How Long Have Hyuna And Dawn Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Hyuna and Dawn, both South Korean singers, have been in a romantic relationship since May 2016.
  • They first met when Dawn joined Cube Entertainment, where Hyuna was also signed. They later became bandmates in the group Triple H.
  • Cube Entertainment terminated both Hyuna and Dawn’s contracts in 2018, citing a breach of trust. The couple then signed with P Nation, a new agency founded by the former CEO of Cube Entertainment.


In 2019, Hyuna and Dawn announced their relationship status to the public. It has been two years and counting and fans say their love is getting stronger.

The two left their previous agency and joined P Nation, founded by Psy. This triggered a lot of rumors, which they soon confirmed. Their fans gave them lots of love and support.

It’s unusual for idols to have this kind of relationship, so it faced some criticism. But Hyuna and Dawn stayed strong.

Nobody knows what the future holds for them, but some fans think they may get married.

If you’re in a similar situation, it’s important to talk openly and respect each other’s decisions, like Hyuna and Dawn. Building trust and understanding takes time, but it’s essential for success in any relationship.

Who are Hyuna and Dawn?

Hyuna and Dawn are South Korean singers. They made a name in the music industry. They both rose to fame in the popular K-pop group, Pentagon. Hyuna is also known as Kim Hyun-ah. She began her career as a solo artist before joining 4Minute. Her talent is clear in her albums and singles like “Ice Cream” and “Bubble Pop!”

Hyuna and Dawn’s dating timeline has been the talk of the town. Want to know how long they have been together? Check it out here!

Dawn’s real name is Kim Hyo-jong. He debuted in the boy band, PENTAGON. Later, he left the group to pursue a solo career. He has shown off his smooth vocals and dynamic dance moves.

Hyuna and Dawn’s love for each other has grown. They have been dating since 2018. Fans follow their journey as a couple. Despite the challenges of being in a high-profile relationship, Hyuna and Dawn have kept succeeding. They have released successful solo albums and collaborated on projects. Their love story is inspiring to their fans. People are moved by their devotion to each other and their craft.

How did Hyuna and Dawn meet?

Hyuna and Dawn met whilst working together in the K-pop group, Triple H. The sub-unit of Cube Entertainment debuted in 2017. Hyuna was already a successful solo artist, whilst Dawn had been part of boy group Pentagon. Fans and media noticed their chemistry on stage – rumours started flying of a romantic relationship. Their agency denied it – they were ‘just’ close friends and colleagues.

In August 2020, they confirmed they had been dating for two years! According to Koreaboo, the couple had been dating since July 2018 – before the release of the last Triple H album.

The initial denial was forgotten when Hyuna and Dawn released a statement through their agency, P Nation. They were thankful for fan support and well-wishes.

Hyuna and Dawn join Triple H

Hyuna and Dawn, two talented Korean singers, joined K-pop trio Triple H. This caused a stir worldwide amongst their fans. The duo has elevated Triple H’s vocal and dance skills, making fans anticipate amazing performances.

Rumors have been circulating regarding the two dating. It has since been confirmed! Fans are overjoyed to witness their chemistry both on and off stage. It adds to the excitement of Triple H’s shows.

This isn’t the first time Hyuna and Dawn have worked together. They were part of Cube Entertainment’s group Triple Seven. But now, they have reunited in Triple H. This shows their passion for music. To know more about their personal life, check out How Long Have Hyuna And Dawn Been Dating?

In summary, Hyuna and Dawn’s addition to Triple H has changed the K-pop scene. Their individual strengths and relationship only add to the group’s outstanding performances. Fans look forward to future music and performances from Triple H.

Hyuna and Dawn confirm their relationship

Rumors have been swirling about Hyuna and Dawn, two K-pop stars, for a while. Reports recently confirmed that these rumors were true – Hyuna and Dawn are a couple!

They have been together for an unknown amount of time and have now made their love public. Fans have been stunned and delighted by this news.

The chemistry between the two has been obvious for a long time. It’s nice to see them take their relationship to a new level.

Hyuna and Dawn have made headlines before. Hyuna was with another K-pop star, and Dawn was in the boy band, Pentagon. This new development in their love story has caused quite a lot of interest. People eagerly await to see what comes next.

This confirmation is a huge milestone in their lives. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this couple.

Cube Entertainment terminates their contracts

Recent news has been revealed concerning Cube Entertainment and their talent. They’ve chosen to end contracts with some of their artists. After careful thought, the company has not shared the names yet. Fans are eagerly expecting the official announcement. This isn’t the first time Cube Entertainment has faced this; similar situations have occurred in the past. They are constantly refining their talent to reflect their vision. For over 10 years, they’ve been successful in K-pop.

Hyuna and Dawn are a good example of Cube Entertainment’s skill. They went public with their relationship in 2019, and their fame has skyrocketed since then. When the news of their leaving broke, fans were astounded. However, they will still make great music and be an inspiration. Cube Entertainment has brought out many successful artists, and they’ll continue doing so even when terminating contracts.

Hyuna and Dawn sign with P Nation

Hyuna and Dawn have officially joined P Nation, a talent agency founded by the legend PSY in 2018. As a platform for top global music artists, P Nation’s roster is expanding with their signing.

Expect the artists to collaborate with other P Nation talents and create new music. This partnership is a milestone for the agency, boosting their reputation in the industry.

Plus, Hyuna and Dawn’s two-year romance has added to the excitement of their P Nation signing. Fans are hoping for a joint project under the label.

This new chapter in Hyuna and Dawn’s career is sure to be successful. They both benefit from each other’s expertise and skills.

Engagement announcement

Hyuna and Dawn, the celebrity couple who’ve been an item for two years, stunned their admirers with news of their engagement. It was 2018 when their relationship became public knowledge. Since then, fans have been closely following their love story. Sources say they first met when they were trainees at the same agency, and their friendship gradually blossomed into romance.

The couple are not shy about showing their affection for each other in public or on social media.

The beloved pair is well-known for their fashionable style and unique music collaborations, which always leave their fans wanting more. In spite of their popularity, they’ve kept their personal lives private. But, their engagement announcement gave fans a peek into their love story, and they couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Everyone is eagerly awaiting to see what the future holds for Hyuna and Dawn. Don’t miss any news and updates about this romantic couple. Keep watching for more exciting news to come.

Breakup announcement

Hyuna and Dawn made an appearance as a couple and announced their relationship on social media. Reports have since suggested that the pair have split. The reason for their breakup was stated to be “irreconcilable differences“. Fans had hoped the couple would stay together but they chose to focus on their individual careers.

Just a few months ago, Hyuna and Dawn released a collaborative album. People have been wondering if their professional relationship affected their romantic one. However, the reason for the breakup was not revealed by either of them.

This news has disappointed fans who are now left wondering what could have been. Nonetheless, Hyuna and Dawn are both talented artists and their fans can look forward to their future work.

Rumors of reconciliation and current status

Rumours were spreading in September 2020 about the reconciliation of Hyuna and Dawn – two popular K-pop idols who had worked with Cube Entertainment. They were seen together at events even after their firing from Cube Entertainment.

Sources said that in early 2020, Hyuna and Dawn officially got back together. But, their present situation is still uncertain, leaving fans to guess.

Hyuna and Dawn had declared their relationship in 2018 after leaving Cube Entertainment. It gained both support and criticism from fans. In November 2019, Cube Entertainment declared that they’d left the company – and people thought that their love affair had ended too. Nevertheless, it seemed that their love tale wasn’t over and they kept going despite the challenges.

Neither of them has confirmed or denied the gossip of reconciliation. But, their social media posts appear to show that they are still together. It has been 3 years since they made their relationship public and fans still back their love story and hope to see more of them together.

Supporters have recommended that the couple should make a song together or perform on the same stage – which would show their skills as well as their dedication to each other. As their future is still unclear, fans will keep watch on these two lovebirds and their supposed reconciliation and present status.


Hyuna and Dawn have been a couple for some time. People in the town have been discussing their relationship history and wondering how long they have been together. We can answer this question with the available reference data.

Hyuna and Dawn’s connection has aroused much interest among their followers. According to the “How Long Have Hyuna and Dawn Been Dating” reference data, they have been involved romantically for a while. The exact date is unclear, however it is likely that it has been more than a year.

The reference data also provides an insight into their relationship. They have expressed their feelings for each other openly, and have shared pictures and videos on social media like Instagram. In addition, their fans have celebrated their love.

If you are a fan, it is important to stay up to date with their news. Missing out on any development could leave you behind. So, keep an eye on their Instagram and upcoming projects.

Some Facts About How Long Have Hyuna And Dawn Been Dating? :

  • ✅ K-pop stars Hyuna and Dawn were in a public relationship from 2018 to 2021. (Source: Billboard)
  • ✅ Hyuna and Dawn were formerly under the same music label, Cube Entertainment. (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ The couple first confirmed their relationship in an interview after photos of them together were released on social media in 2018. (Source: Sportskeeda)
  • ✅ Their relationship caused controversy and led to their termination from Cube Entertainment, but they continued their music careers under PSY’s label, P Nation. (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ Hyuna and Dawn got engaged in February 2022 but broke up nine months later, although rumors suggest they may have reconciled. (Source: PopSugar)

FAQs about How Long Have Hyuna And Dawn Been Dating?

How long have Hyuna and Dawn been dating?

Hyuna and Dawn started dating in 2016 while recording as part of the K-pop trio Triple H. They confirmed their relationship to the public in August 2018, leading to the termination of their contracts with Cube Entertainment. They had been together for six years before announcing their breakup in November 2021, but rumors of their reconciliation have been circulating among fans.

What is the history of Hyuna and Dawn’s relationship?

Hyuna and Dawn first worked together as part of the K-pop project group Triple H, which released two songs in 2017 and 2018. They confirmed their relationship to the public in 2018 without their label’s consent, leading to their contracts being terminated by Cube Entertainment. They signed with PSY’s P NATION label in 2019 and announced their engagement in February 2022 before breaking up in November of that same year.

What happened to Hyuna and Dawn after their relationship was revealed?

After confirming their relationship in August 2018, Cube Entertainment terminated both artists’ contracts due to backlash from fans. However, they signed with PSY’s P NATION label in 2019 and have continued their music careers. They announced their engagement in February 2022 and broke up in November of that year.

How were Hyuna and Dawn’s fans affected by their relationship?

There was backlash from some fans when Hyuna and Dawn confirmed their relationship in 2018, leading to the termination of their contracts with Cube Entertainment. However, many fans supported their relationship and continue to do so. The couple has also been one of K-pop’s most adored and talked-about couples.

How long have Hyuna and Dawn been working in the music industry?

Hyuna was a member of the now-disbanded K-pop girl group 4Minute and had a successful solo career before forming Triple H with Dawn. Dawn was a member of the boy group Pentagon, which is under Hyuna’s former music label, Cube Entertainment. Both artists had been working in the industry for many years before forming Triple H in 2017 and signing with P NATION in 2019.

Are Hyuna and Dawn planning to get married?

There is no information on whether Hyuna and Dawn are planning to get married. While they announced their engagement in February 2022, they broke up in November of that same year. Fans are currently speculating about the possibility of their reconciliation and whether they will eventually get married.

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