What Episode Do Cory And Topanga Start Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Cory and Topanga first meet in kindergarten and share their first kiss in 6th grade.
  • In Season 1, Cory is turned off by Topanga’s persona but they work together on a project and protest to save the librarian’s job. Topanga kisses Cory while he’s handcuffed.
  • In Season 3, Cory admits his love for Topanga and follows her to Disneyland to prove his love. Topanga realizes they should be together and they officially start their relationship.

Cory and Topanga’s Relationship: A Timeline

Cory and Topanga’s love story has become a fan favorite since their first encounter in kindergarten. In this timeline, we will take a walk down memory lane and explore the different stages of their relationship. From their adorable first meeting to their unforgettable first kiss in sixth grade, we’ll dive into the pivotal moments that shaped Cory and Topanga’s relationship.

First Meeting: Cory and Topanga Meet in Kindergarten

Cory and Topanga met in kindergarten. Their friendship grew as the years passed. But when they got to sixth grade, Topanga kissed Cory. He didn’t feel the same because he thought her personality was immature.

They did lots of things together. Projects, protests, and more. It wasn’t until season three that Cory realized he had been in love with Topanga since childhood.

Their relationship stumbled. Cory even doubted their bond. But Topanga stayed faithful. Through memories and values, they overcame the hurdles. And they stayed together forever!

The story of Cory and Topanga shows how even after a long time, shared values and childhood memories can lead to a lifelong partnership.

First Kiss: Topanga Kisses Cory in 6th Grade

Cory and Topanga’s Relationship started with a shock kiss in sixth grade. Topanga showed her true emotions to Cory, who only viewed her as an unusual classmate. Topanga had a crush on Cory all along. She was attracted to his brave spirit and his strong stand against school bullies. When she kissed him, Cory was surprised but soon felt the same for her.

Topanga’s fascination with Cory kept growing. She was captivated by his determination and his unapologetic chase of his dreams. During an art project, they realised they had many things in common. They also worked together to keep their librarian’s job.

Every moment made their bond stronger. Through it all, Cory and Topanga found their way back to each other. They never hesitated to deeply commit to one another. Their teenage love endured and stayed forever.

Season 1: Cory is Turned off by Topanga’s Persona

Cory and Topanga have become one of TV’s favorite couples of all time, but their love was not always apparent. In the first season of Boy Meets World, Cory is left unimpressed with Topanga’s unconventional personality. In this section, we’ll explore their slow-burn romance and the pivotal moments that brought Cory and Topanga together, including:

  1. Working on a school project.
  2. Saving the librarian’s job.
  3. Their unforgettable first kiss when Topanga kisses Cory while he’s handcuffed.

Working Together: Cory and Topanga on a School Project

Cory and Topanga were assigned a school project in Season 1 of the beloved TV series “Boy Meets World“. At first, Cory wasn’t fond of Topanga’s personality. But, as they spent more time together, their friendship strengthened.
One day, they were caught by their teacher, Mr. Feeny, with handcuffs on. He assumed they were doing something bad. In that moment, Topanga kissed Cory, leaving him speechless.

Continuing to work on the project, Cory started to appreciate Topanga’s intelligence, independence, and beauty. Even though it was awkward after the kiss, Cory had strong feelings for Topanga.

This project marked the beginning of an iconic relationship on the show. Now, Cory and Topanga are in the library, creating a protest plan to save the librarian’s job. They are hard at work here – no need to be quiet.

Saving the Librarian’s Job: Strategizing a Protest

Cory and Topanga were determined to keep their librarian’s job. They strategized a protest against the decision to lay off the librarian. Topanga was determined and she encouraged Cory to join her. He was afraid of being suspended from school, but he eventually agreed to fight for their beloved librarian.

Throughout their journey, they had moments of doubt. But, their sheer determination led them to convince other students to join them. Eventually, their mission was successful.

In season one of ‘Boy Meets World,’ Cory and Topanga’s battle to save Mr. Feeny’s library showed that two heads are better than one. Fighting for a good cause is always worth it.

First Kiss: Topanga Kisses Cory While He’s Handcuffed

Topanga and Cory’s relationship takes a new turn in sixth grade. While on an adventure, Cory winds up handcuffed in a police station. Topanga comes to visit him and surprises him with a kiss! This moment marks a significant change in their relationship, taking it beyond classmates or just friends. It also raises questions about how they will deal with their emotions. This kiss is an iconic moment in the show’s history, setting the tone for future developments in Cory and Topanga’s relationship.

Season 3: The Relationship Officially Starts

In Season 3 of “Boy Meets World,” things finally heat up for Cory and Topanga. This section chronicles the ups and downs of their relationship as it moves from budding romance to official love. We’ll explore Cory’s declaration of love, the obstacles the couple faces, and the grand gestures of love that cement their relationship. Get ready to delve into the heartwarming story of Cory and Topanga’s journey towards love.

Cory Admits His Love: He Has Loved Topanga Since He Was Six

Cory has adored Topanga since they were six. In season 3, he finally confesses his true feelings. He’s loved her since kindergarten! This moment marks the start of their relationship’s journey.

They struggle at times but still strive to make their bond stronger. Season 3 has many moments that stay with us – their first kiss in 6th grade, Cory’s surprise Disneyland trip – all highlighting their epic love.

Cory and Topanga are dedicated to one another. Their early connection sets the groundwork for future seasons and shows a romance that stands the test of time.

Bumps in the Road: Questioning the Relationship

Cory and Topanga’s relationship wasn’t perfect. They had issues. So, in season three, they decided to take a break. They wanted to re-examine their feelings. But Cory still loved Topanga. To show his dedication, he chased her to Disneyland. This convinced her that they should stay together. But Topanga showed that small gestures can be just as meaningful. She handcuffed Cory and kissed him.

Proving His Love: Cory Follows Topanga to Disneyland

Cory put his love for Topanga to the test. He chose to follow her to Disneyland to prove his affection. This was an important moment in their relationship; it began their romance.

Though Cory was unsure, he showed he was committed. This act of proving his love showed how much he cared. It was a small, but meaningful gesture, showing his dedication to winning Topanga’s heart.

In relationships, little romantic gestures mean a lot. They can strengthen relationships and bring people closer. Cory and Topanga will remember this sweet moment forever.

Together Forever: Topanga Convinced They Should be Together

In the hit ’90s show Boy Meets World, Cory and Topanga’s love story is iconic. In season three, Topanga convinced Cory that they should stay together, despite some issues. The episode “I Was a Teenage Spy” marked a turning point. Topanga expressed her faith in their future, leading to a talk about commitment.

Cory had doubts, but Topanga’s determination gave him assurance. Together, they faced obstacles and showed the importance of trust and communication. Topanga solidified their bond and made Cory believe they were meant to be. Their love story is an example for anyone in a romantic relationship.

If you want to see this iconic story, watch Boy Meets World and watch Cory and Topanga work together through life’s challenges.

The Kissing Scene: Background Fountains Begin Synchronized Performance

The kiss between Cory and Topanga in “Boy Meets World” is iconic. It perfectly captures their sweet love story. What takes it to the next level is the synchronized performance of the background fountains. This extra touch shows the creativity of the show’s creators.

Details, no matter how small, are important in this scene. The performance of the background fountains adds emotion and makes it special for fans. It’s also the episode where Cory and Topanga’s relationship is revealed.

This scene is a highlight of the series, created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly. A beautiful piece of TV history!

Five Facts About When Cory and Topanga Start Dating:

  • ✅ Cory and Topanga share their first kiss in the sixth grade. (Source: OK Magazine)
  • ✅ They officially start dating in season three of the show. (Source: OK Magazine)
  • ✅ Cory admits he has loved Topanga since he was six. (Source: OK Magazine)
  • ✅ Their relationship hits bumps in the road causing them to question it. (Source: OK Magazine)
  • ✅ Cory follows Topanga to Disneyland to prove how much he cares about her and they share a kissing scene causing the background fountains to begin a synchronized performance. (Source: OK Magazine and Circa98.com)

FAQs about What Episode Do Cory And Topanga Start Dating?

What episode do Cory and Topanga start dating?

Topanga gives Cory his first kiss in the 6th grade, but their relationship officially starts in season three of the show “Boy Meets World.”

How different was Topanga’s character in season 1?

Topanga’s character was entirely different in season 1. She had a hippie/outcast persona that turned Cory off when they were assigned to work on a school project together.

Why did Topanga kiss Cory while he was handcuffed?

Topanga and Cory were strategizing a protest to save their school librarian’s job and handcuffed themselves to lockers. Topanga kissed Cory while he was handcuffed, billed as his first kiss.

What was the casting news for “Big Girl Meets World”?

The article mentions no such casting news for “Big Girl Meets World.”

Do fans remember Topanga almost entirely?

Yes, fans remember Topanga’s character almost entirely, especially her relationship with Cory throughout the show.

Do I need to watch “Big Girl Meets World” to understand Cory and Topanga’s relationship?

No, “Big Girl Meets World” is not a show. It is likely a typo or an incorrect reference to “Girl Meets World,” the sequel to “Boy Meets World.”

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