How Long Have Cheryl And Liam Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Cheryl and Liam first met when he auditioned for the X Factor in 2008, while she was a judge on the show.
  • Their relationship timeline includes dating rumors in 2015 and eventually going public in 2016, welcoming their son in March 2017, and announcing their split in July 2018.
  • After the split, Cheryl and Liam have been co-parenting their son and focusing on their respective careers and personal lives. Liam is currently in a relationship with Maya Henry, while Cheryl’s current relationship status is unknown.

Introduction to Cheryl and Liam’s Relationship

Cheryl and Liam‘s relationship began in 2008. They met on The X Factor. Cheryl was a judge and Liam was a contestant. They didn’t make it official until 2016, post Liam’s break up.

Despite their ten-year age gap, they conquer the highs and lows of their relationship. This includes a brief split in 2018 and rumors of infidelity. But, they stick together, determined to make it work.

They keep their private life private and concentrate on their family. Cheryl and Liam are raising their son, Bear. Cheryl was previously married to footballer Ashley Cole, but now she’s found lasting love with Liam. Truly, theirs is one of the most talked-about and enduring romances in the entertainment industry.

How They First Met

In 2008, Cheryl and Liam’s story began. He was auditioning for the X Factor and she was a judge. Cheryl was impressed by Liam’s singing and voted him through to the next round. He was only 14 years old.

Years later, at the X Factor finale, they were in the same room again. They flirted and exchanged phone numbers. Even though there was a 10 year age gap between them, they started dating in early 2016.

A surprise came in March 2017 when Cheryl gave birth to their son, Bear. They kept the pregnancy secret for a while until they shared it with the world. Now, they are loving and devoted parents to their little boy.

Cheryl and Liam’s relationship proves that love can come in unexpected times and ways. From first meeting through the X Factor to becoming parents, their journey is magical.

Their Relationship Timeline

Cheryl and Liam have been one of the most talked-about couples in the entertainment industry. In this section, we will take a closer look at their relationship timeline, covering everything from their early days together in 2008 to their more recent split in 2018. Stay tuned to discover the key moments that defined their romance, from the highs to the lows.


During the timeframe of interest, Cheryl and Liam had not yet started their relationship. From 2006 to 2010, Cheryl was married to the footballer, Ashley Cole. Liam Payne also wasn’t in Cheryl’s life then, as he was still part of One Direction.

In early 2015, they met on the set of The X Factor UK. Liam was auditioning as a solo artist. Cheryl was still married to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. Even though there were rumors about them, there was no clue of a relationship.

In February 2016, they made their relationship official. In the seven years between 2008 and 2015, their relationship did not exist.

Fun fact – In 2002, before Girls Aloud, Cheryl appeared as a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals.

2016 showed that even a One Direction member cannot resist Cheryl!


Cheryl and Liam had a year of firsts in 2016. They stepped out together as a couple at the Global Gift Gala in Paris, looking madly in love. Through social media, their fans got glimpses into their relationship. Cheryl was supportive – attending Liam’s One Direction concerts, going on romantic getaways and meeting each other’s families. Even though they faced criticism for their age gap, they seemed devoted and happy.

Rumors were flying about Cheryl being pregnant, which were later confirmed when Bear was born in March 2017. It was like a wild rollercoaster with more ups and downs than a yo-yo champ on a caffeine rush. 2016 was a pivotal year for the couple, setting the stage for their journey as a family.


Cheryl and Liam’s relationship had highs and lows in 2017 and 2018. The public watched it all. In July 2018, they chose to take a break. But, just one month later, their love was rekindled.

Their careers caused them to be apart sometimes. Cheryl released her fifth studio album in February 2018, which she used as a productive outlet.

Cheryl and Liam also faced co-parenting difficulties. They had to balance their busy schedules and look after their son, Bear. They stayed devoted to Bear’s needs, even after splitting up. They tried to make a cordial relationship work for Bear’s benefit.

The two eventually went their separate ways. Liam briefly dated model Cairo Dwek from August to September 2018 and then ended things peacefully. Meanwhile, Cheryl focused on her music career. She even became a judge on The Greatest Dancer. She kept her romantic relationships private during this time.

After the Split

After their split, Cheryl and Liam are figuring out how to co-parent their son while navigating their own individual lives. As Liam moves on to a new relationship, many are curious about Cheryl’s current relationship status.

Co-parenting their Son

Cheryl and Liam are a great model of how to co-parent their son. Even though they’re no longer in a relationship, they both have a big role in his life. Their son comes first, always. They share joint custody, and split time with him equally, even with their busy schedules. They stay present for their son and communicate openly to avoid any stress for him.

Their healthy approach to co-parenting has been great for everyone, especially their son. He’s got two loving parents that are both doing their best to give him the best upbringing. This strategy makes sure he gets everything he needs from both of them, and also knows that love exists despite differences.

Co-parenting can be difficult, but Cheryl and Liam show us that with trust and respect, it can be done amazingly. It takes commitment, sacrifice, and taking responsibility, no matter what, to make it work.

Liam’s Current Relationship

2018 saw Liam Payne and Cheryl break up. Since then, he’s been linked to a few women, but none have been serious. Rumors suggested he dated model Cairo Dwek for a few months, then Naomi Campbell and Duckie Thot. His current relationship status remains a mystery. He shared his battle with isolation during the pandemic and how therapy and meditation help him.

Remember: Celebrities’ love lives are private. Don’t speculate or spread gossip.

Cheryl’s Current Relationship Status

Cheryl’s relationship status? Unknown to the public. She and Liam Payne split in 2018 and ever since she has been keeping her private life hidden. Yet, rumors suggest she’s dating someone new.

Recently, Cheryl has been in the spotlight due to a mysterious man. Who is he? There’s no name… and we don’t know how serious it is. Cheryl has managed to keep her love life away from prying eyes since her split with Liam Payne.

Will Cheryl share more about her rumored relationship? Or will she keep it under wraps like before? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Cheryl and Liam have been in a romantic relationship for a long while. People have wondered how long they have been together, and it’s thought that it’s been a few years. It’s believed they began dating in early 2016. If you’re curious about their relationship timeline, check out this article from a reputed source.

What’s special about Cheryl and Liam is that they both are well-known entertainers and successful at their chosen professions. Even so, they still find the time to be together and publicly show their devotion. Plus, they have a son who was born in 2017. They exhibit a strong bond and are admired by many.

To sum up, Cheryl and Liam have been the talk of many. Despite their busy lives, they are able to make their relationship work and stay devoted to each other and their son. They are famous entertainers which adds another layer to their bond, and they are an example for many.

Five Facts About Cheryl and Liam’s Relationship History:

  • ✅ Cheryl and Liam first met in 2008 when Liam auditioned for The X Factor at 14 years old. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ The couple confirmed their relationship in February 2016. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ Cheryl and Liam have a son together named Bear Grey Payne. (Source: Closer Online)
  • ✅ Cheryl and Liam ended their relationship in June 2018 after two and a half years together. (Source: Mirror)
  • ✅ Liam is currently dating model Maya Henry and Cheryl’s dating status is unknown. (Source: Closer Online)

FAQs about How Long Have Cheryl And Liam Been Dating?

How did Cheryl and Liam first meet?

Cheryl and Liam first met in 2008 when Liam auditioned for The X Factor at the age of 14. Cheryl was one of the judges at the time and was impressed enough to send him to Boot Camp.

When did Cheryl and Liam start dating?

Cheryl and Liam started dating in February 2016. Liam confirmed their relationship by changing his Instagram profile picture to one of him and Cheryl.

How long were Cheryl and Liam together?

Cheryl and Liam were together for two and a half years before announcing their split in June 2018.

Did anyone know about Cheryl and Liam’s relationship before it was confirmed?

The Sun outed Liam and Cheryl as secret lovers on February 26, 2016, just a couple of days after they were first rumored to be together. They had been spotted shopping at Tesco together the day before.

Did Cheryl and Liam have any children together?

Yes, Cheryl and Liam had a son together named Bear Grey Payne. He was born in March 2017.

Are Cheryl and Liam on good terms after their split?

Yes, Cheryl and Liam are on good terms and co-parenting their son Bear. Their current dating statuses are unknown as Liam is dating model Maya Henry and Cheryl’s dating status is not public.

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