How Is Jacob Sartorius Dating?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jacob Sartorius is a popular internet sensation known for his music career and rise to fame through comedy videos. His chart-topping music singles have earned him high rankings in the industry.
  • Sartorius has been linked to several women in the past, including Ariel Martin, Luna Blaise, and Jenna Ortega. He has often drawn inspiration from his relationships for his music, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability in romantic relationships.
  • Despite past relationships, Sartorius has recently focused on his mental health for personal growth and development. His EP from 2022 reflects on his learnings and reflections on past relationships and how they have influenced his current relationship status.


Jacob Sartorius is famed for his past relationships. He and actress Millie Bobby Brown were an item, but this ended in 2018. Later, Jacob dated social media influencer Jenna Ortega, however this couple split in 2019. At present, no information exists about Jacob’s dating status.

It’s worth noting that even though Jacob is young, he has a huge following on social media platforms. This makes his relationships a hot topic of discussion and analysis. A tip for Jacob may be to take time to find the right partner instead of rushing into a relationship. This could avoid unnecessary attention and make sure he’s content in his personal life. Also, privacy and keeping personal details away from social media can do wonders for his mental health.

Jacob Sartorius: The Internet Sensation

Before he began dating, Jacob Sartorius was already a household name thanks to his comedic videos and music career. In this section, we’ll take a look at Jacob Sartorius’ rise to fame and his quick ascendancy to chart-topping music singles and high rankings as an internet sensation.

Rise to Fame through Comedy Videos and Music Career

Jacob Sartorius’ success is undeniable. It started with funny lip-syncing videos on Vine. Then, he created original content for Instagram and YouTube. This online presence paved the way for him to pursue a career in music.

In 2016, Jacob released his first single “Sweatshirt.” It quickly became a hit, gaining millions of views and establishing him as a credible artist. Jacob has since dominated music charts with his hit tracks.

But he’s more than just an artist. He expresses his vulnerability in his music. His lyrics explore struggles that many people can relate to, such as anxiety, self-doubt, heartbreak, and grief.

Jacob’s ability to connect with his fans through his comedy videos and relatable lyrics has shot him to the brink of stardom.

Chart-Topping Music Single and High Rankings

Jacob Sartorius is a name that’s known for music singles that reach the top of music charts. His debut “Sweatshirt” got to #90 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2016. It was even #9 on the UK Singles Chart, making him one of the youngest acts to do this. “Hit or Miss” got over 60 million views on YouTube in 2017 and hit the iTunes charts quickly. His music streams millions.

The lyrics of his songs were relatable to teens. His style, beats, and voice were all unique and gained him fans. Even when he got backlash for lip-syncing during performances, Jacob kept working hard. He won Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Viral Music Artist multiple times.

Jacob also posts on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc. He does live video chats with fans and posts content to keep them up to date. His chart-topping single was a milestone for him and helped make him a big name in music.

Jacob Sartorius and His Love Life

Jacob Sartorius and his love life has always been a topic of curiosity for his fans. In this section, we’ll explore his dating history and linked names, relationships that inspired his music, importance of vulnerability in romantic relationships, focusing on mental health for personal growth, and reflections on relationships in his 2022 EP. With fascinating details from sources, this section provides insights into Jacob’s romantic life.

Dating History and Linked Names

Internet sensation Jacob Sartorius has made a name for himself with his music and love life. His dating past is worthy of note. Let’s look deeper into Jacob’s dating history and the women associated with him. He’s been in many high-profile relationships that have gained attention. Some of these even inspired his music-writing process.

Jacob places a high value on vulnerability in his romances. He believes being open and honest with your partner builds a stronger relationship. This idea is in his EP album, “2022,” exploring love and relationships.

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the significant rumors surrounding his love life.

Relationships that Inspired His Music

Jacob Sartorius is a singer and songwriter who draws from his relationships for inspiration. His love life has a major impact on his music, connecting with fans emotionally. His songs reflect different parts of relationships, such as heartbreak, vulnerability, and mental health issues. Drawing from his own knowledge, Jacob creates lyrics that many people relate to.

Love and relationships are recurrent in Jacob’s songs. He understands both the good and bad of romantic connections. This resonates with listeners, giving him a large fanbase.

In his newest EP, relationships remain a focus. Tracks like “Barely Breathing” and “Ghost” explore his mental health struggles and search for love. Jacob dives into his past and newfound maturity, providing a glimpse into his personal life.

Jacob’s relationships have been essential for his successful music career. He takes his heartbreak and self-discovery and turns it into lyrics that move millions.

Importance of Vulnerability in Romantic Relationships

Jacob Sartorius puts a lot of importance on being emotionally vulnerable in relationships. He believes that by being honest and open with oneself and a partner, communication is improved. Through his music, Jacob has shared his own vulnerabilities and insecurities, creating a connection with his audience.

Jacob feels that emotional openness creates a trusting and intimate atmosphere in relationships. By feeling secure expressing one’s emotions and thoughts to a partner, deeper connections are built.

He also believes that by being honest about emotions, respect is earned in relationships. When all parties are transparent with their feelings, a stronger bond is formed. He strongly believes that vulnerability helps build better romantic relationships.

Jacob’s past relationships and music career show his value for vulnerability. He shares this concept in his philosophy about mental health. He encourages self-awareness and introspection as important parts of growth and well-being. Jacob knows that self-love is the key to any healthy relationship and that mental health should always be priority.

Focusing on Mental Health for Personal Growth

Maintaining good mental health is essential for individual growth. Jacob Sartorius, a renowned internet star, has emphasized the importance of mental health. He has discussed his battles with depression and anxiety, and the need for self-care practices such as taking breaks, mediation, and avoiding negative emotions. Jacob believes these activities are important for mental health.

Jacob’s music portrays his experiences with love and relationships. He says finding inner peace has helped him in many areas of his life. He said, “It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, but it’s not okay to stay that way.”

It’s vital to surround oneself with positive people and create a strong support system. In his upcoming 2022 EP, Jacob speaks honestly about his journey of letting go of toxic relationships and surrounding himself with people who encourage him.

To sum up, mental health is significant for personal growth and success. Engaging in self-care activities and surrounding oneself with positive individuals can help one’s overall wellbeing. Jacob Sartorius is a good example of how even internet celebrities have troubles with matters of the heart, and it is okay to seek help and support.

Reflections on Relationships in 2022 EP

Jacob Sartorius’ 2022 EP is an emotional look back at his past relationships. It shows the significance of being vulnerable in love and how it can help in personal growth. Sartorius details breakups and heartbreaks, teaching valuable lessons about romance.

Communication, trust, and honesty are essential for strong and healthy relationships. The EP also illustrates the adverse effects of harmful relationships on mental health. It emphasizes the importance of self-care and emotional well-being in navigating love.

This EP is a reflection of Sartorius’ growth as an artist. He draws on his previous romantic connections to create music that connects with people. It encourages deeper connections and advises against superficiality. True love needs mutual respect, understanding, and dedication.

In conclusion, Jacob Sartorius’ 2022 EP is a powerful work. It encourages listeners to take a closer look at their own relationships. It gives advice on how to nurture a healthy love life. If you’re looking for a transformative experience in romance, Sartorius’ EP is the perfect choice. “Why settle for Eleven when you can have a Jacob?

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown – a topic that has been creating buzz for a while now. The sub-sections aim at revealing some secrets that could help readers decode their rumoured relationship, official confirmation, split, and the current status of their friendship.

Rumored Relationship and Official Confirmation

Jacob Sartorius, a well-known social media star, has had his name linked with various women throughout the years. One of his most publicized romances was with Millie Bobby Brown who featured in the music video of his hit single “Sweatshirt”.

Speculations of their relationship circulated for some time and they were spotted together on multiple occasions. In October 2017, Jacob publicly declared their relationship on Instagram. He posted a sweet picture of them with the caption “i miss youuuuuuuu” and heart emojis. This post caused huge reactions among their fans.

Sadly, Jacob and Millie Bobby Brown’s relationship didn’t last and they separated in 2018. However, they stayed friends and supported each other’s careers.

Aside from Millie Bobby Brown, Jacob was also linked to Ariel Martin, Luna Blaise and Jenna Ortega. Though, none of these relationships have been officially confirmed by Jacob or any of the women.

In conclusion, Jacob’s rumored affairs and confirmations have caused much curiosity and discussion among his fans.

Split and Friendship Status

Jacob Sartorius’ relationship status has been the focus of much attention. He and Millie Bobby Brown confirmed their split on July 31, 2018 after about 7 months. Jacob and Millie remain friendly. He told Teen Vogue they still talk and text. A song on his EP called “We’re Not Friends” was not about Millie. He said it was inspired by a past relationship.

In June 2021, Jacob mentioned he has “mingled” but no serious relationships since his split with Millie. It’s important to be respectful when talking about someone’s personal relationships. Also, public figures are not obligated to share every detail of their life. No current romantic relationships or friendships beyond Millie have been confirmed.

Other Women and Rumors

Jacob Sartorius, the young social media influencer with millions of followers worldwide, has been making headlines with his dating life. In this section, we’ll delve into two of the most talked-about rumored relationships – those with fellow social media stars Ariel Martin and Luna Blaise – as well as address the rumors regarding Jacob’s relationship with actress Jenna Ortega.

Ariel Martin and Luna Blaise

Ariel Martin and Luna Blaise are two famous actresses. Ariel is known for her work, plus her success on social media. She was in Jacob Sartorius’s music video for “Sweatshirt“. Similarly, Luna also featured in “31 Days“.

Rumours say Jacob is dating many women. But he hasn’t said anything since his split with Millie Bobby Brown in 2018.

Jacob has more dating rumours than hit songs. Still, he works with talented people like Ariel and Luna. Fans are excited for his next release.

Dating Rumors with Jenna Ortega

Jacob Sartorius has been a topic of dating rumors with Jenna Ortega, star of Netflix’s “You.” In 2019, there were whispers about flirty messages passed between them. Neither of them confirmed the relationship, but fans assumed they were a thing.

Sartorius has had many dating stories. He and Jenna may have been flirty, but it’s unclear if they ever dated.

As 2021 passes, who knows what Jacob Sartorius’ love life will be like? Will it create more popular music or will he finally settle down?


Jacob Sartorius, the 17-year-old social media star, has always been in the limelight for his dating life. In this conclusion section, we will reveal Jacob Sartorius’ current relationship status, and share our final thoughts on his love life based on the articles referenced. So, hold tight and get ready to know more about the pop star’s dating life.

Jacob Sartorius’ Current Relationship Status

Jacob Sartorius’ current romantic status is unknown. Yet, his past relationships and experiences in love have played an important role in his musical journey. He speaks openly about mental health, evidencing his mature approach to personal growth.

Fans have been eager to learn of any new developments in his love life. In the past, he has had notable relationships with social media stars like Millie Bobby Brown, Ariel Martin, Luna Blaise, and Jenna Ortega.

Sartorius has used his music to express how his past relationships have influenced him. He emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in intimate connections and advocates for mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The musician reflects on lessons from his romances in his 2022 EP, Reflections. Although single and unattached publicly, he works towards healthier relationships in the future and uses his experiences to create relatable art.

To sum up, Jacob Sartorius is an authentic artist shaped by his prior relationships. He spreads awareness of mental health and encourages personal growth through meaningful connections.

Final Thoughts on His Love Life

Jacob Sartorius has been getting a lot of attention from his fans regarding his love life. Rumors and speculations have swirled around him being linked to various women in the entertainment industry. He values authenticity and vulnerability in relationships, which often inspire his music. Ariel Martin, Luna Blaise, Jenna Ortega, and notably Millie Bobby Brown have been linked with him. He and Millie were romantically involved, but later ended things amicably and still remain friends.

In spite of the negative attention he’s been getting about his private life and online image, Jacob is focused on improving himself professionally and personally, with a priority on his mental health.

To end, celebrities’ love lives may be intriguing, but we should respect their privacy and treat them with respect in their relationships.

Five Facts About Jacob Sartorius Dating Life:

  • ✅ Jacob Sartorius has been linked with prominent names like Millie Bobby Brown and Baby Ariel. (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ His past relationships have inspired some of his music, which he writes about his past relationships and self-love. (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ Jacob Sartorius has learned to be more vulnerable with his girlfriends. (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ He has been focusing on bettering himself and his mental health, which is reflected in his 2022 EP “Sleep When I’m Dead.” (Source: J-14)
  • ✅ Jacob Sartorius is apparently single as of 2022, but he has been linked to several ladies in the past, including Maddie Ziegler, Luna Blaise, and Jenna Ortega. (Source: First Curiosity, Who’s Dated Who)

FAQs about How Is Jacob Sartorius Dating?

Who is Jacob Sartorius dating right now?

Jacob Sartorius is currently single.

Who has Jacob Sartorius been linked to ever since he stepped onto the scene?

Jacob Sartorius has been linked to famous faces like Jenna Ortega, Millie Bobby Brown, and Baby Ariel.

Did Jacob Sartorius date Baby Ariel?

Yes, Jacob Sartorius dated Baby Ariel in 2016.

Who was Jacob Sartorius’ most recently known relationship?

Jacob Sartorius was last known to be dating Millie Bobby Brown from 2017 to 2018.

Has Jacob Sartorius had any other relationships besides Millie Bobby Brown?

Yes, Jacob Sartorius has been linked to several ladies in the past, including Ariel Martin in 2016 and Luna Blaise in 2016.

What is Jacob Sartorius focusing on currently?

Jacob Sartorius is currently focusing on bettering himself and his mental health, which is reflected in his 2022 EP Sleep When I’m Dead.

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