How Long Have Shane And Ryland Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have been dating since March 2016 when they met on a dating app, Bumble.
  • After two years of dating, Shane confirmed their relationship on social media with a heartfelt post expressing his love for Ryland.
  • In March 2019, Shane proposed to Ryland on their 3-year anniversary with a custom engagement ring, despite the controversy surrounding his past jokes about inappropriate behavior.


Rumors have sparked curiosity about Shane and Ryland’s relationship. Reports suggest they’ve been dating for a while. Their dating history is secret. But, it’s rumored they’ve been together for a while. Being famous, they try to keep their relationship private. But their fans still want to know. What’s special about them is that they stay strong in the spotlight. Not much is known about when they started dating, but their fans will always show them support.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams’ Relationship Timeline

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have been an item for quite some while now. A look at their relationship progress:

  • They were just pals in 2015.
  • March 2016, Shane disclosed his bisexuality in a YouTube video, revealing he had a crush on Ryland.
  • 2016, they started dating. Not long after, they lived together.
  • Ryland has been a co-host and regular visitor on Shane’s YouTube channel since 2017.
  • March 2019, during their trip to Paris, Shane proposed to Ryland and they became engaged.

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A special thing about Shane and Ryland’s relationship is they’ve been very honest about their struggles. Mental health, body image issues, and coming out to their families – they’ve shared it all. Their love story has inspired numerous of their fans, and they still remain open about their journey together.

Shane’s Scandal and Proposal

Shane, an internet celeb, has been in the spotlight for various reasons. One being the scandal and the other – his proposal. He’s been dating Ryland for a while and their relationship is of interest to his fans.

His past offensive videos caused trouble; he was blamed for racist and insensitive statements. He admitted his mistakes and apologized.

Recently, Shane made news for a cheerful reason – his proposal to Ryland. His followers had been waiting for this moment and his proposal was welcomed.

In addition to the proposal, Shane has provided relationship advice. He thinks communicating is the key. He suggests couples should be honest and make an effort to fix any conflicts. His fans appreciate his honesty and willingness to share.

Shane’s scandal and proposal have been the source of much discussion and interest among his fans. Despite the controversy, Shane and Ryland’s relationship has flourished. His followers are looking forward to what the future holds for them. Shane’s experience and advice is something that his fans look forward to.

Shane and Ryland Get Married

Lately, much speculation has arisen about Shane and Ryland’s futures together. They haven’t said anything about marriage, but many of their admirers remain hopeful. If and when they do decide to wed, it’ll be an unforgettable event for them and their supporters.

The couple has kept their fans updated on their relationship, sharing online posts and videos. This has shown others how to form strong connections with a partner.

Shane and Ryland have also proven their commitment by adopting several pets. Their furry friends are a huge part of their lives and they’ve made it obvious that their connection is bigger than just the two of them.

It’s unclear when, or if, they’ll get married. But their fans will remain watching their story with reverence and expectation. Regardless of what happens, everyone celebrates and is inspired by their love.


Shane and Ryland have had a public relationship since 2016. They share their lives on social media and have built a strong fan base. Fans love their relationship for its trust, authenticity and love. Recently, they announced their engagement in March 2019. This made fans even more excited and inspired. Shane and Ryland show us that public relationships can be built on trust, love and mutual respect. They keep inspiring us through their journey together on social media. Love truly conquers all.

FAQs about How Long Have Shane And Ryland Been Dating?

How long have Shane Dawson and Ryland been dating?

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have been dating since March 2016 and got engaged in March 2019. They got married in 2021 after being engaged for 4 years.

When did Shane Dawson propose to Ryland Adams?

Shane Dawson proposed to Ryland Adams on their three-year anniversary in March 2019, just two days after apologizing for a scandal involving a joke about sexual acts with his cat. He presented Ryland with a diamond band and shared a heartfelt tribute to him on Instagram.

How did Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams meet?

Shane and Ryland met on a dating app, with Shane sending the first message in March 2016. They went Instagram official in June 2016 with a photo and Britney Spears lyric caption.

When did Shane and Ryland confirm their relationship?

Shane and Ryland confirmed their relationship on Instagram in October 2016 with a selfie and heartfelt caption. Ryland started appearing on Shane’s Instagram in June 2016, but their relationship was not confirmed yet.

When did Shane Dawson come out as bisexual?

Shane Dawson came out as bisexual in July 2015 after his breakup with Lisa Schwartz.

What was the Internet’s reaction to Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams getting married?

The internet was ecstatic and congratulated the couple on social media after they got married in 2021. Shane announced the news on social media with a picture of him and Ryland kissing outside the courtroom, and Ryland uploaded a 23-minute YouTube video documenting their big day and their relationship over the past few years.