10 Rules You Should Always Follow For A One-Night Stand

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In our youthful years, we have the freedom that goes with being single. They are the years of abandonment and adventure. We can have nights of glittering lights, music, drinks, and the thrill and warm touch of another body next to us. Being caught up in the energy of our youth, we might abandon caution and fully live the moment.

But there are some rules to guide us to make the night of body sharing the best it can be, and remembered in the best way. If I know the rules and follow them, it will make our one-night stand a night well spent and memorable.

  1. I Must Be Clear About My Intention

    If we want our night to go smoothly we must let the other partner know upfront what we want from the hookup. We may have met our date through a mutual friend or a dating app. But we need to let our plans be clear for things to go well Sex must be based on mutual feelings all the time.

    We must be honest about what we want. You want no commitment and will give none. So make it clear before you start making out. If you do not do so you are sure to spoil the night during foreplay.
  2. Have Condoms Ready

    When looking for a night of fun, make sure you have condoms on you. Not having any condom when you are about to couple up can be a big bummer when the opportunity comes.

    Taking a chance to proceed without condoms can be taking a great risk of losing control and screwing your life. It is a risk that can turn out to be too costly. The risks include getting an STD and unwanted pregnancy. Being careless can ruin your peace of mind and your life.

    It is better to be safe than being sorry later. It might be awkward to bring up details of sexual health at a time when you should be carefree. Without a condom, you will need to ask about STI and you cannot be sure you will get the truth.
  3. Prepare For Your Lucky Night

    Even if things don’t turn out the way you want it never hurts to be prepared. Tidy and freshen up for the night you expect to be lucky. Even if you’re unsure of how the evening will go, be ready for the best outcome. Groom and prepare yourself without looking too prepared.

    Before getting into bed together go to the bath and wash. If you can, it would be better to have a bath before going on that one-night stand date. But you may have been in sweat out dancing together. And your sweaty dick and balls will not make you comfortable.
  4. Be Moderate With Your Drinks

    You need to keep a steady head to be your best. So don’t drink so much that you pass out before you begin to have fun. Drinks can make you feel more confident and relaxed. But having too much to drink can affect what you do and say and take away from your enjoyment of the night.
  5. Be Wise With What You Eat

    Before your one-night stand stay away from foods that can make you feel bloated. Avoid onion and garlic bread and too much beer drinking. They can make your breath unpleasant to your one-night partner and cause a turn-off. You don’t want your very first kiss to be unpleasant. Have a light and non-greasy dinner.
  6. Avoid Asking For Too Much Personal Info

    You do not need to know all about your one-night date. You certainly don’t have to know details about her family tree. You can find many other things to chat about on your date. Avoid too much personal stuff like workplace and related details. Also, avoid friend requests on social media.
  7. Know What Liberty You Can Take Allowed

    It’s a one-night stand both of you are having. With all the prep in place with your bedroom lighting for mood-setting, the foreplay may start great. But if one partner gets out of the mood at any time, and doesn’t want to go on with the sex, respect that decision. Sex must be based on mutual feelings all the time for both partners.
  8. Don’t Stay Around After

    It is best to leave just after having sex on a one-night stand. But it may not always be practical in some places. In some cases, it’ll be alright to stay over for the night. The rule is to rise early, get dressed, and leave. You can offer a drink, then help in getting a cab as you will know your address for pickup.
  9. Sex The Morning After Is Not A Given After A One-Night Stand

    It is awkward to wake up next to a stranger or someone you hardly know. The intoxication of the night before has gone. So is the thrill of the orgasm, and the light of the morning will not make things romantic. Also, after the alcohol of the night before you will not be very energetic. So, rise early, sneak to the bath and tidy up.
    Not everyone is thrilled with early morning sex, though it could be the best sex. It can be a little bit touchy for a one-night stand. That really ended before you fell asleep. But you can see if your one-night date is in the mood. They may not be excited for it as the night before in a more sober morning feeling.
  10. Avoid Being Clingy After A One-Night Stand

    You both agreed you were going to have a one-time make-out in bed. So, you can’t call midnight the next night saying you are feeling lonely and want company. It’s not reasonable to assume that you have won the person’s heart with a one-night stand. So, keep your emotions in check and respect your one-night partner’s space.

Now you should have the basic rules for your one-night stand. Make the most of your sexual encounters. Also, if you want to line up a LOT more one-night stands in a week, here’s a Peninsula Daily News article where they talk about all the best hookup apps that you can download right now and start matching with people that are also looking for one-night stands.

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