How Long Have Liam And Cheryl Been Dating?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Liam Payne and Cheryl first met on the UK show “The X Factor,” in 2008, when Liam was just 14 and Cheryl was a judge. However, they did not begin dating until 2015, following Cheryl’s divorce.
  • Liam and Cheryl’s relationship timeline saw them quickly become a couple, move in together, and welcome a son, Bear, in March 2017. However, the couple split in July 2018, announcing their breakup on social media.
  • Despite their breakup, Liam and Cheryl have maintained a friendly co-parenting relationship, with Cheryl expressing admiration for Liam’s parenting skills. The two briefly reunited in 2021, for a charity event, leaving fans speculating about a possible romantic reconciliation.

Introduction to Liam Payne and Cheryl’s Relationship

Liam Payne and Cheryl have been an ongoing topic in the media, and their relationship has been nothing short of intriguing. The “Beginning” sub-section reveals how the duo initially crossed paths, while the “From X Factor to Parenthood” sub-section uncovers their relationship timeline. Get ready to dive deep into the world of Liam and Cheryl’s relationship.

The Beginning: How Liam and Cheryl Met

Liam Payne and Cheryl first met in 2008 – when Liam was auditioning for X Factor at 14. They would meet again seven years later, when Liam was a solo contestant and Cheryl was on the judging panel. As Liam advanced, rumors started that they were more than colleagues.

In February 2016, they confirmed they were dating. Despite a ten-year age gap, they seemed happy. Liam even moved into Cheryl’s home. Their son, Bear, was born in March 2017. But by July 2018, they announced their split.

Still, they’ve remained amicable and committed to co-parenting Bear. Recently, they reunited at a gala event and posed for photos together for the first time in three years. They’ve been firm, though, that they are just friends and co-parents.

Liam and Cheryl’s story began in 2008. They dated, welcomed Bear, then split peacefully. They remain devoted co-parents and friends.

From X Factor to Parenthood: Liam and Cheryl’s Relationship Timeline

Liam Payne and Cheryl’s Relationship Timeline starts with their first meeting at X Factor in 2008. Liam was a contestant and Cheryl was a judge. During his audition she said “yes” and began their bond!

It didn’t matter that they had a 10 year age gap and past relationships. They still chose to date, attending events publicly. Learn more about their relationship here on Cosmopolitan.

Over time their relationship flourished – in March 2017 they had a baby called Bear Grey Payne. They kept the pregnancy and name a secret until he was born.

They had issues with their relationship due to busy schedules and time apart, but still managed to be great co-parents. In 2018, they stopped dating.

Fast forward to 2021, when Liam and Cheryl reunited at Ant Middleton’s birthday. Even though they’re not together romantically, they are still an awesome family!

Their timeline documents their love story and journey as a family – from X Factor to parenthood.

The Split: Liam and Cheryl’s Breakup in 2018

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole were a couple for two and a half years. They announced their relationship in early 2016. Then in March 2017, they had a child. But in July 2018, they decided to go their separate ways. Even though they split, they stayed committed to co-parenting their son.

They kept their relationship private. Rumors were in the media. But they never confirmed the details. Liam said it was hard for him to cope with the split.

Afterwards, they moved on with their lives. Liam kept focusing on his music. Cheryl went back to judging The X Factor. Fans still speculate about if they’ll get back together. But both remain quiet.

Breakups can be tough. It’s important to take time to heal. Getting support from loved ones and therapy helps too. Everyone heals differently. Focus on self-care during this tough time.

Co-Parenting and Amicability: Liam and Cheryl’s Relationship Today

Liam and Cheryl have managed to stay on friendly terms, even after their separation. They’re both working hard to make sure their parenting of son Bear is amicable. Although they haven’t revealed how long they were together, it’s clear they have a respectful friendship. You can read more about their dating history on Daily Mail.

Their relationship now is all about co-parenting and getting along. Liam and Cheryl attend school meetings, family outings, and post pictures together on social media. They’re keeping their relationship positive, and being respectful to one another.

They don’t talk about the past, but instead look forward to a healthy and happy future. Even with their busy schedules, they make time for each other and support their family.

It’s admirable how they’ve come together as parents. It’s a reminder that parents can remain friends and prioritize their child’s wellbeing even after a romantic relationship ends.

Liam and Cheryl’s co-parenting journey shows how a positive, respectful approach to separation and parenting can make a big difference to kids. It’s an inspiration for parents who are struggling with co-parenting after separation.

Recent Reunion: Liam and Cheryl’s First Appearance Together in Three Years

Liam and Cheryl’s reunion had fans eagerly waiting to witness. It was their first public appearance in three years! It all happened at The Trust Project.

Their relationship began in 2016, but three years later it came as a surprise when they parted ways. However, the reunion brought lots of laughter and joy. Cameras captured their chemistry, and fans cheered them on!

Liam recently revealed his new music inspired by their relationship. This made fans even more excited for their reunion! Even though there have been highs and lows, their love is still strong.

Will they make an official comeback? Only time will tell. Fans were thrilled to see them again after three long years! They wish them love and happiness!

Conclusion: How Long Have Liam and Cheryl Been Dating?

Liam and Cheryl have been an item for quite a while. Sources say they first crossed paths on the set of X Factor in 2008. Cheryl was a judge and Liam was a contestant. But, they didn’t start dating until early 2016. The exact date is unknown, but in February, they were seen holding hands after a dinner date.

Their relationship has caused a stir. They’ve kept it private, so it’s unclear what their official status is. However, they’ve been seen together often, fuelling gossip. Plus, in March 2017, they announced the birth of their son, Bear. This shows their relationship was solid by then.

Now, they’re no longer together. But, they still get along and co-parent Bear. They’ve even shared loving messages about each other on social media. Cheryl recently said their split was because they had different life plans. They still care deeply for their family though. All in all, Liam and Cheryl have been dating since at least early 2016.

Five Facts About How Long Have Liam And Cheryl Been Dating?

  • ✅ Liam Payne and Cheryl started dating in late 2015. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ They have a 10-year age gap. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ The couple welcomed their son, Bear, in 2017. (Source: Metro)
  • ✅ Liam and Cheryl split in 2018 after two and a half years together. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ Despite the split, they have remained close in order to co-parent their son. (Sources: Metro, Daily Mail)

FAQs about How Long Have Liam And Cheryl Been Dating?

How long were Liam Payne and Cheryl together?

Liam Payne and Cheryl were together for two and a half years before announcing their split in June 2018.

Did Liam and Cheryl have a child together?

Yes, Liam and Cheryl have a son together named Bear who was born in March 2017. Despite their split, they have remained close in order to co-parent their son.

When was the last time Liam Payne and Cheryl were seen together?

Liam Payne and Cheryl were seen together for the first time in three years in June 2021. They reunited to attend Liam’s niece’s first birthday party, and seemed in good spirits as they chatted with Liam’s friends and family.

When did Liam Payne first meet Cheryl?

Liam Payne first met Cheryl in 2008 when he auditioned for The X Factor at 14 years old and she was a judge on the show.

When did Liam and Cheryl confirm their relationship?

Liam and Cheryl confirmed their relationship in February 2016 when Liam changed his Instagram profile picture to one of him and Cheryl.

How long did Liam and Cheryl co-parent their son after their split?

Liam and Cheryl have been co-parenting their son Bear since their split in 2018, which means they have been co-parenting for over three years now.

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