How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli are prominent YouTubers and social media influencers who have been dating for several years and are known for their entertaining vlogs and challenges.
  • The couple met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately, with their shared passion for creating content bringing them closer together.
  • Lucas and Ivanita started dating in the summer of 2018 and have been together ever since, documenting their relationship and adventures on their YouTube channels and social media accounts.


Lucas and Ivanita’s time as a couple has been much talked about. Fans wonder how long they’ve been together. Reports state that it has been quite a while!

Their social media is full of pictures of them together. It looks like they have been together for over two years. But, the exact date they started dating is still a secret!

They knew each other before they got together. They met on social media and were friends first.

Despite all the attention, the couple is still going strong. Fans are eager to know the secret to their success. Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship has been a popular topic for a while now!

Who are Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli?

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli are two of the most talked-about social media influencers of our time. In this section, we will explore who they are, their backgrounds, and what makes them stand out among the many influencers out there.

From Lucas Dobre’s gymnastics background to Ivanita Lomeli’s career in modeling and acting, we’ll take a closer look at what has made these two social media stars so popular among their many fans and followers.

Lucas Dobre

Lucas Dobre is a Dobre Brother and co-founder of their collective YouTube channel, boasting 20 million subscribers. Since childhood, he has been passionate about gymnastics and honed his skills at competitive events all over the U.S.

As a social media star and upcoming actor with multiple projects streaming on Netflix and Prime Video, Lucas is also a key player in the Dobre Challenge, a charity event for kids with cancer which raised millions of dollars.

Together with Ivanita Lomeli, whom he started dating in May 2018, they support various causes both individually and together. It’s easy to see why Lucas Dobre is an accomplished entertainer for many young viewers. With his determination and creative spirit, he has become an inspiration to teenagers around the world.

Ivanita Lomeli

Ivanita Lomeli was born in Virginia, USA. She started her career by posting videos on (now known as TikTok). Her content gained thousands of followers. She then expanded her content to Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms – gaining even more viewers. Her engaging personality and creativity have won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Aside from being linked to Lucas Dobre, Ivanita is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She brings awareness to causes, such as animal welfare and mental health awareness. Her success on platforms like YouTube have led to her current net worth being around $1 million USD.

Ivanita’s success is due to her hard work and personality. Her dedication to charity and content has made her an inspiration to many young people. How did she meet Lucas Dobre? Through their mutual love for backflips and vlogging!

How did Lucas and Ivanita meet?

Lucas and Ivanita have been an item for a while now. But, how they first met is still a mystery! Despite this, their relationship has bloomed. They keep their private lives hidden, so not much is known about their start. However, followers of their YouTube channel can see their deep connection. They post videos often, showing happy moments of them together. How they met is unknown, yet their love story is like no other. Fans show their support, and the couple remains strong.

When did Lucas and Ivanita start dating?

Lucas and Ivanita’s dating timeline? A secret to many. But, they’ve been a couple for ages! Their first date not confirmed. Yet, their love? It’s only grown stronger.

On social media, sweet moments shared. Openly professing their love for each other too. Many hearts of fans captured. Maybe wedding bells in their future?

No concrete evidence of when their romance began. But, it’s clear they’re devoted to each other. Fans wait in anticipation for what this couple will do together.

Was there a breakup between Lucas and Ivanita?

Lucas and Ivanita have been a couple for an undisclosed length of time. Yet, rumors swirl about their relationship status. It’s said they’ve been spending less time together. This has caused people to question if they are still together.

We can’t confirm or deny these rumors. Until Lucas and Ivanita share something, let’s assume they are still an item. We must respect their privacy and not guess about their private lives. In the end, it’s up to them to decide if they want to share anything.

What is Ivanita Lomeli known for besides her relationship with Lucas?

Ivanita Lomeli is a renowned content creator and social media star. Her YouTube channel has an impressive 4 million subscribers, all thanks to her captivating vlogs, challenges, and other enjoyable activities. Moreover, Ivanita has a remarkable presence on Instagram, where she frequently showcases exclusive pictures and videos, making her a treasured figure among her fans.

Despite appearing in some of her boyfriend’s videos, Ivanita has managed to create her own identity through her social media accounts. Her lively character and appeal have gained her hordes of admirers, establishing her as a successful influencer who motivates her followers.

Ivanita’s fashion flair is another aspect of her that has earned her great admiration from her fans. She has established a fashionable, sophisticated, and stylish look that has earned her the title of fashion icon in the industry. Her fans often ask for her guidance and advice on fashion and styling, making her an impactful figure in the fashion world.

Aside from her digital presence, Ivanita is passionate about charitable work. She takes part in various charitable organizations and events, showing her kind-hearted nature. Using her online presence, she boosts awareness of social causes, making her a role model for young people worldwide.

To sum up, Ivanita Lomeli is a multi-talented personality who has acquired a huge following on her social media accounts. She is known for her personality, philanthropic work, and fashion sense, making her a noteworthy figure in the realm of social media. Her fame is a testament to her accomplishments, and she continues to inspire and motivate her followers with her words and deeds.

What is the net worth of Ivanita Lomeli?

Ivanita Lomeli, a social media influencer and model, has become very famous lately. People are wonderin’ ’bout her net worth, but there’s no reliable info that’s out there for public. However, with her great influence on social media, it’s safe to say her wealth is sizable.

Lomeli has a large followin’ on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. She posts content ’bout lifestyle, beauty tutorials and vlogs, and this has earned her millions of views and fans. Plus, she’s done modeling for well-known brands, which skyrocketed her popularity. This all means that her net worth is most likely in the millions.

She’s also regularly seen with fellow YouTuber, Lucas Dobre. They’ve been together for a while, and their joint efforts have helped them both to build their wealth. So, it’s pretty clear that Ivanita Lomeli has a hefty net worth.

In summary, we don’t know the exact number when it comes to Ivanita Lomeli’s net worth, but it’s very likely that she has a lot of money thanks to her successful career as an influencer, model and entrepreneur.


To finish, Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship has been of big interest lately. The exact time frame they’ve been dating is still unknown. However, their fans and followers have made many guesses. Through their social media accounts and YouTube channels, we have a glimpse of their relationship. It shows their activities, holidays, couple pics, and events.

Remarkable is that, even without revealing how long they’ve been together, Lucas and Ivanita have become an example for many. They are known for their charitable works and supporting charitable organizations. They use their fame to do good in society.

Some Facts About How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating:

  • ✅ Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli started dating in March 2018. (Source: The Stylesrant)
  • ✅ Lucas and Ivanita briefly broke up in October 2018 due to conflicting schedules. (Source: The Stylesrant)
  • ✅ The couple got back together soon after their breakup. (Source: The Stylesrant)
  • ✅ Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas Dobre met when Lucas was challenged to kiss a stranger at the grocery store, and Marcus arranged a blind date between them. (Source: The Stylesrant)
  • ✅ Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas Dobre are both famous YouTubers and social media personalities that often feature together in challenge and prank videos. (Source: Relationship Blog)

FAQs about How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating?

How did Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli meet?

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli first met when he was challenged to kiss a stranger at the grocery store, and Lucas’ brother Marcus arranged a blind date between them.

When did Lucas and Ivanita become official?

Lucas and Ivanita Lomeli became official in March 2018.

Did Lucas and Ivanita break up?

Yes, Lucas posted a prank video claiming to break up with Lomeli a month after they became official. They actually broke up in October 2018 due to conflicting schedules but got back together soon after.

What are Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli known for on social media platforms?

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli are famous YouTubers and social media personalities known for their prank and challenge videos.

What is Ivanita Lomeli’s age and when was she born?

Ivanita Lomeli was born on October 25, 1997, and is 25 years old.

What is Ivanita Lomeli’s net worth?

Ivanita Lomeli’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $400,000.

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