A Guide to Attracting Love

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When you’re single, it can feel like everyone around you is falling in love. But what if you could give Cupid a helping hand? Read this guide to find out more.

When you’re single, it can feel like everyone around you – heck, everyone else in the world – is falling in love and settling down. It can be very lonely and can leave you wondering ‘when will it be my turn?’

Family and friends will no doubt tell you that your chance will come, that you will meet someone at the right time, when you are ready and not before … but what if you could give love a helping hand in finding its way to you? In this guide, we’ll take a look at some top tips for attracting love.

Crystals and gemstones

Crystal healing is growing in popularity and many people turn to gemstones for whatever ails the heart, body and soul.

Rose quartz is hands down the best crystal for love. Rose quartz works with the heart chakra, our centre of love, and is great for helping you to first love yourself so that you can be loved by others in return.

If you want to welcome Mr or Mrs Right into your life, hold a piece of rose quartz in your dominant hand and set your intentions. Then place it under your pillow or on your nightstand and allow it to work its magic.

Rose quartz isn’t the only gemstone that can help hurry love along:

  • Amethyst: If past hurts are holding you back, then amethyst is fantastic for healing the mind to prepare you for moving into a new stage in your life, ready to accept love.
  • Rhodonite: If romance is your goal, then try rhodonite. It’s a gorgeous pink and black stone that promotes romantic feelings while also healing the heart of hurt.
  • Garnet: To embrace passion in your love life, try garnet. This fiery and striking stone will ignite passions and encourage confidence in the bedroom. 

Cosmic ordering

It’s true that the universe has our back – although it may not always feel like it. If you’re looking for a change in your life, then there’s really no harm in asking for it as long as your intentions are right.

Cosmic ordering, which is often likened to the law of attraction, requires a positive state of mind; you also have to believe that you can receive what you are asking for. It’s no use trying to do this if you’re not fully invested. Be open to receiving new opportunities and achieving your dreams. 

The easiest way to place a cosmic order is to write it down. But be sure to be specific. Fluffy aspirations will get you nowhere. Write exactly what you want, and include a timeframe so it’s clear. For example, you might write something like “I want to be in a loving and committed romantic relationship by January 2022.” Write your message with positivity and place it under your pillow when you’re done, and be ready for your desires to manifest.

Love spells

If you really want to give old Cupid a nudge, why not try a love spell?

Love spells have been used for eons, but if you’re going to try this yourself, be sure to find a reputable source to get your spell from. 

White magic requires a pure heart and good intentions – much like cosmic ordering. But you’ll often need some other tools to help with your spell casting.

Most Wiccan spells will require some of the following:

  • Candles – usually in a colour that represents what you’re trying to achieve – red or pink for love and passion
  • Crystals
  • Herbs
  • Paper
  • Essential oils

Having an altar is not essential, but it is helpful to have a specific space to carry out your ritual.

Take caution if you’ve never used a spell before. It’s not something to be messed with.


Affirmations are fantastic for mental health and wellbeing, but they can also be incredibly beneficial for manifesting.

As you become more confident and comfortable with affirmations, you can create your own, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • I am open to receiving romantic love
  • My heart is ready to be loved
  • I am worthy of a loving and romantic relationship
  • My heart is open for love and affection
  • I deserve to give love and to be loved in return
  • I love myself and I am ready to be loved
  • I trust that true love is finding its way to me
  • I am ready to be loved and adored

Recite your affirmations positively and with an open and loving heart.

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