment that got fans delighted and eager for the couple’s future. The finale also witnessed the settlement of an important case, and several NYPD characters got promoted. All of these events added to the feeling of enthusiasm and emotion for Jamie and Eddie’s engagement.

If fans wish to see what led up to this romantic moment, re-watching earlier episodes with the couple can give them more understanding. Talking about the engagement with other fans and guessing what lies ahead for the couple is another great way to celebrate this remarkable event.

To sum up, Jamie and Eddie’s engagement was a highlight of the season 8 finale, and fans can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Chemistry and Attraction Between Jamie and Eddie

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship in Blue Bloods has mesmerized viewers with its display of the chemistry and attraction between them. The show has shown how they go from partners to friends, and finally to lovers.

The two have distinctive personalities, and they are always there for each other in times of need. They have shared many personal moments, creating a strong trust between them. As the show progresses, their relationship deepens – leading to them confessing their feelings and starting a romantic relationship.

What makes Jamie and Eddie’s relationship special is how it has been shown as a slow burn. They have faced difficulties, like family conflicts, job responsibilities, and personal insecurities. But they have managed to overcome them, demonstrating their loyalty to each other.

Their story mirrors what happens in real life; couples start as friends or partners and eventually develop a romantic relationship. Jamie and Eddie’s journey shows that real connections take time and effort to form, and there is no certain timeline for falling in love.

Challenges of Creating Interesting Scenes for Jamie and Eddie

When writing scenes for Jamie and Eddie, there are challenges. Balance their relationship with the story’s progression. Focus not only on the relationship but also on other characters and the plot.

Combine their romance with their job as police officers. Consider carefully, and balance between procedural and investigative. Craft dynamics of their relationship to be authentic and entertaining.

Create a believable relationship. Ensure characters are well-developed and consistent. Resonate their actions and motivations with their characterizations.

Maintain balance between realism and romance. Scenes should not be too predictable or overly sentimental. Achieve the right balance, so viewers stay invested.

In Season 9, Episode 22, their official relationship begins. Despite the challenges, their relationship is a prominent aspect of the story, adding depth to the overall plotline.

Eddie and Jamie Stand Out as Fan Favorites

Jamie and Eddie from Blue Bloods are beloved by their fans. Their chemistry and connection on screen make them one of the favorite couples on the show. They have a unique plot within a plot. They have their own personalities and lives outside the Reagan family. Fans love their witty banter and supportive nature. Plus, the way they balance each other out as partners.

It’s not only their romantic relationship that sets them apart. Jamie and Eddie also have amazing problem-solving skills. Jamie’s dedication to justice and Eddie’s bravery, as a woman in a male-dominated field, are greatly appreciated by viewers.

The actors who portray Jamie and Eddie, Will Estes and Vanessa Ray, are close friends in real life. This adds to their chemistry on screen, making it more authentic and enjoyable for the fans.

Authenticity of Eddie and Jamie’s Romance

Jamie and Eddie’s romance in the TV series Blue Bloods was portrayed authentically. It started in the fourth season and was developed gradually by the show’s writers. They showed the two characters carefully learning to navigate the boundaries of working together in the NYPD.

The writers took their time to build the chemistry between Jamie and Eddie. This made the relationship more believable. The ups and downs and dramatic twists and turns that Jamie and Eddie’s romance went through added to the natural portrayal.

Before introducing their romance, the writers developed both Jamie and Eddie’s characters. This allowed viewers to understand the complexities and nuances of their personalities. This made the romance more genuine.

The authenticity of Jamie and Eddie’s romance was a result of the careful and deliberate actions of the show’s writers. By focusing on building a strong foundation and developing their characters, the writers created a naturally authentic and believable romance.

Development of Attraction Between Eddie and Jamie

The TV series ‘Blue Bloods’ reveals a natural transformation of the link between Eddie and Jamie. As partners in the NYPD, they spend lots of time together on the job. This is when they come to appreciate each other’s great qualities, shared values, and joint respect for their work.

In season 4 of the show, it is obvious that there is chemistry between them. With moments that have a romantic feel and a deeper level of care for one another. But, their attraction is not clearly expressed until later.

As the series continues, Eddie and Jamie face personal and professional difficulties. This helps to build their connection further, resulting in them entering a personal relationship. This cements their partnership on the show. The slow and natural progress of their relationship creates a relatable and believable story for viewers.

Eddie Becomes Jamie’s Partner in Season Four

Season four of the beloved show, Blue Bloods, features Eddie and Jamie as partners in the police force. As time passes, their relationship grows and they start to date.

This is tricky as they must juggle their career and their romance.

Their connection is strong and they share the same values, helping them stay on track in both their work and love life.

What makes their relationship special is that it develops slowly over the course of the season. This is not like other shows where love happens suddenly and intensely. Blue Bloods portrays a realistic and complex relationship, making viewers emotionally involved in their story.

Vanessa Ray’s Perspective on “Blue Bloods” Post-Romance

Vanessa Ray, a famous actress, has gained a ton of attention for her role in the crime drama series “Blue Bloods”. Fans of the show are curious about her on-screen romance with Jamie, played by actor Will Estes. In Season 8, they start dating. This is a major moment for their characters and the audience, as they’d been colleagues in the NYPD before. The progress of their relationship is a significant storyline in the show, and the actors work hard to portray it authentically and emotionally.

Vanessa Ray has shared her thoughts about the Jamie and Eddie storyline in interviews. She described it as a “slow burn” which requires a lot of effort. The actress thanked the show’s writers for crafting a realistic and organic relationship between the two characters. She also discussed the difficulty of portraying a romantic relationship on screen and staying true to the characters’ personalities.

Vanessa Ray, as Eddie in “Blue Bloods”, has won the hearts of many viewers who are invested in the Jamie and Eddie romance. Her insight into the development of this relationship shows the care and effort that goes into creating a realistic and compelling storyline. The show continues to captivate audiences with its engaging and relatable characters, including the significant part played by the Jamie and Eddie storyline.

“Blue Bloods” as a Long-Running Procedural on CBS

Blue Bloods is a long-running procedural on CBS. It charmed audiences for years with its interesting stories and characters. It follows the Reagan family of law enforcers as they battle their careers and personal lives. The show is known for its great cast, twisty plots and true-to-life representation of the justice system.

What sets it apart is its care for authenticity. It consults real-life officers to make sure its police work depictions are accurate. This realism has made Blue Bloods a unique and memorable show.

It also focuses on relationships and family dynamics. Fans eagerly watch each week to see the Reagans deal with new challenges and witness their loyalty and love.

Blue Bloods is a brilliant series that deserves its place in CBS’s lineup. With its great writing, talented cast and commitment to reality, it’s no surprise it’s a favorite on the network.

Jamie and Eddie’s Marriage and Continued Partnership in the NYPD

Jamie and Eddie have been the core of Blue Bloods since they formed a partnership in the NYPD. As the seasons went by, their relationship shifted from co-workers to friends, and then to lovers. In season 9, Jamie proposed, and they got engaged. Finally, in season 10, they said “I do” and became husband and wife.

Their marriage hasn’t affected their job as police officers. They still work together to seek justice in the city of New York. It’s a reflection of their love and respect for each other that they can remain professional while being in a romantic relationship.

The special thing about Jamie and Eddie’s journey to marriage is that it wasn’t rushed. Fans could watch them pass through the highs and lows of their relationship and root for them along the way.

For Blue Bloods admirers, seeing Jamie and Eddie work together as a married couple is something to anticipate. The chemistry between them is palpable and their devotion to their job and love for each other remind us why we love them so much.

Don’t miss out on any of Jamie and Eddie’s story – keep watching Blue Bloods!

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Blue Bloods fans have been waiting for Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko to become a couple for a long time. Finally, in season 8, episode 22 ‘My Aim is True‘, they did!

It was a slow burn, but viewers were finally treated to watching their love story unfold. This included engagement in season 9.

The chemistry between Will Estes and Vanessa Ray is undeniable, and fans and critics have praised their portrayals of Jamie and Eddie’s relationship.

Blue Bloods fans eagerly await to see what the future holds for the couple. Jamie and Eddie’s romantic relationship is one of the most memorable storylines and a testament to Blue Bloods’ ability to tell compelling and emotional stories. To learn more about their relationship timeline, check out What Episode Do Jamie And Eddie Start Dating?

Five Facts About Jamie and Eddie’s Relationship on Blue Bloods:

  • ✅ Jamie and Eddie first met on the Season 4 premiere while responding to a shooting of a fellow officer. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Their first kiss happened on “Secret Arrangements,” but Jamie made it slightly awkward by telling Eddie to go inside. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Eddie confessed her feelings for Jamie on “Personal Business,” and Jamie admitted to having feelings for her too. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ In the season 8 finale of Blue Bloods, Jamie and Eddie finally got together and announced their engagement at the Reagan family dinner. (Source: EW)
  • ✅ The show’s creator brought them together because of their chemistry and attraction to each other. (Source: EW)

FAQs about What Episode Do Jamie And Eddie Start Dating?

What episode do Jamie and Eddie start dating?

Jamie and Eddie’s romantic relationship started to blossom in “Lost and Found” (Season 4, Episode 8). However, their first kiss happened on “Secret Arrangements” (Season 7, Episode 19).

When did Jamie and Eddie get engaged?

Jamie and Eddie got engaged in the season 8 finale of “Blue Bloods.” This was a surprise announcement made during the Reagan family dinner.

Why did the showrunner decide to bring Jamie and Eddie together?

Showrunner Kevin Wade decided to bring Jamie and Eddie together because of their chemistry and attraction to each other. However, the challenge now is to create interesting scenes for them as a couple.

What is the “Blue Bloods” show about?

“Blue Bloods” is a TV show about a family of cops and their district attorney sister. The show mainly focuses on the personal lives and relationships of the Reagan family, most of whom work in law enforcement.

How did Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie, feel about their characters getting together?

Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie, felt like the show was different after their characters got together. She said that the dynamic between them changed, and it felt like they were not just riding along anymore, but now they are a team.

What happened on Eddie and Jamie’s wedding day?

Eddie and Jamie’s wedding was featured on the show and aired during Season 9. The couple shared their vows in a romantic moment, and it was a joyful and emotional event for the Reagan family.

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