How Is Mattyb Dating?

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Key Takeaway:

  • Mattyb is a 18-year-old American singer and rapper who gained popularity through his YouTube videos. He started his career at the age of 7 and has since released many original songs that have received millions of views.
  • Mattyb’s family has been very supportive of his career. His father manages his social media accounts and his siblings have also appeared in some of his music videos.
  • Although Mattyb has been linked to a few girls in the past, he is currently not publicly dating anyone. He prefers to focus on his career and music.


Dive into Mattyb’s life! He’s an 18-year-old American singer, rapper, and YouTuber. His real name is Matthew David Morris. His fame skyrocketed when he released music covers. His original songs made him even more popular, with over 12 million YouTube subscribers. So, is this star dating someone? Mattyb hasn’t revealed much, but there were rumors. In an interview, he said he’s single right now, focusing on his career. Let’s respect Mattyb’s privacy. Support his career and enjoy his music!

Early Life

Mattyb, whose real name is Matthew Morris, had an eventful start. Born on Jan 6, 2003 in Duluth, Georgia, Mattyb had an early appreciation for music. At age 7, he began performing covers on YouTube – gaining fans and followers. His parents were very supportive and pushed him to pursue his musical dreams.

Basketball was also a passion for Mattyb. He was on his local team and a very talented player. Plus, he excelled in school, attending Wesleyan School in Norcross, Georgia.

When he was 11, Mattyb was invited to perform at a Ludacris show – a huge chance for the young musician. This event increased his fame even more.

In summary, Mattyb’s early life involved music, sports and academics. With support from his family, he was able to turn this passion into a successful career.


MattyB loves his family and they feature prominently in his music videos and social media posts. He values their support and shares photos and videos of them on his accounts. His dad, Blake Morris, was the first to recognize his talent and promoted his music. MattyB shows his gratitude by dedicating some of his music videos to them. His supportive family has made a huge difference in achieving his dreams.


Mattyb – a household name in the world of social media stars – has had an impressive career at a young age.

He is known for his musical talents, creating covers of popular songs and releasing original music in various genres such as hip-hop and pop.

Mattyb has also explored television shows and films, and joined the music group Kids Bop from 2017. He has worked with big-name brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

His social media presence has grown exponentially, with millions of followers across various platforms.

Mattyb is also involved in philanthropy, supporting charities and causes such as the Special Olympics, Stand Up to Cancer, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

He uses his fame and influence to spread positivity and inspire his audience to lead better lives.

Overall, Mattyb has achieved great success in music, television, and inspiring others. We’re excited to see what else he’ll accomplish in the future.

Dating History

MattB, a well-known American YouTuber and social media influencer, is very popular among the younger generation. His music videos and vlogs have made him famous. Fans seem to be particularly interested in his dating life. However, MattB has been very secretive about it.

Rumors of him being linked to famous people in the entertainment industry have come up. But MattB has not confirmed any of them. He has been seen collaborating with Gracie Haschak on several music videos. Liv Shumbres also featured in his YouTube channel for a challenge.

However, MattB has kept his dating life private. He hasn’t revealed anything about his current relationship status or any other dating rumors. His fans are eagerly awaiting for him to post pictures with his partner, or reveal something about his dating life.

To sum up, MattB’s dating life remains mostly unknown to his fans, but they are still curious about it.

Current Dating Status

MattB’s dating status is a mystery. People have linked him to various women in the past, but there’s no proof of him dating now.

He keeps his private life private and might not want to share romantic relationships with the public. So it’s best to respect his privacy and not spread untruthful rumours.

J-14 Magazine shared an article where he said he focuses on music and career more than dating. This is a wise decision, and it’s great that he values his passions over everything else.

To summarise, there’s no evidence of MattB’s current relationship status. We should enjoy his music and content without intruding in his private life.

Social Media Presence

MattB is a famous US rapper and social media star known for his big online presence. He is active on diverse social media sites, like Insta, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Here, he has become one of the most famous young celebrities with an impressive fanbase.

MattB’s social media clout has been essential to his success. He uses his profiles to communicate with his fans and advertise his music. On YouTube, he has 8.8 million subscribers. There, he posts music videos and vlogs. On Instagram, he has over 6 million followers. On Twitter, he has 2 million followers.

MattB often engages with his fans via comments, direct messages, and live streaming. This gives them exclusive access to his life and updates on his personal and professional endeavours. Following him on social media lets fans stay in the loop about his projects, performances, and new music releases.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with MattB on social media and be part of his journey as he stays on top of the rap game with his strong social media presence.

Physical Attributes

Mattyb’s physical features are quite remarkable. His age is 18 years, and he looks young and charming. He has an average height and weight, and a lean build. His facial appearance is nice – with a bright smile, clear skin, and expressive eyes.

A table provides more insight into Mattyb’s physical attributes. These include age, height, weight, build, facial features, and overall appearance:

Age18 years
Facial FeaturesBright smile, clear skin, and expressive eyes
Overall AppearanceCharming and youthful

Apart from his physical attributes, Mattyb is famous for his style and personality. He is confident, outgoing, and has a unique fashion sense that shows off his individuality. Additionally, he is very talented in music, having created various successful songs and music videos with millions of views.

One recent instance of Mattyb’s individual style was his special music video release. He sported a custom-made suit and hat, creating a social media buzz. His styling and fashion sense stand out, reflecting his personality and confidence.

Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are important in astrology. They can show a person’s personality and even predict the future. However, Mattyb’s zodiac sign is not known. This doesn’t have any impact on his love life.

Astrologers think some zodiac signs are better together. But, it’s not the only thing to look at in a relationship. Factors like communication, trust, and respect are also needed.

An individual’s rising sign is said to be more influential than their sun sign. It’s based on the time and place of their birth and how people see them.

Mattyb’s zodiac sign might be a mystery. But, learning about the compatibility between different signs can still be fun. People are still curious about astrology and how it affects their relationships and growth.


To sum up, Mattyb’s love life has been a hot topic for his supporters. They want to learn more about the well-known internet star’s romances.

Throughout the years, Mattyb has been alleged to have been dating certain famous people, such as JoJo Siwa and Gracie Haschak. However, despite the gossip, he has always stayed reticent about his amorous life and hasn’t revealed any details about his current relationship status. Followers keep guessing, but it is still not known if Mattyb’s dating life has been just hearsay or if he is keeping it hidden.

Five Facts About How Is Mattyb Dating:

  • ✅ MattyB attended homecoming with Kate Cadogan, and they dated for a year before taking a break. (Source: J-14 Magazine)
  • ✅ MattyB has not officially confirmed his relationship with Kate Cadogan, but the evidence suggests that they are together. (Source: J-14 Magazine)
  • ✅ MattyB has been linked to several women in the entertainment industry, including Liv Shumbres, JoJo Siwa, Gracie Haschak, Ivey Meeks, Simone Simmons, and CeCe. (Source: WhosDatedWho)
  • ✅ MattyB’s dating history is an area of interest for his fans, but it is currently unknown if he is dating anyone. (Source:
  • ✅ MattyB is a 20-year-old rapper with over 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a net worth of $3 million. (Source: DatingCelebs)

FAQs about How Is Mattyb Dating?

Who is MattyB and what is his dating history?

MattyB is a 20-year-old American rapper, born on January 6th, 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been linked to several women in the entertainment industry, including Liv Shumbres, JoJo Siwa, Gracie Haschak, Ivey Meeks, Simone Simmons, and CeCe. However, his current relationship status is unclear.

What is MattyB’s net worth?

MattyB’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Who did MattyB attend homecoming with?

MattyB attended homecoming with his date, Kate Cadogan, who is the twin sister of his good friend. They dated for a year before taking a break, but grew closer again over the summer leading to him asking her to homecoming.

Has MattyB confirmed his relationship with Kate Cadogan?

MattyB has not officially confirmed his relationship with Kate Cadogan, but the evidence suggests that they are together.

Has MattyB been in any other relationships?

Yes, MattyB has been in at least one other relationship with a girl named Liv Shumbres in 2016.

What other events has MattyB attended?

MattyB has attended the 22nd Annual Race To Erase MS Event at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, California, where he performed onstage. He has also posted a video of himself and a love interest ice skating who is known as “KattyB” to fans.

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