How Long Have Sam And Katrina Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart started dating in 2015: They met through social media and quickly hit it off, becoming a popular couple among their respective fan bases.
  • The couple frequently collaborated on YouTube: Sam and Katrina’s joint videos often featured them pranking each other or doing challenges together, earning them millions of views.
  • Sam and Katrina announced their breakup in 2019: In an emotional joint video, the couple revealed that they had decided to end their relationship but would remain friends.

Sam Golbach

Sam Golbach needs no introduction in the world of content creation. With a massive social media following, Sam has made a name for himself by creating engaging content, collaborating with other creators, and inspiring his fans. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Sam’s life, career, and relationship status. From his humble beginnings to his current success, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to Sam Golbach.

Personal background

Sam Golbach was born in Kansas, U.S.A on November 27, 1996. He grew up in Huntington Beach, California with his brother Colby Brock. Sam dropped out of college to focus on creating content. He loves social media and making videos.

He met Katrina Stuart – who was born in Toronto, Canada on September 20, 1999 – through content creation. She was nine when she started posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. Unfortunately, her mother passed away from cancer when she was 15. This made Katrina determined to honor her mother’s memory by continuing her music career.

Sam and Katrina share a love for social media and content creation. Together, they are the ultimate duo. Get ready to be entertained as we explore Sam’s career as a content creator!

Career as a content creator

Sam Golbach is a successful content creator. He makes videos of challenges, pranks and vlogs. His creativity and ability to cater to his fans make him popular with young audiences. His unique concepts have made him one of the top creators in the industry.

He helps other creators optimize their channels. He’s collaborated with Joshua David Evans and Colby Brock, creating content that gets more subscribers.

Sam uses social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter. He partners with other industry personalities to build an extensive network. This results in immense growth.

So, hit the follow button and join Sam and Katrina’s online world. See why Sam has been successful in his career.

Social media presence and following

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have achieved great success on social media. Sam, a YouTuber, has hit 4 million subscribers. He’s also popular on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. His content keeps fans interested. Likewise, Katrina, an influencer and singer, has built a big following with posts about her music, fashion, and lifestyle.

Their relationship was widely publicized. Photos of them together went up on social media, and this increased their followers. Sadly, a breakup video caused an emotional stir. But their social media followings are still impressive.

Relationship status

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have been the talk of the town, especially since they rose to fame on social media. They started dating in 2019 and loved to share pics and updates. But, they sadly announced their split in October 2021.

Sam is known for ‘Sam and Colby,‘ his YouTube channel. Katrina is a singer and social media influencer. They have a huge following on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Despite the news, Sam and Katrina are focusing on their careers. They’re creating content, plus doing Q&A and LIVE streams. It’s unclear if they’ve moved on or if they’re taking time to focus on their own goals. Fans are speculating!

Katrina Stuart

Katrina Stuart, the talented singer and social media influencer, has been making waves with her music and online presence. In this section, we’ll dive into Katrina’s personal background, her success in the music industry, and her massive following on social media. Plus, we’ll give you the inside scoop on her current relationship status with Sam – a question that has been on everyone’s mind.

Personal background

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have different backgrounds, yet they share a passion for creating content. Sam grew up with three siblings in a small village in Wisconsin. His parents were supportive of his creative pursuits, so he moved to California at 16 for a full-time job as a content creator.

Katrina Stuart was born in Toronto and had a music passion from a young age. She started performing on stage at 12 and went to LA to pursue her music career. She has since become a famous social media influencer, plus a singer.

Sam has a special interest in extreme sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, and skateboarding. He has even incorporated this love for thrill into some of his videos. He is also part of “The Squad,” with Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, Jake Webber, Aaron Doh, Elton Castee & Andrea Russett.

Katrina met Sam online. She noticed him on YouTube and sent him direct messages on Twitter. Their videos together led to them starting to date.

In summary, Sam and Katrina have different backgrounds, but their content creation has brought them together.

Career as a singer and social media influencer

Katrina Stuart has gained fame in the music industry and as a social media influencer. In 2015, Capitol Records signed her to start her career as a singer. She has released multiple singles, collaborating with other music stars. But it was her choice to share her music on YouTube and Instagram that really made her successful. Now, she has over 200k subscribers on YouTube and 300k followers on Instagram.

Katrina’s success is due to her talent, hard work, and commitment. Her lyrics and melodies are popular in the pop genre. Plus, she uses her platform to support brands that fit her values, and her relatable personality has gained her the trust of many.

Sam Golbach and Katrina have worked together on music and videos, extending their reach to their fans. Her estimated net worth of $500k shows her accomplishments in singing and influencing.

Sam and Katrina may not be the most popular, but they have a loyal fan base who love their work.

Social media presence and following

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have made their careers from creating content that resonates with fans. They have a strong social media presence – Sam has 3 million YouTube subscribers, nearly 2 million Instagram followers and 1 million Twitter followers. Katrina has over 700k subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million on Instagram.

Both Sam and Katrina collaborate with other content creators to reach new audiences. They also communicate with their fans, prioritizing authenticity in their work.

It is worth noting that although Sam and Katrina were in a relationship, they do not share many details publicly or seek validation through romantic attachment. They demonstrate that their connection is beyond romantic attachment.

Relationship status

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart’s relationship status has been a mystery. Their fans are curious about their personal lives. Both are famous content creators. So, their followers have been eager to know if they are dating.

But Sam and Katrina have never confirmed their status. Though, they have shared many moments together on Instagram and Twitter. This caused rumors among their fans that they might be together.

Still, they have supported each other’s careers. They have also collaborated a few times. Sam has a net worth of around $1 million. Fans can follow him on his social media accounts. He keeps them updated on his life, shares his projects, posts pics and videos of himself.

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart’s Relationship

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart have long been a fascinating couple in the spotlight. In this section, we’ll take a look at the ups and downs of their relationship through the years. We’ll start at the beginning and explore how they started dating. Later, we’ll delve into their numerous collaborations on YouTube, and the announcement of their breakup. Finally, we’ll watch an emotional joint video where they discuss the painful aftermath of their split.

When did they start dating?

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart first met in 2015 on a social media platform. They shared a passion for creating content online, so they collaborated on YouTube videos. Their relationship was put in the spotlight due to their growing online following. Despite facing challenges, they managed to stay together and continue building their brand. What the future holds for them is unclear, but they have talent and dedication to create high-quality content.

Teamwork makes dreams come true – Sam and Katrina are living proof of that.

Collaborations on YouTube

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart are two popular YouTube creators. They have posted a lot of videos together, which their fans love. Pranks, Q&A and even music videos – they have done it all! Plus, their relationship was inspiring to many.

Sadly, they have recently split up. But, both creators will still share content separately on YouTube. Fans still hope that the couple’s love story has a happy ending. It will be exciting to see what they create and upload in the future!

Announcement of their breakup

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart gave the news of their split on their social media accounts, surprising many of their followers. They shared their announcement with maturity and said the decision to end their relationship was mutual. From now on, they would stay friends who support each other.

Furthermore, Sam and Katrina released a video about their breakup. It showed how difficult it can be to be in a high-profile relationship. Their video received much love from their fans for its honesty and vulnerability. It was obvious to all that Sam and Katrina had been in love with each other.

If you’re curious, you can look forward to the video in which they express their emotions. It will give you insight into their breakup announcement.

Emotional joint video discussing the breakup

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart dropped a joint video with their emotions, explaining why they chose to part ways romantically. They openly shared their struggles with communication, and realized they weren’t meant to be together.

In spite of the end of their romantic relationship, they agreed to stay friends and work together professionally. They understand their fans may be disappointed, but asked for respect and support for their choice.

The video showed a softer side of Sam and Katrina beyond their content. It gave closure to their followers and showed their commitment to their professional relationship. Sam and Katrina thanked each other and their viewers for love and support in the emotional video.


With all the clues we have gathered regarding Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart’s relationship so far, it’s time to draw some conclusions. In this section, we’ll recap the key points we’ve covered, take a look at what the future might hold for the couple, and explore interesting things like Sam Golbach’s net worth and social media accounts. So, let’s dig in and find out the final verdict!

Recap of key points

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart had a relationship that drew lots of media attention. Here’s a rundown of their private lives, professions, online media presence, connection status, joint efforts on YouTube, and despondent separation video.

Sam is a well-known YouTuber who increased popularity through his vlogs and skits on Vine. On the other hand, Katrina is a professional vocalist who achieved fame after sharing recordings of herself singing on web-based media. Both Sam and Katrina are dynamic on different web-based media stages, like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, gathering huge followings as time passes.

The couple began dating in 2019 and posted several romantic photos of themselves on the web. They also collaborated on various YouTube recordings that were adored and watched by millions. Yet, in 2021, the couple announced their separation through an emotional joint video. They discussed why they chose to end their two-year relationship.

Notwithstanding, their committed fans were highly interested in their love story and communicated distress upon hearing the news of their split through different internet based life channels. Sam and Katrina said that, however they still care for one another profoundly as companions, they think it’s best to concentrate on themselves right now.

With expectations for an effective future independent from each other, or perhaps even a compromise, fans anticipate the following piece of Sam and Katrina’s story.

Future plans for Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart are yet to share their future plans. But, based on their social media posts, it seems they have bright careers ahead. Sam, with his best friend Colby, runs Night Media, a production business that produces content for popular YouTube channels. Meanwhile, Katrina is actively chasing her music career and performing live gigs.

Though they are no longer together, Sam and Katrina may still collaborate on videos and other creative projects. Their professional relationship remains intact, as they kept making joint posts even after their emotional announcement video.

It’s worth noting that both Sam and Katrina are incredibly creative and hardworking. They have a devoted fan base. Whatever their future plans may be, it looks like they will keep succeeding in their respective fields.

One potential future for them could be focusing on their individual passions while collaborating on joint projects. This way, they can both develop and stay connected, meeting the expectations of fans who love seeing them work together.

Net worth of Sam Golbach

Sam Golbach’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Since 2014, he’s been creating content on YouTube with his partner Colby Brock. He has over 2.8 million subscribers. His major source of income is from his YouTube channel. He also earns from sponsorships and merchandise sales. Additionally, he’s acted in the film ‘The Thin Line.’

It’s important to remember that Sam Golbach’s net worth only includes his earnings. It doesn’t include any other assets or investments he has. His fans can use his net worth to get an idea of his financial success. But, it shouldn’t be the only way to measure his achievements.

Links to Sam Golbach’s social media accounts .

Sam Golbach is a famous YouTuber and social media influencer with a massive fanbase. Keeping up with him is easy since he has a notable presence across multiple platforms. On Instagram, he goes by @samgolbach and has 1 million followers. On Twitter, his handle is @SamGolbach and he has 800k followers. His YouTube channel, ‘Sam and Colby’, has over 3 million subscribers.

For those who admire Sam’s content, following him on these platforms is the best way to stay updated. Sam has also earned a significant net worth – estimated to be over $3 million as of August 2021 – mostly due to his work in the entertainment industry.

Some Facts About How Long Sam and Katrina Have Been Dating:

  • ✅ Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart started dating in 2015. (Source: Sportskeeda)
  • ✅ Sam and Katrina collaborated on several YouTube videos during their relationship. (Source: Sportskeeda)
  • ✅ On a joint YouTube video, Sam and Katrina announced their breakup, saying there was no animosity between them. (Source: Sportskeeda)
  • ✅ Despite their separation, Sam called his relationship with Katrina the best years of his life. (Source: Sportskeeda)
  • ✅ Sam is currently not in a relationship and has no plans to get married. (Source: Fresherslive)

FAQs about How Long Have Sam And Katrina Been Dating?

How long were Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart dating?

Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart started dating in 2015 and announced their breakup in 2023.

How did Sam Golbach announce his breakup with Katrina Stuart?

Sam Golbach announced his breakup with Katrina Stuart through a series of screenshot pictures from their latest YouTube video on his Instagram handle.

Did Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart end their relationship on bad terms?

According to a joint video on Stuart’s YouTube, the couple discussed their breakup and said there was no animosity between them.

Have Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart collaborated on YouTube before?

Yes, Sam Golbach and Katrina Stuart collaborated on several YouTube videos during their romantic journey together.

What do we know about Sam Golbach’s background and family?

Sam Golbach is an American YouTuber born on November 27, 1996, in Leewood, Kansas, USA. He has a sister named Allison and a brother named Ben. He attended Blue Valley High School in Kansas but decided not to pursue higher education and instead moved to Los Angeles, California, to become a content creator on Vine and YouTube. His parents’ names are Kirk Golbach and Cindy Olson Golbach.

What is Sam Golbach’s net worth?

According to various social media platforms, Sam Golbach’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

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