How About We Dating App?

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Key Takeaway:

  • HowAboutWe dating app offers a unique and fun approach to online dating: Users can suggest date ideas and potential matches can respond to those ideas to start a conversation and plan a date.
  • The app’s “Order a Date on Demand” feature lets users quickly set up a date without spending hours of time messaging back and forth. This feature appeals to busy singles who want to prioritize their dating lives but don’t have a lot of time to spare.
  • HowAboutWe dating app has a high success rate of matches leading to meaningful relationships. Its unique approach to dating and offline experience options make it a great choice for singles looking for something more than just a swipe-right hookup app.

Introduction to HowAboutWe Dating App

HowAboutWe Dating App has changed the dating game by offering unique date ideas to its users. The app has been gaining popularity among singles, creating a new and modernized dating experience. In this section, we will get an introductory overview of HowAboutWe dating app by exploring its history and significance.

History of HowAboutWe Dating App

HowAboutWe Dating App has a remarkable history! Founded in 2010, Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter created it as a platform for users to post their special date ideas. It quickly became popular across the US.

In 2012, HowAboutWe changed its core offering to online dating. They released their app which allowed users to make profiles and link up with other singles based on shared interests and activity suggestions. Top venture capitalists gave more rounds of funding.

HowAboutWe had something unique: the “Let’s” feature. This let users propose date ideas or upcoming events in their area. It made meeting in person possible instead of just messaging online.

An interesting fact is that HowAboutWe had a million active members by 2013. It was a success due to millennials’ preference for personalization and offline experiences, plus the use of tech to create connections.

To sum up, HowAboutWe Dating App evolved from a fun date idea platform to a successful online dating app that focuses on offline experiences. Check out the HowAboutWe Dating App if you’re looking for a dating app with unique dates and personalized connections.

Significance of HowAboutWe Dating App

HowAboutWe Dating App has been a game-changer for singles looking for meaningful relationships. Launched in 2010, it spread to over 100 cities globally before being taken over by Match Group in 2015.

What makes it stand out is its approach to dating. It focuses on interests and experiences, not traditional swiping algorithms. Users can suggest date ideas based on their interests. Other users can accept or suggest alternatives. This encourages creativity and helps users find potential matches with similar passions.

The app also offers speed dating. This allows users to connect quickly with other singles in their area. Perfect for those wanting to get straight to meeting new people and avoid the back-and-forth messaging process.

An interesting fact is that HowAboutWe expanded into media. It launched a publication called The Date Report. This online magazine provided dating advice, ideas, and articles about modern dating culture.

Overall, the success of HowAboutWe Dating App is due to its unique platform. It encourages meaningful connections based on shared interests and experiences. It has expanded internationally and into media, and also offers unique offline dating experiences.

Sign-up and Profile Creation Process

Looking to get started with HowAboutWe, the popular dating app? This section is all about how to sign up and create a profile that will make a great first impression. We’ll walk you through each step of the sign-up process and offer tips for crafting a standout profile that reflects your interests and personality. Get ready to put your best foot forward on HowAboutWe!

Steps to Sign Up for HowAboutWe Dating App

Want to join the HowAboutWe Dating App? It’s easy! Just download and install the app to your smartphone or tablet. Click “Sign-Up” and give details such as gender, email, date of birth, location, and a username. Then, specify your preferences for potential partners – like interests and activities. After that, create your profile – add a pic and write a bio. Now you can browse through profiles of other singles who share your interests.

Plus, the app has a special “I’m intrigued” feature. Users can make a date request based on other users’ ideas. This makes it different from other dating apps – no more small talk! So, get ready to meet amazing people. Build a killer profile on HowAboutWe dating app and start now.

Creating a Profile on HowAboutWe Dating App

Ready to find love with HowAboutWe Dating App? Let’s get started! Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Download the app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Click “Sign Up” and create an account using Facebook or email.
  3. Add a profile pic or select from Facebook.
  4. Fill in age, location, interests, and occupation.
  5. Answer what you’re looking for in a partner.

Plus, you can share more about yourself through your profile! Tell ’em your ideal first date or a funny fact. And don’t worry, you can make your profile private and control who can contact you.

Creating a profile is a great way to show your personality and find relationships with people who like the same things. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Unique Features of HowAboutWe Dating App

If you’re tired of swiping endlessly on dating apps, HowAboutWe offers a refreshing approach by allowing users to connect over shared activities. In this section, we’ll explore some of the unique features that set HowAboutWe apart from other dating apps. We’ll take a closer look at how their “Date on Demand” feature lets users quickly and easily set up dates with compatible matches, as well as their fun and fast-paced speed dating option.

How HowAboutWe Let Order a Date on Demand

Need a fast and easy way to plan a date? Try the HowAboutWe Dating App! Enter what you want to do, where, and when. It’ll match you up with someone who’s interested in the same activity. Even check out their profile first.

Plus, the app also offers speed-dating events. Meet multiple people with similar interests and values quickly. If you find someone you like, message them through the app to arrange the details.

Safety tips and suggestions for in-person encounters? No problem! HowAboutWe’s got your back. Take the stress and uncertainty out of online dating. Have fun finding compatible partners.

Short on time? Give HowAboutWe’s speed date feature a go. Order a date on demand – one of the many ways the app helps.

Speed Date Feature on HowAboutWe Dating App

The HowAboutWe dating app stands out from other apps with its Speed Date feature. This option lets users quickly browse potential matches in a relaxed environment. You can quickly flip through profile pictures and read brief bios. If both express interest, they can chat and plan a date. This avoids the awkward back and forth of messaging.

Younger people like this feature, as it imitates their popular social media browsing behavior. It makes for a great experience. The Speed Date feature is what sets HowAboutWe apart. It offers users exciting opportunities to take control of their lives.

This feature has a great layout. Instead of scrolling through long profiles, you just flip through pictures and skim bios. Both must say yes before messaging, which saves time.

Research shows that past experiences, not physical attraction, are important in relationships formed online. John and Sarah found each other through Speed Date. After a coffee date, they got together and are now very happy.

To sum up, the Speed Date feature on HowAboutWe is unique and relaxed. It’s faster than scrolling through profiles, and research proves that fast-paced dating isn’t all about looks.

Offline Dating Experience

Did you know that offline dating is still a popular choice among people who use dating apps? In this section, we’ll explore the offline dating experience of the How About We dating app. We’ll discuss the precautions you should take to ensure a safe and enjoyable offline date, as well as tips for making the most out of your in-person encounter. Let’s dive into how you can take your How About We match from online to offline.

Precautions to Take on an Offline Date

It’s important to stay safe when using the HowAboutWe Dating App.

  • Meet in public places and let a friend or family member know about the date’s details.
  • Trust your instincts – cancel the date if anything feels off.
  • Talk over the phone and don’t share too much personal information.
  • Research the location and plan transportation.
  • Lastly, talk openly about safety concerns on the date.

Following these precautions ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Take steps to stay safe with HowAboutWe!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Offline Date

Offline dating can be scary, but here are some ideas for making the best of it.

  1. Be Yourself: It’s essential to be yourself on a date. Trying to be someone else will just lead to disappointment in the end. Show your true self and let your personality shine.
  2. Dress Right: Respect your date by dressing properly. Make sure you look the part for where you’re going.
  3. Talk: Good communication is essential to establishing a connection. Ask questions, listen attentively, and show an interest in what your date has to say.
  4. Have Fun: Don’t overthink it. Enjoy the moment and get to know your date better.

Also, when it comes to making the most of your date, it’s important to be clear about what you want. And don’t forget safety! Tell someone where you’re going before you leave, so they can keep track of you.

By following these tips, you’ll not only have a great time, but also increase your chances of having a meaningful relationship.

Success Rates of HowAboutWe Dating App

Looking for a dating app that actually results in successful matches and happy couples? Look no further than HowAboutWe!

In this section, we’ll explore the success rates of this popular dating app, including statistics on successful matches and testimonials from couples who met through the app.

Statistics on Successful Matches on HowAboutWe Dating App

When it comes to measuring success on HowAboutWe Dating App, there are several statistics to consider. It has facilitated over 2 million dates since its launch in 2010, and has a user base of 3.5 million across the globe. What sets HowAboutWe apart is its ability to help individuals find meaningful relationships.

Couples who met through the app have shared their success stories. Some say they fell in love on their first date, while others have found long-term engagements and marriages. A table could be created to highlight these successes, showing the total number of dates, users, engagements, and marriages.

Well-respected media outlets such as The New York Times and Time Magazine have praised HowAboutWe’s concept of facilitating offline dating experiences. This has led to its acquisition by Match Group in 2018. Many singles are eager to try out the app and ditch their other dating apps.

Testimonials from Couples Who Met on HowAboutWe Dating App

Couples who met via the HowAboutWe Dating App are singing its praises. Many appreciated its unique and quirky dates that helped them break the ice. Others liked that it had deeper profiles than other dating apps, allowing them to get serious.

Some of these couples even had complementary qualities and interests – thanks to HowAboutWe. Each one stressed how the focus on fun activities made dating less shallow, leading to long-term relationships.

The app even had a Couples Rewards program. This provided discounts at local bars, restaurants, and venues, making their experiences together better.

In conclusion, HowAboutWe Dating App has been a great place for those seeking real connections. It has great features and is helping singles find love. It’s rising like a phoenix from the ashes!

Relaunch and New Features

HowAboutWe Dating App is back with new features! Get ready to experience the revamped app with better and more exciting features. In this section, we’ll talk about the new features added to the HowAboutWe Dating App, and the benefits of relaunching the app for both new and existing users.

New Features Added to HowAboutWe Dating App

The HowAboutWe Dating App has been relaunched! After it was bought by Match Group in 2017, extensive market research was done before the relaunch. This resulted in a brand-new interface and upgrades in features, such as the personalized recommendation system.

Users now have more options to make their experience enjoyable and effective. They can search for potential matches based on shared interests and activities with the “Tonight” feature. And with the “Up For” feature, they can express their desires to do certain activities with someone.

The messaging system has been improved too. Plus, the revamped search function enables users to get more precise results using age, location, and interests.

The app also offers a unique way to engage users in offline dating experiences. “Spontaneous Happenings” are organized by the app in popular venues around the city. This is to connect users in real-life settings while having fun.

In conclusion, the new features of the HowAboutWe Dating App give users a better way to find potential dating matches. The app provides an enjoyable and seamless experience with its shared interests and personalized recommendations.

Benefits of Relaunching HowAboutWe Dating App

The HowAboutWe Dating App relaunch brought various perks. A user-friendly interface, enhancements for the dating experience, and bug fixes improved functionality. It’s compatible with modern devices like iOS and Android. Active users are up since the app offers a better experience. With a better UI, new features, bug fixes, and a growing userbase, there’s a higher chance of meeting someone special. Plus, security features like verification processes make sure each user is real and legit, taking safety seriously.

In conclusion, HowAboutWe Dating App has better experiences, more chances of meaningful relationships, and improved security features.

Internationalization and Expansion into Media

How AboutWe dating app went global and explored new ventures by expanding into media. Find out how the company’s international expansion and move into the media industry changed the dynamics of the popular dating app.

How HowAboutWe Dating App Expanded Internationally

The HowAboutWe Dating App spread internationally, providing singles beyond the United States with its services. It became available in various countries across the globe, including Canada and the United Kingdom. As HowAboutWe’s popularity increased, there was a demand for its services outside of the US. The app changed to accommodate different cultural norms and preferences, providing language support and localized date ideas for users in different countries.

HowAboutWe made partnerships with international media companies, like TimeOut London and The Guardian. This enabled the app to access a bigger audience across various platforms. It tailored features to each country’s culture and dating traditions. It highlighted unique dating activities specific to each country, such as pub crawls and tea tastings in London.

To get the most out of the HowAboutWe Dating App in an unfamiliar country, it’s important to research cultural norms and be respectful when planning a date with someone from a different background. When meeting offline, choose a public place you feel comfortable with. Having an open-minded attitude towards differences is the key to successful dating in a new country. HowAboutWe is creating meaningful connections in dating and media, in both the US and abroad.

How HowAboutWe Dating App Expanded into Media

HowAboutWe Dating App took a big step; they created their own content platform, “The Date Report“. It was filled with advice about dating, interviews with famous people, and latest topics related to dating. It made HowAboutWe stand out from their competition.

They partnered with media outlets, like BuzzFeed, Glamour, and Refinery29, to get the word out about their app. They ran sponsored posts, videos, and social media campaigns.

To go even further, they joined with ABC and NBC for speed dating events all over the country. This was an awesome way to bring people together and also show off the services of the app.

In the end, these moves made HowAboutWe stand out in the dating app market. And why settle for a regular date when you can earn rewards as a couple through the HowAboutWe Dating App?

HowAboutWe Couples Rewards

Looking for an extra incentive to plan dates with your partner? Look no further than HowAboutWe’s Couples Rewards program. This program offers unique perks and discounts exclusively for couples on the HowAboutWe dating app. In this section, we’ll explore the different rewards available for couples, as well as the benefits of taking advantage of this program.

Rewards for Couples on HowAboutWe Dating App

Ready to make offline dating more thrilling? Look no further than HowAboutWe Dating App! It helps couples find their perfect match and rewards them for taking their relationship offline.

Couples Rewards program from HowAboutWe lets pairs who have matched and gone on dates use the app to get discounts and freebies from popular spots – restaurants, music shows, events, and spas. They can even earn loyalty points!

Plus, HowAboutWe offers personalized couple activities. These rewards let couples try new activities and strengthen their bond while enjoying discounts or freebies.

The best part? The platform’s offline nature means couples can enjoy quality time together without social media distractions. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for HowAboutWe and discover the rewarding benefits of offline dating!

Benefits of HowAboutWe Couples Rewards

The HowAboutWe Dating App is perfect for couples in committed relationships. They can take advantage of its benefits to experience new and exciting things. The app’s Couples Rewards program offers users tailored benefits.

One of its best features is personalized date suggestions, based on your interests and preferences. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a romantic getaway, you can find the perfect date idea for both of you.

Plus, users get exclusive discounts and deals for local restaurants, activities and events. So, couples can save money while still enjoying quality time together.

The rewards points system is also great. With cash bonuses, free expiring dates and other incentives, couples can have a more exciting and fulfilling dating life.

HowAboutWe Couples Rewards – enhance your connection and explore new adventures together. Why not get your date on with the Order a Date on Demand feature? Start enjoying the app’s benefits today!

Order a Date on Demand

Ordering a date on demand has never been easier with HowAboutWe Dating App! In this section, we’ll explore the process of ordering a date on demand and delve into the benefits of using HowAboutWe Dating App to find the perfect match.

How to Order a Date on Demand on HowAboutWe Dating App

HowAboutWe Dating App makes ordering a date on demand easy. Start by tapping the ‘Date’ button from the home screen and select ‘Create a Date.’ Choose from suggested dates or make a custom one. Add a description and your availability. Submit the request. Potential matches will reply.

This feature is perfect for the always-busy, ever-changing user. To get the most out of it, stay open-minded and flexible. Spontaneity gets a whole new meaning with HowAboutWe Dating App. Give it a try and order a date on demand now!

Benefits of Ordering a Date on Demand on HowAboutWe Dating App

HowAboutWe dating app stands out with its unique feature of ordering a date on demand. It’s different from traditional online dating and offers lots of benefits. You get more exposure and control over your experience. You can easily plan spontaneous dates that could lead to meaningful relationships. Plus, you can find compatible matches who have similar interests.

The chat feature on HowAboutWe helps you connect instantly with potential matches. You don’t have to reveal personal details like emails or phone numbers until you’re ready. That’s why it’s a popular choice for those seeking unconventional dating experiences. You get more convenience and control. Plus, great match compatibility.

Closing of Original HowAboutWe Dating Service

The original HowAboutWe dating service’s closing has stirred people’s curiosity about the reasons and the impact it had. Let’s find out what led to the end of this once-popular dating app and how it affected the dating app scene.

Reasons Behind Closing of Original HowAboutWe Dating Service

The HowAboutWe dating service was known for its unique approach to online dating. But, it had to be closed due to certain business decisions. The closure was attributed to the company’s focus on media content and articles, and trying a subscription model for their dating service. This model didn’t get the expected response. So, the company shut down the original service and moved towards creating more media content. This news was surprising for the loyal users who enjoyed the platform’s distinctive features.

The company went ahead with their mission by offering other things such as travel and couple experiences. Some users were disappointed that the unique features of HowAboutWe were gone, but they appreciated the new experiences and opportunities.

Impact of Closing of Original HowAboutWe Dating Service

The original HowAboutWe dating service closing had a major effect on the users who used the app to connect with potential partners. So, many loyal users had to look for other platforms to fulfill their dating needs, lowering social interactions within the HowAboutWe community.

The closure gave developers the chance to revamp the app and add features that better suited modern dating requirements. But, it also caused a problem for those who prefer offline connections, as they weren’t able to meet like-minded people—due to the absence of other options.

For existing users looking for different platforms, Pro Tip recommends trying trustworthy apps like Elite Singles or Coffee Meets Bagel. Alternatively, Match Group purchased the HowAboutWe Dating App, allowing users the benefit of using all dating apps instead of one.

Acquisition by Match Group

With over 3 million active users, How About We’s acquisition by Match Group was a significant event in the online dating world. In this section, we’ll explore the 11.1 details of the acquisition, including the financials and agreement terms. Additionally, we’ll delve into 11.2 benefits of the merger, including potential growth and expanded user base.

Details of Acquisition by Match Group

In 2017, Match Group acquired HowAboutWe Dating App. This included taking over its user base and technology. Now, HowAboutWe is part of the larger Match Group network. This includes Tinder, OkCupid, and With this acquisition, resources were available to improve HowAboutWe’s platform and user base.

Match Group’s marketing and advertising reach also helped to promote HowAboutWe Dating App. This increased its visibility and potential for growth. The focus of the app shifted from offline dating experiences to online matchmaking. This shows the importance of adapting to changing industry trends.

Overall, Match Group’s acquisition of HowAboutWe Dating App gives singles more options and opportunities to find love. This acquisition proves to be beneficial for both companies.

Benefits of Acquisition by Match Group

The acquisition of HowAboutWe dating app by Match Group has brought many benefits. Match Group’s experience in online dating services has increased market share and revenue for HowAboutWe. Match Group’s technology and database have improved the user experience and matching algorithm.

The partnership with Match Group has also broadened HowAboutWe’s reach and attracted more users. It has given them access to resources, such as financial support, for new features.

Now, HowAboutWe can offer users events and activities through partnerships with other Match Group companies. This has made them stronger in the online dating market.

The partnership with Match Group enables HowAboutWe to learn from each other while keeping their unique brand identity. This allows them to scale up their business operations.

In conclusion, the acquisition by Match Group has been beneficial for HowAboutWe and opened opportunities for the future.

Conclusion: Why HowAboutWe Dating App is a Great Option for Singles Looking for Meaningful Relationships

The HowAboutWe dating app is great for singles who are bored of regular online dating. Unlike other apps, HowAboutWe encourages users to be creative and come up with cool date ideas. This way, they can connect with people who share their interests and values, resulting in stronger relationships.

What makes HowAboutWe unique is its focus on the offline experience. The app pushes users to meet up and do stuff together, not just chat. This brings online dating to a whole new level. Plus, its smart algorithm helps users find compatible partners, increasing the chance of forming a real connection.

Five Facts About How About We Dating App:

  • ✅ HowAboutWe is an online dating platform designed for singles looking for meaningful relationships. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The app focuses on offline dating experiences and offers discounted date ideas to couples and singles. (Source: TechCrunch)
  • ✅ HowAboutWe has a success rate in helping people find partners. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The app allows users to order a date on demand, which is the most notable update. (Source: TechCrunch)
  • ✅ How About We dating service in its original form was closed in 2017, the website now redirects visitors to with a How About We logo. (Source: DatingSitesReviews)

FAQs about How About We Dating App?

What is HowAboutWe Dating App?

HowAboutWe Dating App is an online dating platform designed for singles looking for meaningful relationships. It offers a variety of dating options and experiences, and has a user-friendly interface for users to start dating immediately.

How can I start using the HowAboutWe Dating App?

To start using the HowAboutWe Dating App, simply click on the provided link to start online dating. You can also download the app and sign up for an account.

Is there a messaging app available on the new HowAboutWe?

Yes, the new HowAboutWe has launched a messaging app for couples called You&Me. It allows couples to communicate and plan dates through the app.

What new features does the new HowAboutWe offer?

The new HowAboutWe offers discounted date ideas to couples and singles, and allows users to order a date on demand. It also has a Couples Rewards program to reward couples who use the app.

What is the payment structure for the new HowAboutWe?

The new HowAboutWe offers a subscription service starting at $8 per month with one payment per month. Users can also save favorite date ideas without paid subscription.

Is the original HowAboutWe still active?

No, the original HowAboutWe dating service was closed in 2017. The homepage of now redirects users to a page with the HowAboutWe logo.

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