Grooming Your Beard? Here’s the Proper Way to Do It

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Have you tried growing out your beard? If you have, then you know that there is more to a great beard than having facial hair. If you don’t groom, trim, and shape it, it’s no different than frizzy hair that is ugly, rather than nice, to look at.

It is time to for you to understand how you can make your beard look great. Make it a part of your aesthetic and impress people with your strong and masculine look. You don’t necessarily have to lose an arm and a leg to achieve it. What it takes is just a couple of right steps.

Let It Grow

While letting your beard grow is not everything, it surely is the first step. There is nothing to groom and improve if you don’t let it grow out. It is important to accept the reality that there will be a point wherein it will not look good. It will be thick and frizzy, but without that stage, you will not have the opportunity to mold it to your liking.

That brings us to the second thing to remember, be patient. It is natural to have the urge to finally trim your beard because some strands are getting out of control. However, the more you prematurely cut it, the less creative freedom you will get.

Train Your Beard

Hair strands will grow a certain direction, but that doesn’t mean that you should succumb to their unruly behavior. You can trim them to the shape you desire, but you can also train them. All it takes is the frequent rubdown using beard comb, just like what you would do to the hair of your head.

Combing untangles stubborn hairs and molds them to the shape you desire. It will take some time, but with enough effort and patience, you can start growing a longer beard while keeping it neat and controlled.

Beard Balm is Crucial

One underappreciated beard care tip is using beard balm. Unlike other compounds like wax and balm, oil is more on nourishment rather than styling. So, as soon as you start to have a recognizable beard, it is important to start applying it.

As per research by Healthline, the products for beard care can help with its growth and maintenance.

The best way to describe the function of beard oil is to compare it with hair conditioners. It should be applied regularly if you want healthy and smooth hair. Remember that the healthier your beard, the more volume it has and the easier it is to trim and shape.

Choose the Right Trimmer

It has been repeated time and time again. If you want the best cuts, you need to have the best trimmer. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive one. Just don’t put your fate on the cheapest one you can find, because contrary to popular belief, not all trimmers are the same.

There are trimmers that you can disassemble so you can replace worn out parts and clean crucial components. These are the ones you want to have. It provides long-term usability without compromising the well-being of both your skin and hair.

Know Your Trim Style

With a trimmer on one hand and your beard on the other, it can get tempting to start cutting. However, don’t be too eager just yet. First decide on the design you want. It is imperative that you don’t wing it.

There will be the best kind of beard based on the shape of your head and face. If you are not sure what suits you the most, do your research first. Otherwise, you might cut through your beard only to later realize that despite it looking nice, it doesn’t really fit your face. And it’s not like you can reverse all that you have done.

Wash It Regularly

It is common sense to regularly wash your body, and that includes your beard. However, it doesn’t mean you can just pass water through it and you are good to go. Most people make this mistake and it is important that you shouldn’t.

The wrongful practice starts during the early stages of growing your beard. Since you think it’s more of skin than hair, you think rubbing water and soap is enough, which it is. However, when your hair gets longer and thicker, you should start treating it more like the hair on top of your head.

At this point, you should begin using the right detergent and reach deep down to the roots of your hair. You want to clear it of everything, especially that it is so close to your mouth that food can easily get stuck in the thick bush. Otherwise, you are looking at dry skin, frizzy hair, and a lot of itching.

Your Beard Needs A Lot of Love

It is common practice to disregard the needs of the beard. However, just like the hair on top of the head, it needs as much attention. It requires care and grooming for it to reach its full potential. If you want it to look good and be a part of your masculine aesthetic, it is time to start following the aforementioned

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