3 San Francisco Date Ideas for People on a Tight Budget

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It’s a Rich City, but You Can Still Be Romantic on a Budget

Yes, San Francisco is an expensive city to live in. However, that doesn’t mean every date you take has to put you at risk of missing a mortgage payment. They say the best things in life are free, and truly, some of your most exciting date experiences in San Francisco will be that way.

Whether you’re taking a quick stroll with your date across the Golden Gate Bridge, exploring Golden Gate Park, taking a hike down by the pier, or just exploring the historic districts of San Francisco, there are many options to look into that cost nothing and leave lasting memories. Here we’ll briefly explore three additional options you may not have thought about.


1. Take Public Transit For a Day at the Beach by Daly City

Bay Area Rapid Transit, or the “BART” for short, runs across the bay to Oakland, and throughout the 49 square miles of San Francisco—well, as far as a subway can run, at any rate. It goes through the hill to the “peninsula”, and there are some gorgeous date opportunities nestled up against the coast by Daly City.

Follow this link to get an idea of which public transit lines serve which stops in the San Francisco area. You might want to zip through to the beach. You and your date likely both have BART cards, if you’re living in San Francisco and you’re not made up of money at the genetic level. Accordingly, it’s a free trip. At worst, you can cover her fare very affordably.

Daly City isn’t your only option, either; it’s just that there’s a gorgeous beach on the other side of the “mountain”, as it were.

2. Take in a Night of Live Entertainment

Music, performance art, one-act plays, one-man shows, standup comedy—you’ll find them all throughout San Francisco. Generally, you’ve got two options when it comes to this type of entertainment: top-tier performance on par with what you’d find on New York City’s own Broadway, or less qualitative options that cost little to no admission whatever.

For the affordable option, you’ll want to go with the latter; but just because a show is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, you may find a better experience at the more intimate show. If that still doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, check out this link for more ideas on the perfect date in San Francisco.

3. Visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market for Snacks

A Farmer’s Market will be full of free samples, and if she or he really likes something you sample, you can usually pick it up for your girlfriend or boyfriend pretty cheap. There could be a few different localized Farmer’s Markets, but the Ferry Plaza option has some reputation. You can learn more about the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market here.


Romance in the City by the Bay That You Can Afford

Whether sampling the fresh-made foods of the Farmer’s Market at Ferry Plaza, taking the BART through the hill to Daly City and its adjacent beach, or simply taking in a night of live entertainment, you’ve got quite a few cost-effective options for a date in the city by the bay.

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