How Long Have Cole And Savannah Been Dating?

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  • Cole and Savannah started dating in 2016, and made their relationship official on Instagram in July of the same year.
  • They got married after a short engagement in 2017, and have since become famous as a vlogging couple on YouTube with a large social media following.
  • Recently, they announced that they are expecting their first child together, adding to their growing family and public persona as an iconic power couple.


Social media influencers have fans that are curious about their personal lives, especially in regards to love life. Cole and Savannah, the popular couple on YouTube, are no exception. People want to know how long they’ve been together. Let’s start with an intro!

In 2016, Cole and Savannah met at a charity event. It didn’t take long for a connection to form and soon they were dating. Although the exact start of their relationship is unknown, they went public in September that year.

Cole and Savannah share their love for each other on social media. This gives their fans an insight into their lives. Despite the attention they receive, they stay strong together and continue to be an inspiration to their followers.

Cole and Savannah’s Background

Cole and Savannah LaBrant are a popular social media couple. In this segment, we’ll explore their backgrounds, from Cole’s rise to fame on Vine and to Savannah’s upbringing in California, where she faced challenges as a young mother in a toxic relationship.

Cole’s rise to social media fame on Vine and

Cole LaBrant skyrocketed to fame on Vine and His funny videos and attractive looks won over millions. This success brought opportunities like sponsorships and TV appearances on “The Ellen Show” and “Good Morning America”.

He then moved onto music and acting. Despite the difficulties of staying popular, Cole kept his fans entertained and embraced YouTube. Now, with his wife Savannah LaBrant, he vlogs daily to show their life with three children.

This influencer couple spreads their message of living life and making memories with loved ones. Fans can look forward to more from this pair as they strive for joy in both their private and professional lives.

Savannah’s upbringing in California with a daughter from a toxic relationship

Savannah’s childhood in California was tough. She had a daughter from a bad relationship. But she stayed strong and built a successful career on social media.

Being a single mom was hard for Savannah. But she worked hard and refused to give up. Her struggles shaped her into the strong person she is today.

Cole became a part of Savannah’s life. He accepted her and her daughter as his own family. They kept working on their social media careers, despite any obstacles they faced.

One special moment for them was when they tweeted they’d lost their virginity to each other. People criticized them, but they still chose to be transparent about marriage, parenting and relationship issues.

Cole and Savannah’s Relationship Timeline

Cole and Savannah have been relationship goals ever since they confirmed their love for each other. The journey of these lovebirds is nothing less than a fairy tale. In this section, we will take a sneak peek into the timeline of Cole and Savannah’s relationship that spans over many years. From meeting and starting to date in 2016 to announcing their marriage in 2017 after a short engagement, we will explore every significant moment of their courtship. And, their Twitter announcement of losing virginity to Savannah adds a twist to their sweet relationship.

Meeting and starting to date in 2016

Cole and Savannah, two social media influencers, met in 2016 and started dating soon after. Cole was already popular on Vine and, while Savannah was a single mom from a toxic relationship. In spite of their different backgrounds, they instantly clicked.

Savannah was drawn to Cole’s fame, and they talked on the phone before meeting in person. Soon they were an official couple on Instagram. Their strong foundation let them get engaged shortly after dating. They tied the knot in 2017 in front of family and friends. Later, they announced they had lost their virginity to each other on Twitter.

Since then, Cole and Savannah have been sharing their love story in daily vlogs on YouTube and getting more popular on Instagram. They are working together on book releases, brand collaborations and appearances at events.

Cole and Savannah moved quickly in their relationship, but it is based on honesty and transparency. Now, they’re married, successful influencers and are expecting their first child.

Making their relationship official on Instagram in July 2016

Cole and Savannah made their relationship official in July 2016. It was after they had already been dating for some time that year. They had been getting to know each other through personal connections, social media, and meetups. Their feelings for each other began to show more on Instagram.

Savannah posted a photo of the couple embracing with the caption “SURPRISEE! HAPPY OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND.” This announcement delighted their followers. It showed the power of social media platforms like Instagram. You can share moments of your life, including relationships, with bigger audiences.

Cole and Savannah got engaged shortly after their announcement. They married in 2017. Sometimes you just know when it comes to matters of the heart. This was true for them.

Getting married in 2017 after a short engagement

Cole and Savannah, two social media sweethearts, got married in 2017 after a short engagement. They had only been dating for a year, but they knew they were meant to be. In July 2016, they shared their love on Instagram and took their followers along for the ride.

The proposal was full of emotion. On an episode of “The LaBrant Family” YouTube show, Cole proposed while walking on the beach. Savannah was moved to tears and said yes!

They kept their fans in the loop after the wedding. They have three kids – two from Savannah’s previous relationship – and share their family adventures on social media. People are charmed and inspired by their positive attitudes and bravery.

If you’re curious about their romance, or just love following them, check out their YouTube channel and Instagram page. With lots of exciting experiences and stories, they’ll continue to inspire their fans for years!

Announcement of losing virginity to Savannah on Twitter

Cole and Savannah made a daring announcement to their Twitter followers: they had lost their virginity to each other. This revelation created a stir of reactions. Some felt it was too much info, while others applauded the pair for their openness.

Cole and Savannah stood by their decision. They wanted to be honest with their fans and demonstrate that truth is crucial in all aspects of their lives.

The majority of their followers expressed support. Many praised them for facing a frequently taboo topic without shame. By knocking down these walls, Cole and Savannah showed their dedication to a culture of genuineness and frankness both in personal life and on social media.

To sum up, the couple’s declaration of losing their virginity on Twitter was a bold step, but it also showcased their values and commitment to transparency.

Cole and Savannah’s YouTube and Social Media Presence

Cole and Savannah are known for their captivating vlogs, stunning Instagram posts, and their heartwarming love story. In this section, we’ll explore the famous YouTube couple’s social media presence and how they’ve amassed a huge following. We’ll touch upon their popular Instagram account, their book — “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story,” and their recent announcement of expecting their first child together.

Famous YouTube vlogging couple and their popular Instagram account

Cole and Savannah have become famous on YouTube and Instagram – their account has millions of followers! Their vlogs let fans see what they’re up to – from family vacations to decorating their home. Plus, they have shared Savannah’s pregnancy and the arrival of their daughter.

Their content is relatable, and their fans appreciate the real connection. They also give viewers exclusive access to events and premieres.

The couple have even written a book about how they fell in love! Follow them to keep up with their journey. Cole and Sav are charming and charismatic, making them one of social media’s favorite couples.

Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story book release

Cole and Savannah, the renowned YouTubers, have come out with a book called ‘Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story.’ It takes readers through their relationship, from their first meeting to their quick engagement and marriage in 2017.

The book dives into their individual struggles before they met. It shares Cole’s rise to fame on Vine and, and details Savannah’s California upbringing and her daughter from a previous toxic relationship.

The couple is also popular on Instagram. The book mentions their upcoming baby, adding an emotional touch to their love story.

If you’re passionate about inspiring stories of overcoming hardships and unique love tales, ‘Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story’ is the book for you. Join them on their journey and laugh, cry, and learn valuable life lessons.

Cole and Savannah are expanding their vlogging team- with a baby! Don’t miss your chance to read their book and join them!

Expecting their first child together

Cole and Savannah, the popular YouTube couple, have a big announcement for their fans! They are expecting their first child together. The two married in 2017 and have been vocal about wanting a family. They shared the news on their YouTube channel.

Their journey has been documented, from 2016 when they first met to the aisle and now a family. Their fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for this couple.

Cole and Savannah are preparing for their little one’s arrival. Their book “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story” states children have always been part of their plans.

This new chapter is sure to be full of joy. Their fans are delighted for them. There’s no telling what amazing things will come for this adorable couple and their growing family.

Conclusion and Reflections on Cole and Savannah’s Relationship

To wrap it up, Cole and Savannah’s relationship is truly touching. They met on a video shoot and got married soon after. Their LaBrant Family channel, book, and sponsorships have made them successful entrepreneurs. Plus, they always keep their love story at the top. It’s clear that their shared goals and dedication have been the secret to their success. They have inspired lots with their positivity, honesty, and strength. We’re excited to see what lies ahead for this wonderful couple!

Five Facts About Cole and Savannah’s Relationship:

  • ✅ Cole and Savannah have been dating since 2016. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ They got engaged after six months of dating and married after a short engagement of 6 months in 2017. (Source: People)
  • ✅ The couple has a combined 3.8 million followers on Instagram. (Source: Nine)
  • ✅ Cole announced on Twitter that he lost his virginity to Savannah after they got married. (Source: Nine)
  • ✅ Cole and Savannah are writing a book about their love story, titled Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story. (Source: People)

FAQs about How Long Have Cole And Savannah Been Dating?

How long have Cole and Savannah been dating?

Cole and Savannah met in 2016 and started dating the same year. They made their relationship official on Instagram in July 2016, and got engaged after six months. They got married in 2017.

How did Cole rise to social media fame?

Cole rose to social media fame on Vine with dancing videos. He produced solo content on Vine and about Christianity and comedy.

How did Savannah become famous on social media?

Savannah started posting videos with her daughter on She had a strong following on social media before she met Cole.

What controversy did Cole spark on social media regarding his sex life?

Christian internet star Cole LaBrant announced on Twitter that he lost his virginity to his new wife Savannah Soutas. The couple had just gotten married and shared wedding photos on social media. Many people were appalled that Cole shared such intimate information with the public.

What is the title of Cole and Savannah’s upcoming book?

The title of Cole and Savannah’s upcoming book is “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story.” The book will explore their individual stories growing up, Savannah’s pregnancy at 19, and how they met and fell in love.

When is Cole and Savannah’s baby due?

Cole and Savannah are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, but they haven’t announced the due date.

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