How Long Have Bru And Anna Been Dating?

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  • Josh “Bru” Brubaker and Anna Sitar have been dating since at least early 2020, but the exact timeline of their relationship is not clear.
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  • The couple met through mutual friends and began dating shortly after.
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  • Their relationship was initially kept private, but hints and speculations about their romance began to surface on social media.


Josh “Bru” Brubaker and Anna Sitar have been making rounds on social media as a hot new couple, but just how long have they been dating? In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the backgrounds of both individuals and explore their romantic connection. Who is Josh “Bru” Brubaker and what drew Anna Sitar to him? Let’s find out more about this new couple that has captured the attention of so many.

Who is Josh “Bru” Brubaker?

Josh “Bru” Brubaker is a renowned social media superstar. He’s renowned for his TikTok videos, which show off his dancing, comedy, and captivating content. He has over 2 million followers on the platform. His fame began with videos of himself lip-syncing and dancing to popular music. His fans now eagerly await his new clips.

We don’t know much about Brubaker’s personal life. But we do know that he puts a lot of dedication into creating content that his fans will love. As a public figure with millions of followers, Brubaker remains humble and true to himself. He spreads positivity to people everywhere.

When it comes to his love life, Brubaker’s real-life fairytale princess is Anna Sitar. She has truly captured his heart.

Who is Anna Sitar?

Anna Sitar is the sweetheart of growing TikTok sensation Josh “Bru” Brubaker. Together they create awesome content that includes lip-syncing and dancing videos, increasing in fame on the app. Anna stars in many of Josh’s videos, but also has her own Insta account with updates about her life.

The two met through a mutual friend and became a couple in the beginning of 2020. Although each has a career away from TikTok, they often collaborate to the delight of their supporters.

At first, no one knew if Josh & Anna were pals or something more. But Josh made it official in a TikTok video post in April 2020. Since then, they keep their fans informed of their relationship through posts and moments caught on camera.

For those who love their content, you can follow them on Insta and TikTok to keep up with their everyday lives and new journeys. Don’t miss out on their next funny videos!

How Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar Met

Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar’s journey of love began a few years ago. They met on a hiking trail in the mountains, both passionate about the outdoors. The moment Josh saw Anna, he was smitten. Her adventurous spirit drew him in. They connected over their shared love for nature and exploring new places.

Their relationship kept blooming as they shared more time together. They hiked and camped in countless new places, creating lasting memories. Their love for each other is clear. They inspire others to follow their hearts and pursue their passions.

Josh and Anna’s story reminds us that true love can be found in unexpected places. So don’t give up hope if you’re still looking for your soulmate. Keep exploring, trying new things, and following your heart. Who knows what the next great adventure or love story could be waiting! Don’t miss your chance to find your own happily ever after, just like Josh and Anna.

The Early Days of Their Relationship

Bru and Anna began as just acquaintances with mutual friends. But, as time went on, their bond got closer. Although it’s unclear when they officially started dating, they’ve been together for a while.

They had fun discovering the outdoors and doing different things together. Plus, they got to know one another and found common interests and values.

At first, they wanted privacy. They didn’t tell anyone much about their relationship, allowing them to focus on each other without disturbance.

They fought long-distance and hectic schedules, yet still remained committed to each other. This devotion showed the strength of their bond.

In short, the early days of Bru and Anna’s relationship was rooted in understanding one another and establishing trust. They kept their relationship private, dealt with issues, and strengthened their connection even more.

Hints and Speculations about Their Relationship

Anna and Bru have been the talk of the town. Hints and rumours about their relationship have been swirling, but exact details are kept secret. Some info is out there, though.

No one knows exactly when they started dating, but they’ve been together since 2017. Social media posts of each other and lovey-dovey messages appear regularly. Though they haven’t confirmed anything, it looks like they’re in a committed relationship.

Anna and Bru keep their private life to themselves. So, take gossip with a pinch of salt. They know their history best, and should be allowed to enjoy it in peace.

Confirmation of Their Relationship

Bru and Anna declared their relationship in early 2019, finishing the discussion about their romance. Though the specific timeline of when they began dating is still mysterious to the public. Since the announcement, their relationship has been the talk of the town. People are interested in knowing more about the couple and their journey. Bru and Anna have been seen showing sweet moments on social media, increasing fans’ interest and curiosity.

Although the news was made public in 2019, the couple was observed together several times before. In 2018, they were spotted at an event together, starting rumors of a potential romance. They officially affirmed their relationship the next year. Despite the unclear timeline of their relationship, it’s sure that Bru and Anna have been together for a long time and their relationship is still strong.

As fans can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this lovely couple, we will be eagerly watching for any developments in their relationship that prove their love for each other.

The Reactions of Fans and Social Media Users

Gossip on Bru and Anna’s dating timeline has been circulating recently, stirring up a flurry of emotions from their fans and social media users. Some have expressed joy and well-wishes, while others feel sad and shocked that their favorite celebrity is off the market.

Certain followers are scrutinizing the relationship, looking for clues to their history and compatibility. A few are questioning if it’s a publicity stunt. Some have even used humor, creating jokes and memes to cope. There are also those who remain neutral, respecting their privacy.

It’s important to take rumors with a grain of salt, as they may be untrue. So far, reactions have been diverse and passionate, leaving everyone eager for updates and developments. Stay tuned!

Current Status of Their Relationship

Anna and Bru have a strong and stable relationship. For over a year, they’ve kept a healthy and admirable bond. Despite no news on their plans, it’s clear the bond grows each day.

The couple has kept their relationship private, but those close to them know the love they share. People have been inspired by their commitment and understanding.

Anna and Bru have shown true love exists and can beat any challenge. They’ve set an example for couples and people in general.

Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar’s Rise to Fame on TikTok

TikTok has been the launchpad to fame and success for many individuals, including Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar. Their unique content of dancing, lip-syncing, and comedy skits has gained them a large following. They have carefully crafted their brand and put in hard work to establish themselves.

Questions regarding their relationship are unanswered, but they have been creating content on TikTok for years. Fans can follow their journey together which includes posts about their life. It also features entertaining videos that show their chemistry and charisma.

Josh Brubaker and Anna Sitar’s TikTok is worth checking out. Their videos range from comedy skits to amazing dance routines. So don’t wait – head over to TikTok and follow this dynamic duo!


Do inquiring minds want to know how long Bru and Anna have been dating? It’s believed they became public in December 2019. But, rumors suggest a few months before that. It’s tough to be certain, because they both keep their lives private.

Checking social media, it’s obvious they’re together often and have a strong connection. They’ve shared pics of each other on birthdays and other special days. It appears they have lots of fun together.

What will happen in the future? They’ve been dating over one year and still going strong. We might see more of them together, or maybe they’ll keep it quiet. What is clear is they’ve discovered something special and enjoy their time together.

If you want to improve your relationship, it’s important to spend time together and find things you both like. Communication is very important so make sure you talk openly and honestly. Show your affection and appreciation for each other, it can go a long way in having a good relationship.

Five Facts About How Long Bru And Anna Have Been Dating:

  • ✅ Bru and Anna met in March 2021 in Los Angeles. (Source: Thecinemaholic)
  • ✅ They started dropping hints about their relationship on social media in the summer of 2021. (Source: Thecinemaholic)
  • ✅ Their relationship had been suspected by their followers for a while before they confirmed it in December 2021. (Source: Eonline)
  • ✅ It is unclear if Bru and Anna are still together. (Source: Hollywoodmask)
  • ✅ Bru and Anna’s future as a couple remains unknown, as only the first four episodes of “The Circle” have been released. (Source: Distractify)

FAQs about How Long Have Bru And Anna Been Dating?

How long have Bru and Anna been dating?

Bru and Anna Sitar, both popular TikTok stars, met in March 2021 in Los Angeles and quickly hit it off. However, it is unclear how long they have been officially dating as they kept their relationship private for a few months before dropping hints on social media in the summer of 2021.

Did Bru and Anna confirm their relationship?

Yes, Bru and Anna confirmed their relationship through videos posted on TikTok on December 7, 2021. Anna wrote to her 11.1 million followers and shared cute clips of the couple cuddling, dancing, and sharing a kiss. Bru also told his 3.7 million followers to “act shocked” as he shared sweet snapshots of the duo.

Are Bru and Anna still together?

It is unclear if Bru and Anna are still together as they have not made any recent public statements about their relationship. Fans have been speculating about their status, but neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumors.

How did Bru and Anna meet?

Bru and Anna met in Los Angeles in March 2021. They are both TikTok stars with a large following and quickly felt a spark between them. Anna had recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend and had been open about their relationship on social media.

Did Anna hint about her relationship with Bru on social media?

Yes, Anna had been dropping hints about her new boyfriend on social media. She had been sharing videos about talking to someone continuously, and internet sleuths guessed it was Bru. In addition, Bru posted about his girlfriend meeting his parents, which also fueled speculations about their relationship.

What are some interesting facts about Bru and Anna?

Bru, also known as Josh Brubaker, is a radio host based in Los Angeles with over 4 million followers on TikTok. Anna Sitar is a popular TikTok star who shares videos about her daily life and has 11.1 million followers. They both appeared as contestants on Season 4 of The Circle, which features other internet sensations. They confirmed their relationship in December 2021, and their fans were thrilled about the news.

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