How Long Have G Eazy And Halsey Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • G-Eazy and Halsey’s relationship has been an on-again, off-again rollercoaster since they first started dating in 2017.
  • The couple first met in person at a party and started dating shortly after, but they broke up for the first time less than a year later due to conflicting schedules and distance.
  • Despite their initial breakup, G-Eazy and Halsey maintained a friendship and even collaborated on music together, leading to rumors of a possible reconciliation.
  • The couple eventually got back together and made their relationship official, but they went through another breakup in 2018 due to personal issues.
  • Both G-Eazy and Halsey have since moved on with other people, but they have each released songs inspired by their past relationship.
  • Despite the ups and downs, G-Eazy remains positive about their relationship and has not ruled out the possibility of a future reconciliation.


G Eazy and Halsey’s relationship has been a hot topic among their fans. They first stepped out together and the media went wild speculating about them. Both artists are highly acclaimed in the music industry. So, it’s no wonder their fans are interested in their long-standing relationship. In this article, we’ll discuss their dating timeline, the highs and lows, and the eventual separation in 2018 which shocked their fans.

G-Eazy and Halsey’s First Meeting and Early Dating History

G-Eazy and Halsey’s relationship is super interesting. It’s not clear how long they have been together, but it’s been awhile.
Halsey was a fan of G-Eazy’s music, and they met because of that. It’s unclear when, but they had a strong connection.

As their relationship grew, they started working on music together. Their first duet was “Him & I” in 2017. It was a big hit and reached the top of the charts.

If you’re in a committed relationship, learning from G-Eazy and Halsey could help make it stronger. Try doing a project together that matches your shared goals and interests.

Collaboration and Friendship After the First Breakup

G-Eazy and Halsey have beaten the odds. Despite their breakup, they have stayed friends and collaborators. They’ve had their highs and lows, but admiration for each other’s talent has kept them making music together. If you’re curious about their relationship timeline, check out this article by Cosmopolitan.

They’ve made plenty of chart-topping hits, including “Him & I”. Despite the criticism due to their dating status, they’ve stayed focused on their love of music.

A great example of this was their performance at the Jingle Ball. Even though they weren’t dating, their friendship and collaboration were strong! They put on a stunning performance that showed off their musical partnership.

This proves that talent and respect can make amazing things possible. G-Eazy and Halsey are a testament to collaboration and friendship, even after heartbreak.

Rumors of Rekindling and Official Return as a Couple

G Eazy and Halsey’s relationship is a mystery. Rumors of them being back together have been swirling.

Their on-off relationship has been reported and they’ve been spotted at events together. Their social media posts suggest they still chat. They haven’t confirmed their relationship status yet.

How could their relationship affect their music careers? Both have devoted followings, but being a public couple could bring more attention to their music. At the same time, their creative expression could suffer under the pressure.

They could keep their relationship private and low-key. This would help them avoid too much media attention and focus on their music. Or, they could use their relationship as inspiration for their music like other artists have done. This could make their art more personal and connect with their fans.

On-Again, Off-Again Relationship and Breakup in 2018

G Eazy and Halsey had a turbulent romance in 2018. Their reasons for breaking up and making up remain unknown, though personal differences and busy work lives may have been involved.

The public was captivated by their romantic journey, which included public events and social media posts. Plus, their duet “Him & I” was a hit!

It was rumoured that they celebrated a one-year anniversary that year, implying a long relationship. Still, G Eazy and Halsey keep details of their private lives a mystery.

If your relationship is similar to theirs, communication is key. Be open with your partner, express your feelings, and set clear boundaries. Relationships take effort, so it’s important to work together to make it work!

Both Moving On with Other People

G-Eazy and Halsey, once an item, have both found new loves. Reports say G-Eazy is with Victoria Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum while Halsey is with American actor Evan Peters.

Spotted in public together, they have been amicable and professional. The two had worked together on a song called “Him & I” and were evidently fond of each other. But, eventually, they ended their relationship and moved on. Now in new relationships, it’s clear that they have happily gone their separate ways.

Songs Inspired by Their Relationship

G Eazy and Halsey’s relationship only lasted 30 days. Despite its brevity, it has inspired many songs. These include “Him & I,” “Bad at Love,” and “Eastside.” These tracks explore the highs and lows of their love and past relationships. The couple split in 2018, but their music has still connected with fans. They used their emotions to create something therapeutic. This can help anyone who is struggling with heartbreak or tough times.

G-Eazy’s Positive Outlook After the Breakup

Popular rapper G-Eazy recently split from Halsey, another well-known musician. It’s unclear when the breakup occurred or how long they were dating. But G-Eazy is focusing on his music and staying close to his friends and family. He’s taking a break from social media and working in the studio on new music. He’s using the split as inspiration for his music. G-Eazy’s positive attitude is sure to lead to more achievements. Fans can expect to hear more remarkable music from him soon!

Future Possibilities for Their Relationship

G Eazy and Halsey have been a topic of conversation in the music industry for years. They have had their ups and downs, leading many to wonder if their relationship will last.

Despite the turbulence, they have always been supportive of each other’s music. Their song “Him & I” is a perfect example of this. Music could be a factor in helping them stay together.

Many people compare G Eazy and Halsey to other famous music couples, such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. This implies that music plays a big part in their relationship.

It was 2017 when they first started dating, and they have broken up multiple times since then. But, they have still managed to create music together and maintain a professional relationship.

The future of G Eazy and Halsey’s relationship is uncertain. However, their shared love of music will likely continue to be a source of strength for them.

Conclusion: The Enduring Public Interest in G-Eazy and Halsey’s Relationship

G-Eazy and Halsey have drawn ongoing public attention. Both successful musicians, they began dating in 2017 and have been captured by the paparazzi several times. People speculate about their relationship status, fueling interest.

The fame of G-Eazy and Halsey has certainly contributed to the fascination. Fans eagerly follow them, and their music reflects their romance.

What truly keeps fans captivated is the twists and turns of their relationship. They are known to break up and get back together, with fans eagerly awaiting what will happen next.

It is clear that G-Eazy and Halsey’s relationship will continue to be of interest. Their celebrity status and on-again, off-again relationship make them an intriguing pair to follow. As they navigate their romance in the public eye, fans will no doubt remain captivated.

Some Facts About How Long Have G Eazy And Halsey Been Dating:

  • ✅ G-Eazy and Halsey first met in 2014 while working on a remix of her song “Hold Me Down”. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They began dating in July 2017 and split up in July 2018, but got back together in August of the same year. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Both G-Eazy and Halsey have released songs seemingly about their relationship, including Halsey’s “Without Me” and G-Eazy’s “Had Enough”. (Source: Life and Style Magazine, Cosmopolitan)
  • ✅ Their relationship has been heavily scrutinized by fans and the media, and their split was reportedly toxic. (Source: US Magazine)
  • ✅ As of now, they are just good friends but may give their relationship another shot in the future. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about How Long Have G Eazy And Halsey Been Dating?

How did G-Eazy and Halsey first meet?

G-Eazy and Halsey first met in 2014 while working on a remix of her song “Hold Me Down.”

How long were G-Eazy and Halsey dating?

G-Eazy and Halsey had an on-again, off-again relationship beginning in 2017 and officially ending in October 2018.

Were G-Eazy and Halsey close friends after their breakup?

Yes, they remained close friends and even collaborated on music together after their breakup.

Did G-Eazy date anyone else besides Halsey?

Yes, G-Eazy also dated Yasmin Wijnaldum and Ashley Benson after his split from Halsey.

How did G-Eazy feel after his toxic romance with Halsey ended?

G-Eazy had a positive outlook on life and began healing through music after his split from Halsey.

Did Halsey release a song about her relationship with G-Eazy?

Yes, Halsey released the song “Without Me” which seems to be about her relationship with G-Eazy.

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