How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli are social media influencers known for their TikTok and YouTube content.
  • Lucas and Ivanita started dating in March 2018 after being challenged to kiss a stranger in a grocery store.
  • Their relationship has had its ups and downs, including controversies and challenges, but as of 2021, they are still together and continue to have a strong social media presence.

Who are Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli?

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli have become household names in recent years, but who are they and how did they rise to fame? In this section, we’ll take a closer look at their backgrounds and careers, including Lucas Dobre’s real name and early life, as well as Ivanita Lomeli’s family and career journey.

Lucas Dobre: Real name, early life and career

Lucas Dobre, birth name Lucas Dobre-Mofid, was born on January 28th 1999 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has Romanian descent. His three siblings, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius, formed the Dobre Brothers’ YouTube channel with him. Lucas went to Rambam Day School until grade 8 and then transferred to South Hagerstown High School.

At a young age, he and his brothers started to become interested in gymnastics and competed for the United States until 2013. He retired due to injuries. Back in 2010, he was part of a gymnastics team with Marcus, Cyrus, and Dameon Holbrook.

His dance videos on Instagram and TikTok made him popular. He had collaborations with personalities like Loren Gray and Addison Rae. In 2015, he joined Jake Paul’s Team 10, but left to focus on Dobre Brothers YouTube channel. The four of them have become successful pranksters and still create content with their athleticism and flexibility.

Lucas’ partner, Ivanita Lomeli, has also become a social media star with her inspiring journey from small-town girl to a social media sensation.

Lucas Dobre’s life and career show his passion for gymnastics, dancing, and creating content. This has been the key to his success on social media.

Ivanita Lomeli: Early life, career and family

Ivanita Lomeli, a famous social media influencer, was born on October 25th, 1997 in Virginia, USA. She had two sisters and a brother. Her parents shaped her career and supported her presence on social media.

Lomeli finished high school at Charles J Colgan Senior High School in Virginia. Then, she started a civil engineering degree at Old Dominion University. But, she realized content creation on YouTube and TikTok was her true calling.

Shortly after graduating, she posted skits on Vine. After that, she moved to YouTube to create lifestyle vlogs with makeup tutorials, challenges and travel vlogs.

Lomeli faced cyberbullying, bad comments and plagiarism accusations. But, she kept trying to succeed in the competitive world of social media influencers.

For aspiring social media influencers, consistency is important. Also, creating unique content for your target audience and having partnerships and collaborations with others in the same niche. Perseverance is rewarded, like Lomeli’s success shows.

Lomeli is in a relationship with Lucas since March 2018. They started with a challenge to kiss a stranger in a grocery store. Her family has been a big part of her life.

How did Lucas and Ivanita meet and start dating?

Lucas and Ivanita are one of the most beloved couples on YouTube, with millions of fans following their relationship. But, how did they first meet and fall in love? In this section, we will dive into their love story, including the hilarious shopping challenge that brought them together and the timeline of their relationship, starting from March 2018.

Challenged to kiss a stranger in a grocery store

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli’s romance began in a peculiar way. A stranger dared them to kiss in a grocery store, which they did, and it was filmed. They are well-known social media influencers, with many followers on TikTok and YouTube.

Their video, “Kissing My Ex-Girlfriend Prank,” became famous in March 2018. At first, they were hesitant, but they decided to go for it. It spread quickly, gaining millions of views. This experience was the starting point for their relationship, which is still going strong today.

Lucas and Ivanita post videos of themselves on many social platforms, expressing their love. They have also encountered challenges and controversies along the way. Despite this, their devotion to each other remains unshaken.

It all began with a challenge to kiss a stranger in a grocery store. That is the timeline of their story.

Relationship timeline: Started dating in March 2018

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli met in March 2018. Lucas, a famous viner and YouTuber, was dared to kiss a stranger – Ivanita, also a social influencer. They hit it off and began dating shortly after.

Fans can see their relationship on social media. TikTok and YouTube both have glimpses of their lives together. There have been controversies, but they continue to support each other’s careers.

They don’t shy away from showing their relationship. Pictures of them at restaurants, intimate moments on TikTok…they keep their fans in the loop.

The challenges and controversies have been wild. But Lucas and Ivanita’s love is still strong. So, stay tuned for the rollercoaster ride!

Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship: ups and downs

Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship is a topic of fascination for many people, and for good reasons. In this section, let’s take a closer look at the ups and downs of their relationship. We’ll explore the couple’s impressive social media presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, as well as the controversies and challenges that have arisen throughout their relationship.

Social media presence: TikTok and YouTube

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli have a great online presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. They are successful due to various reasons.

  • They make interesting content on TikTok, such as up-to-date trends, dances, and challenges, which can be very popular.
  • Their joint YouTube channel has over 22 million subscribers who can watch their day-to-day life. This is how they monetize their brand, through adverts and sponsored stuff.

Lucas and Ivanita use Instagram to promote their business and sell products. They have a devoted fanbase that connects with their content on many channels. They make videos that show their skills, personalities, humor, and relationship. And they stick to FTC rules when doing sponsored posts, for transparency.

Their fame on these platforms keeps increasing as more people follow them in search of content from this couple. Ivanita is a rising influencer in marketing and she already has partnerships with renowned brands, due to her influence on social media.

Controversies and challenges

Lucas and Ivanita have had their ups-and-downs. Although many adore them, some are outraged by their pranks and stunts. In August 2019, Lucas pulled a prank on his girlfriend by swapping her toothpaste with mustard– something viewers found cruel and disrespectful.

October 2020 was another difficult time for the couple, when Ivanita’s father died from COVID-19. Although the couple kept posting content, some thought it was insensitive.

Despite the controversies, Lucas and Ivanita have stayed together and remain popular among their millions of followers. It’s important for influencers to understand how their actions affect their audience, especially during sensitive times. They should consider the consequences before posting online to avoid unnecessary troubles and maintain positive relationships with their fans.

Are Lucas and Ivanita still together in 2021?

Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship has always kept their fans on their toes. With constant speculations and rumors, fans are always curious to know if the couple is still together in 2021. In this section, we will be discussing recent updates on their relationship and the various speculations and rumors that have been circulating lately.

Recent updates on their relationship

Since March 2018, Lucas and Ivanita have been a hot topic! Recently, their relationship has been on the news. Sources say they’re having a tough time. In July 2021, they suggested they were taking a break. But, just weeks later, they were seen together.

Their fans speculate, but this couple is determined. They share pics and videos of their love on TikTok and YouTube. Despite the rumors and challenges, Lucas and Ivanita are committed to each other and are in it for the long haul.

Speculations and rumors

Rumors have been flying about Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship, but none have been proven true. They’re still happily together, even though they’re famous influencers. Despite their fame, their relationship has been scandal and controversy-free, except for a few recent rumors of a possible breakup due to reduced social media activity. No evidence has emerged to support these rumors.

Lucas and Ivanita keep their relationship active on social media. They post pictures and videos of each other on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Recently, there have been accusations of exploiting language barriers for pranks, but the couple remains popular due to their lavish lifestyle and entertaining content.

Ivanita’s journey from small-town girl to social media celebrity and influencer has been full of exciting and challenging moments. She’s shared it all with her followers.

Ivanita Lomeli’s biography: Early life, career and family

Ivanita Lomeli, the YouTube sensation, has risen to fame in recent years with her engaging social media presence. To understand how she got her start, it is essential to delve into her biography. In this section, we will take a closer look at Ivanita Lomeli’s early years, education, and family life. Additionally, we’ll explore her rise to fame as a social media influencer and examine the impact of her content on her massive online following.

Childhood and education

Lucas Dobre’s girlfriend, Ivanita Lomeli, had an influential childhood and education. Growing up in Virginia, she went to private schools due to her father’s military career, which meant her family moved around a lot. This is what inspired her to pursue an online career.

Lomeli was shy and introverted as a kid. But, she slowly started to build her self-confidence by taking part in beauty pageants and events. She gives credit to mentors who helped her to grow both personally and professionally.

Apart from beauty pageants, she also took part in dance competitions and developed a love for ballet. Even though she does not practice as much anymore, it has special meaning for her.

To sum up, Ivanita Lomeli’s special childhood and past experiences have made her into the person she is today. These have given her important knowledge and abilities which have been beneficial to her role as a social media influencer.

Career as a social media influencer

Ivanita Lomeli’s success as a social media influencer has resulted in her rise to fame and an immense following across various platforms. She started out by creating content on – now known as TikTok – with her entertaining and engaging video style. This helped her build her fanbase. Subsequently, she spread her wings to YouTube. Here, she uploads vlogs about different aspects of her life and challenges with Lucas.

As an influencer, Ivanita partners with various brands to promote their products on her account. She also uses her platform to display her fashion sense through sponsored posts. Her content is a blend of humor and creativity, inspiring her followers with an honest portrayal of her life and tips they can apply in their own lives.

Aspiring social media influencers can draw inspiration from Ivanita’s combination of humor, creativity, and transparency in their content. Such an approach will definitely attract more followers and reflect people’s desire to learn while being entertained. Ivanita Lomeli has earned a high net worth, due to her career as a social media influencer.

The net worth and social media presence of Ivanita Lomeli

Ivanita Lomeli, the well-known social media influencer, has amassed an impressive following on various platforms thanks to her captivating content. However, what’s even more interesting is her net worth, which is a topic of much speculation among her devoted fans. In this section, we’ll explore the details of Ivanita Lomeli’s financial status, including her net worth and earnings. Additionally, we’ll delve into her social media presence, particularly her following and engagement across various platforms.

Net worth and earnings

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli are social media stars. Fans from all over the world are very curious about their net worth and earnings. Lucas has an estimated net worth of $10 million, whereas Ivanita’s is around $2 million. Their earnings come from various sources like YouTube channels, sponsorships, brand collaborations, promotions, and merchandise sales.

The table below states their estimated net worth and sources of income in detail.

Social Media StarEstimated Net WorthSources of Income
Lucas Dobre$10 millionYouTube channels, sponsorships, brand collaborations, promotions, merchandise sales, other investments
Ivanita Lomeli$2 millionYouTube channels, sponsorships, brand collaborations, promotions, merchandise sales, other investments

Both Lucas and Ivanita have numerous followers across various social media platforms. This makes them attractive to brands and advertisers. However, these figures may not represent their actual earnings accurately.

Apart from social media, Lucas and Ivanita have other investments that help them build their wealth. As social media keeps growing, their net worth and earnings are likely to increase.

Ivanita stands out with her impressive following; she has millions of devoted fans on Instagram and YouTube.

Social media following and engagement

Social media followers and involvement are key to the success of Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli, influencers. Social media helps them connect with their audience, show their talent and earn money from endorsements.

Ivanita has a large following on Instagram – over 5 million in 2021. Her posts include fashion, glimpses of her life and romantic snaps with Lucas. While Lucas and Marcus Dobre have a joint YouTube channel, ‘Lucas and Marcus’, with 21 million subscribers and 8 billion views.

TikTok is popular with both Lucas and Ivanita, where they post videos of challenges, pranks, dancing, Q&A with fans and other fun activities. Few know that Ivanita was previously engaged before she started dating Lucas. She had a relationship with another influencer, Bryce Hall.

Management and influencers make sure to promote products that match their image and values. Many formats like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels are used for creating content and keeping engagement high.

Conclusion: Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship, and their future

Lucas and Ivanita have been a hot topic for their fans lately, and their relationship is something everyone is eager to hear about! In this conclusion section, we will analyze their relationship dynamics and discuss their future plans and prospects to find out what’s in store for this gorgeous couple.

Analysis of their relationship dynamics

Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli have captivated their followers. He’s known for his prank videos and vlogs. She’s a talented dancer and social media influencer.

Since 2018, when they started dating, their bond has gotten stronger. They create content together on their co-owned YouTube and TikTok channels. This brings their fans closer to their personal lives.

Their public lifestyles have caused some controversy. But they keep an open dialogue that helps keep them both grounded and their relationship intact.

Rumors about their future together swirl around them. It’s hard to keep up with all that is happening in their world. But staying in the loop is key to not missing any essential developments about their partnership.

In summary, Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship is worth examining. It’s based on a strong connection, mutual support, and collaboration. Fans wish them the best and follow their journey.

Future plans and prospects

Lucas and Ivanita have a huge following of over 38 million across various platforms. They began dating in March 2018 and have become one of the most adored couples online.

Their fans are always wondering what’s next for them. The two have shown great work ethic, creativity, and dedication to their craft. Their relationship has brought them closer together and expanded their reach. They are now role models for millions of their fans.

Despite facing challenges, they have taken these on while still staying united. They share content like vlogs, skits, dancing, pranking, and more. Their family and friends, plus fans on TikTok and YouTube, all support them.

Lucas and Ivanita’s relationship is strong, creative, and dynamic. They continue to be creative and grow. They are devoted to creating lasting relationships with their followers by revealing their love story and daily lives. The future looks very bright for this couple!

Some Facts About How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating:

  • ✅ Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli started dating in March 2018. (Source:
  • ✅ Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli broke up in October 2018 due to conflicting schedules but soon got back together. (Source:
  • ✅ Lucas and Ivanita released a single alongside rapper Lil Pump, as their YouTube success facilitated their venture into music. (Source:
  • ✅ Lucas recently shared a video on his collaborative channel with twin brother, Marcus, stating that he and Ivanita have parted ways. (Source:
  • ✅ Ivanita Lomeli is currently engaged to Lucas Dobre. (Source:

FAQs about How Long Has Lucas And Ivanita Been Dating?

1. How did Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli start dating?

Luke Dobre, one-half of the Dobre twins, met Ivanita Lomeli after he was challenged to kiss a stranger at the grocery store. Marcus then arranged a blind date between them, and the couple started dating in March 2018.

2. Did Lucas and Ivanita break up?

Yes, they did. Lucas posted a prank breakup video a month after they became official in March 2018, but the couple broke up for real in October 2018 due to conflicting schedules. However, they soon got back together.

3. Are Lucas and Ivanita still dating?

No, they are not. Lucas recently shared a video on his collaborative channel with twin brother, Marcus, stating that he and Ivanita have parted ways.

4. What is Ivanita Lomeli’s profession?

Ivanita Lomeli is a model, fitness guru, TikTok star, and social media influencer from Virginia. She gained popularity for her relationship with renowned YouTube star Lucas Dobre.

5. How long have Lucas and Ivanita been dating?

Lucas and Ivanita started dating in March 2018, so they have dated for more than three years.

6. What is Ivanita Lomeli’s net worth?

Ivanita Lomeli has a net worth of $1.6 million. She is a model, fitness guru, TikTok star, and social media influencer with millions of followers across her social media platforms.

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